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The Student Government Association (SGA) senators at the University of Georgia (UGA) will debate and vote on a resolution this coming Tuesday night (Nov. 16) affirming their support for the United State's position on Israel. Below is a preliminary draft of the resolution:

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WHEREAS, Israel was founded as and is a representative democracy, and is the only democracy in the Middle East; and

WHEREAS, Israel - like the United States - is a remarkable story of the shared values of innovation, entrepreneurship, and the pursuit of a better way of life; and

WHEREAS, Despite the coordinated efforts to undermine Israels right to exist in the community of nations, the State of Israel has beaten the odds to become a major partner in the global business world; and

WHEREAS, The special relationship between the United States and the State of Israel proves mutually beneficial with the investment in Americas national security and her soldiers both at home and abroad; and

WHEREAS, We stand by the United States Congress in reiterating our strong support for a safe and security State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state living side by side peacefully with a viable, independent, and democratic Palestinian state; and

WHEREAS, Irans illicit pursuit of nuclear weapons, pose an existential threat to the security of the state of Israel, to ongoing American and international efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq, and to a free and prosperous United States; and

WHEREAS, There is a special bond of cultural, economic, and educational cooperation between the citizens of Georgia and Israel in that Georgia is proud to be home to 45 Israeli companies; Georgia's Department of Economic Development has a trade office in Israel; more than $1 billion worth of trade took place between Georgia and Israel in 2008; and

WHEREAS, Former Senator Richard B. Russell stated in 1965 after returning from a trip to Israel, One cannot help but be impressed with the progress being make in Israel. Each time I return I am pleasantly surprised by the achievements in education, construction, and commerce that are continually taking place;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE that we, the Student Government Association of the University of Georgia, reaffirm the United States support for Israel, recognize Israels right to defend itself, and support the peace process with Israel and its neighbors.

Proviso: A copy of this resolution is to be sent to the Georgia Congressional Delegation.

Present in the resolution are a number of statements supporting Israeli war crimes and bellicose foreign policy. This includes Israel's "right to defend itself," which was used to justify the 2008-2009 "Gaza War" that left 1,400 Palestinians dead, including a large number of women and children. The United Nations concluded that Israel committed war crimes and possible crimes against humanity during the "war." SGA would also be supporting a preemptive strike on Iran, an action that many students on campus vehemently oppose.

Most importantly, however, this resolution will also serve to stifle free speech on campus, as groups opposed to Israeli policies, like Athens for Justice in Palestine, will have to contend for funding from an organization statedly opposed to their aims. By passing this resolution, SGA will only alienate, marginalize and silence those students opposed to Israel's colonial policies. It will also act as an official opinion statement of the entire student body.

We the undersigned oppose this resolution and implore SGA to do the same. We call upon every SGA senator to vote against this resolution on Tuesday in favor of free speech at the University. For an organization that claims to "protect students' rights," discouraging dissenting opinion is contrary to SGA's stated goals. At a university like UGA, where we are already only privy to exercise our first amendment rights in designated "free speech zones," we assert our right to keep every inch of space, both physical and symbolic, open to critical discussion and dissenting opinions.

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    WHY! This is like the US congress passing a resolution about which superbowl team to support.
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    Free palestine
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    This is very unacceptable from SGA for they are supposed to think of everyone's opinions and not just a certain group. I am plainly shocked that this idea went as far as to be to voted upon and not shut down the minute it was brought up!
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    Please don't vote this way!!
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    the ends do not justify the means and ignoring rights and crimes against humanity for the sake of "security" is weakness disguised as strength
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