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Justice G N Ray
The Honorable Chairman
Press Council of India
Soochna Bhavan, 8-C.G.O Complex
Lodhi Road, New Delhi 110003

Respected Sir,

Sub : Complaint Against Aroon Purie, Editor in Chief, India Today Magzine.

We would like to bring your kind attention to the 1st- Dec-2008 issue of The India Today Magazine. It is disheartening to note that, the magazine has entered its sixth year of perversive sex surveys in the name of capturing changing sex trends of modern Indian society.

Unfortunately the results which are generalized on the total metro population of the country are pseudo-scientific, and turns out to be a defame for every individual city dweller of the country.
It disgraces the status of every Indian citizen even among the western society.

Regrettably this survey is used by the magazine to improve their circulation, by creating sensational and annoying news which hurts the moral values and sentiments of the common public, and hence a violation of section 13 of press council act 1978.

The sex survey claims to have brought out the following points and the Editor in chief Aroon Purie, has signed off generalizing it as the secret lives of INDIANs. Hence according to Aroon Purie

22\% of Indians have sex with their Brothers
35\% of Indians have sex with their Sisters
4\% of Indians have sex with their Mothers
4\% of Indians have sex with their Fathers

Alas, by collecting feedback of a selective crowd of 5353 respondents (Which they are claiming but given no further details when contacted) the editor in chief, Aroon Purie had the courage to generalize for the 1.1 billion human beings.

The above points are a very few topics covered in the survey, but in actual the magazine proudly claims with an unscientifically sampled data, that the sexual preferences of Indians are having a progressive growth on Homosexuality, Pedophilia or any other form of deviant behaviors.

The Magazine has also ensured to fix photographs of bondage sex, gay sex, lesbian sex for adding up titillations to the reader. In addition to this, the extragalactic heavily charged advertisements of condoms and contraceptive pills states the nodded attitude of the magazine and the editor in chief for making money by promoting any perversions like incest, which is a virus on a human social set up.

It is emphasize here the necessity of taking action against such miscreants, due to the below stated long terms damages that is caused on society and the nation by such publications.

1)The hyped view of immoral sexual behaviors on a generalized form causes damages on children especially teenage children, who happens to read such articles, during their character build up.
2)The exaggeration and promotion of perversion can cause the sensitive and massive uneducated strata of our nation(as the magazine is published on local languages and such news reaches all levels) could develop any sort of behavioral damages which most of the time extends beyond sexual behaviors, like kleptomania, sadomasochism etc.
3)As the sex gets sold easily, other medias would start following same strategy(which has already happened with many other magazines) and which would cause further damage.

We, the undersigned citizens of India would like press council of India to take action against India today and its Editor in chief for such irresponsible acts by this media personnel to make money by hook or crook. As a suggestion we propose to penalize this magazine by making them donate the entire revenue collected on the last 6 issues of the sex surveys over the last 6 years, to the fund of anti-terrorist squad, or any other socially relevant organization.

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