Saving Damon and Other Children from Predators sign now

To: Bonnie Dumanis, District Attorney, San Diego, California

Cc: Gov. Schwarznegger, First Lady Maria Schreiber, Attorney General Bill Lockyer, UPS Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, FBI Special Agent Daniel Dzwilewski, US Marshall Edward Schwartz, Senator Barbara Boxer, Senator Diane Feinstein, Representative Duncan Hunter, Representative Susan Davis, CA Senator Christine Kehoe, CA Senator Jim Battin

In the interest of protecting Damon and all our children from harm and in creating
a safer society, we, the undersigned, hereby request that you:

l. Prosecute Damons and all other credible cases of child sexual assault. (See Judge Hightowers restraining order, police and CPS reports)

2. Place Damon, his brothers and their mother in a protection program to ensure
his father can not follow through on his threats to kill them.

3. Decline to prosecute Damons mother for custodial interference/parental
abduction/contempt (see USC 1073 below) due to compelling evidence that Damon was sexually assaulted and due to the gross negligence, bias, and violations of State Law in Family Court and CPS which caused her to flee in order to protect him. (See The Motion at Saving

Cases like Damons are so common and troubling that provisions for them have been written into Federal Law:

United States Code Section 1305: existing Federal and State laws are inadequate to protect parents from domestic violence and to protect children from sexual assault and
may punish them when they seek to protect themselves; and
failures of State judicial and child protection systems may result in the inappropriate placement of children in the custody of abusive parents or punishment of non-abusing parents who attempt to protect themselves or their children.
United States Code Section 1073: For any charge of parental abduction, of custodial interference, or of felony criminal contempt of court related to an underlying child
custody or visitation determination, that would otherwise provide a basis for prosecution
under this section, it shall be a defense to such prosecution that the individual against whom this section is invokedwas fleeing an incident or pattern of domestic violence or
sexual assault of the child and
The Attorney General shall issue guidance to assist the United States Attorneys and
the Federal Bureau of Investigation in determining when to decline to initiate or to
terminate an investigation or prosecution under subsection (b) due to the potential
availability of any defense.
Violence Against Women Act Section 201: Congress never intended that the Parental
Kidnapping Prevention Act be used to prohibit an abused or protective parent from
protecting themselves or their child by relocation to a place of safety.

We are outraged that:
Approximately 20\% of our children are sexually assaulted!
The courts and law enforcement have not taken appropriate action in incest cases, which make up a large percentage of assaults.
Most incest perpetrators sexually assault children outside the home as well,
so all of our children are at risk!
Many child predators have over 100 victims!
The family court system has consistently failed to protect children and often punishes mothers with loss of custody when trying to protect them!
Children are devastated emotionally by sexual abuse and often develop addictions and mental illness.
Child victims often turn into teens and adults who continue the cycle of assaulting
children, commit other serious crimes and/or end up in prison, which affects us all!

Whereby, we all agree that the only way to stop these predators, protect our children and create a safer, healthier society is if our district attorneys begin to
vigorously prosecute all credible child sexual assault cases, including familial cases.
Our tax dollars should be spent on investigating and prosecuting these destructive
crimes against children and society rather than on drug and other non-violent crimes, if there are not enough resources for both.

Whereby, we all agree that we do not want our tax dollars spent on prosecuting protective parents who go into hiding to protect their child, where there is any credible evidence that the child was being abused and was not protected by the court.

Whereby, we all agree that the prosecution of child sexual assault cases is more important than the conviction rate, and we will vote according to how many are pursued, not how many are won. We understand that they are more difficult to win, but we will start a report card and keep the community and media informed of your efforts.

We the people say enough!!
We are fed up with these criminals who prey on our children!
Weve had enough of the system treating them leniently which encourages them to continue their assaults on the most precious and vulnerable members of our society!!!

Bonnie, you can set a precedent for the rest of the nations
district attorneys by hiring highly skilled deputies with this specialty and letting all child predators know you will prosecute them!

Please take action now starting with Damons case!!

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    Please HELP this Family!
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  • 30 December 2015286. Joan S
    I will do whatever it takes to help Damon and all children who have suffered sexual abuse especially by a family member.
  • 29 December 2015285. Cynthia Flintgroveshealthcarec
    I am a practice management health care consultant. Despite taking precautionary care, both of my children had attempted molests by friends of our family. Once when we were in the house and when I was teaching one time. Fortunately it was caught early. We
  • 29 December 2015284. Kathylee S
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  • 15 December 2015276. Doreen L
    Even 1 instance of child sexual abuse can scar and irreparally damage a person for life. The longer this is allowed to go on. the stronger the predators will become. Put yourself in Cindy's shoes, or Damon's what would you want the DA to do?
  • 13 December 2015275. Dawnielle Ashleyc
    save the children
  • 12 December 2015274. Pamela P
    please help

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