Dear Students,

As the incoming freshmen classes get progressively larger, the limited space in Stuyvesant needs to accommodate more and more people. One problem resulting from this lack of space resides in the College Office. The administration claims that because there is not enough room in the College Office to accommodate all the students, not enough privacy is given to students. The proposed solution, brought to the table by the Parents Association, aims to switch the Student Union offices with the College Office, affecting not only the Student Union but also the Spectator, Arista, and the Big Sibs.

However, there are many flaws with this plan:
- Though it may be true that there is limited space and privacy in the College Office, switching the Student Union with the College Office is not the solution. Many rooms remain unused throughout the school and furthermore, the amelioration of one constituency should not come at the expense of another.
- While the College Office may gain additional space, there is no guarantee of a better College Office experience. There would not necessarily be any more college counselors or more frequent or individual meetings. In addition, juniors would still have college advisement meetings in groups with two other students, leaving the issue of privacy untouched.
- The current locations of the two offices are suited to their functions and movement would most likely hamper the efficiency of both constituencies. The Student Union, located in room 260, behind the senior bar, is generally surrounded by a large number of students and a large amount of noise, which does not pose to be a problem for the Student Union. On the other hand, the College Office is currently suited in a relatively noiseless environment and must continue to do so. If the switch were to occur, however, noise in the Student Union would disrupt classes nearby while noise near the senior bar would disrupt the College Office. Furthermore, it is likely that we would eventually be asked to leave the second floor student space and, in time, lose the senior bar.

The Parents Association claims that, technically, while every student will walk through the College Office, not every student will spend time in the Student Union office. What they fail to grasp is that the Student Union office allows us to organize everything that makes Stuyvesant interesting and fun. The Student Union oversees all clubs and publications- we give out $40,000 in funding to clubs every year. We manage the club/pub grid so clubs can meet, and organize the club/pub fair. Perhaps most importantly, the Student Union is responsible for coordinating SING! from start to finish. We fund the entire production, organize rehearsals, do ticketing, select coordinators and judges, etc. Without the Student Union, SING! would be impossible. Additionally, we organize the Advantage Card program as well as all dances and special events, including the Blood Drive and Battle of the Bands. Furthermore, the Student Union serves as a protector of our rights as students, making sure our Stuyvesant experience is as pleasant as possible.
So while students may not be physically present in the Student Union office (although we strongly encourage you to be), each and every student is impacted by the programs and activities that the Student Union makes possible in Stuyvesant.
***Please sign our petition to show that you care about one of the few remaining areas of student space and that you support all the activities the Student Union coordinates at Stuy. ***
Help us help you.

Jamila Ma & James Kim
Student Union 07-08

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