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For years Wapiti Tents Campground has provided a low cost camping service for hundreds of young workers from all over Canada and overseas. Due to lack of affordable housing in Canmore, this essential service is needed for a safe and convenient living environment for workers and visitors to Canmore. Without Wapiti tents, hundreds of people may choose to squat in the surrounding forests with no showers, bathroom, cooking area, and may be fined or worse; be attacked by bears or cougars. Wapiti Tents is more than just a campground, its a strong community and that community will fight for it.

We believe it to be high time that the Town of Canmore finally take responsibility for Wapiti Tents, and to stop trying to pawn it off to the highest bidder (K-country Campgrounds). By signing this petition you are demanding that the Mayor and Town Council of Canmore take back Wapiti Tents and give it back to the people it belongs to.

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Latest Signatures

  • 29 November 201550. Audree V
    Every town should have a wapiti campground like this ,nothing can replace it! Country Of Residence Qc,Canada
  • 19 October 201549. Laetitia M
    Please let this part of Canmore live Country Of Residence Canada
  • 23 September 201548. Tyler M
    I lived at Wapiti for two years, without it, I'd have been working yet homeless in Canmore. KEEP WAPITI FOR THE PEOPLE! Country Of Residence Canada
  • 24 August 201547. Jeanphilippe L
    justice! Country Of Residence Canada
  • 07 May 201546. Lawrence L
    Please keep this camp ground open Country Of Residence Canada
  • 25 January 201545. Sandra C
    Aren't there enough RV parks already, leave Wapiti for the young workers who are trying to make a life for themselves in this beautiful country. Country Of Residence Canada
  • 03 September 201444. Ariannearshinoff Daugherty
    *Please hear the sarcasm in comment # 28 * Country Of Residence Canada
  • 27 July 201443. Erica W
    if wapiti is privatized, where do you propose to provide affordable accommodations for all of the low income employees who suport the ENTIRE SERVICE INDUSTRY OF CANMORE essentialy the heartbeat of the tourism industry that Canmore Relies upon ENTIRELY? Co
  • 10 February 201342. George M
    SAVE WAPITI, Country Of Residence CANADA
  • 29 September 201241. John C
    Wapiti was my home for five years. Country Of Residence Canada
  • 24 September 201240. Shawn H
    The town needs Wapiti Tens...give it back!! Country Of Residence Canada
  • 05 August 201239. Joshua Fs
    This is one more attempt to remove the spirit of the old mining town and replace it with unsustainable economic practices that only benefit the rich... Country Of Residence Canada
  • 14 January 201238. Valery D
    the wapiti private equal a big lost for lots of people from all over the country Country Of Residence Canada
  • 27 November 201137. Derek C
    sauvont lwapiti Country Of Residence canmore
  • 03 November 201136. Paula P
    It should be humans and community above profit. Why no vote? Country Of Residence Canada
  • 03 May 201135. Gabriel M
    To me what is sad in this whole story is that it's obviously about money and profit, not humans and community. If they want to speak in terms of money, they should consider that Wapiti's way of being was attracting many quйbйcois workers that were contrib
  • 24 December 201034. Nick A
    privatisation of the campground will hurt the community as a whole Country Of Residence canada
  • 18 September 201033. Sean L
    Looks like a bar council more than a town council Country Of Residence Canada
  • 03 May 201032. Gen L
    we need Wapiti.. give it back to the people! .. Country Of Residence Philippines
  • 05 February 201031. Kym M
    Save Wapiti! Country Of Residence Canada
  • 20 December 200930. Simon L
    Je suis contre la vente ou l'abolition d'un service publique. Gardez le Wapiti publique!! I'm against the sale or the abolition of a public service. Keep Wapiti public! Country Of Residence AB et QC, Canada
  • 29 August 200929. Audrey B
    For your community, an important community ! Country Of Residence Canada
  • 06 July 200928. Tina D
    please open Wapiti Tents Campground now Country Of Residence Canada
  • 04 May 200827. Laila J
    save it Country Of Residence uk
  • 30 April 200826. Anthony C
    Wapiti was my first experience of long term camping and the comunity atmosphere was one of the best times of my life. Country Of Residence Canada
  • 24 April 200825. Patricia A
    Just be smart enough and open the Wapiti Campground as it use to affordable place !!! Country Of Residence Canada
  • 11 March 200824. Philippe Allardg
    Keep on rocking in the free world Country Of Residence Canada

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Mayor And Town Council of Canmore


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