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The Two Rivers Mounds site is one of only two remaining ancient burial and settlement sites in the county, and one of very few unexcavated sites in all of East Tennessee.

State and University of Tennessee archeologists confirm that Two Rivers Mounds was inhabited by American Indians as early as 1000 AD through as recently as 1800 AD, and that the site was visited by the Spanish in or around 1500 AD. The State Archeologist has confirmed that indigenous cultures including Woodland, Mississippian and the Cherokee inhabited the site. Archeological evidence at the site is apparent through the existence of two burial mounds and a temple mound. Minor archeological surveys have found evidence of as many as 1500 burials on the site, as well as an indication that the site was one end of an early American Indian settlement that stretched along the river for five miles.

The county historian confirms that the site is in close proximity to the gravesites of the first colonial inhabitants of the area, giving the site a shared history and heritage and making the site equally important to non-Native people.

Environmentalists have confirmed the presence of fragile wetlands that would be lost completely to development.

Amazingly, the Two Rivers Mounds site has escaped major archeological exploration and excavation, and for the most part has suffered only minor surface grave robbing or looting over the years. Unlike a smaller mound located in the same city that is now on the national historic landmark register, the remains of those people buried at Two Rivers Mounds were never removed, never studied, never put on display, never touched. As of this writing, they continue to rest where they were originally laid by their loved ones and friends. This very fact makes the site unique, and of great spiritual, historical and educational value.

If something isn't done and done quickly, the history and heritage of this amazing and incredibly unique site will be destroyed by the bulldozer's shovel. Gravesites will be desecrated. A community, a county, a state and a nation will lose an important part of its original history and heritage. Fragile wetlands will be destroyed, never to return. The ability for two cultures, the existence of one already endangered, and at least four communities to mutually benefit will be gone.

All too often, American Indian burial sites are written off as abandoned cemeteries and remains as well as the personal possessions of the deceased are classified as artifacts and treated like science projects or commodities to be bought, sold, and traded both legally and illegally throughout the world and especially here in the U.S.A. Those are not artifacts in this site and others - they were people who left behind descendents.

This site was not abandoned, nor were any others. They were taken from possession of the Indian people by fraud, deceit, trickery, encroachment, treaty violation, and other malfeasance. It is time to put an end to this. It is time to say that history, heritage, and the undisturbed rest of our grandfathers and grandmothers is more important than money, concrete, and condominiums.

We, the undersigned, support the campaign to prevent any destruction and/or development of the Two Rivers Mounds site in East Tennessee, and to work together to ensure that this site is protected from any future threat of desecration. We ask for your immediate intervention and support in this matter. We are two cultures with one goal.

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