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To start out with, here is a simple site that helps save the rainforests, and the animals that live in it, with just one click: http:

// All you have to do is click and they will help.

Did you know that people are using slash and burn methods to cut down rainforests? Also, because this is going to kill the gorillas anyway, people go out and torture the gorillas just for fun! For FUN, can you imagine that!?!? Anyway, all this is happening just so the government can grow palm oil! Palm oil is used in a lot of things. The following is a web address that has a list of some of those products: As you will see, this is a lot of products. One of the FEW pros about palm oil is that it is cheap and renewable, but that HARDLY ways out all the cons. You see, to grow palm oil, you have to cut down rainforests, because that is the only places the palm oil trees will grow. There are also other animals that, in a few years, will most likely be extinct. Some of these include Sumatran Tigers, several species of elephants, and of course different species of gorillas.

One way for you at home to help, is to have everyone you know stop buying things with palm oil, and you yourself stop, too. If you cant make yourself stop, then, at least, find a reliable site so that you can donate money. Any amount of money will help, even a dollar. If you dont want to find a site, then, for those of you who know me, you can just give me the money and I promise that I will find a site and donate that money. There are tons of other ways that you can help, so just go to:

http// and search for ways to help with the rising palm oil crisis.

You have to understand that the government has its reasons for growing palm oil. Some of these reasons include; palm oil is about a third cheaper than corn syrup, and does the same thing; in the future, there is a possibility that it could be used instead of petroleum; and it is a renewable resource, so the government will never run out. I just thought you needed to know this so that you knew all sides to this crisis. Even though palm oil is helpful in some ways, it is very unhelpful in lots of others.

The whole point of this petition is to get the residents of the United States to be correctly informed of this problem, and to see both sides of the argument. If this petition gets a numerable amount of signatures, and it gets in a least one newspaper, then my goal for this will be partially fulfilled.

This problem has been going on for a long time without the public knowing. So help this worthy cause and spread the word. You could even start a petition of your own, or you could get your school or church to start a fundraiser. Some others ideas are to hold a bake sale and give the proceeds to an organization that will help the cause, or have a garage sale and give the money you make to an organization that helps the orangutans. Again, as I said before, for those who know me, you can give you profits to me and I will donate them to a trustworthy organization.

This petition, once it gets a reasonable amount of signatures, will then be sent to the Washington Post (P.O. Box 17370 Arlington, VA 22216). I cannot guarantee that it will be posted, but Ill try. I will also try to send it to a couple other newspapers, and I am going to post this online.

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