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To members of the Scroggin community,

It has recently come to my attention that a certain person by the name of NICHOLAS (ha!) has been referring to yours truly as 'Michelle.' Despite the fact that 'Michelle' is indeed my legal birth name, I am highly insulted that anyone close to me could even consider using such a cognomen (thesaurus!). It is common knowledge that the moniker 'scroggin,' (or scrogs, scrogamaloggin, scroganoffanoff etcetera) has been in common usage by those whom I consider friends (let alone boyfriends!) for over a year. Moreover, NICHOLAS, as a co-founder of 'scroggin' (the name) and self-elected 'President of the SCROGGSOC executive appointment committee' should be most ashamed of his sacrilegious language.

In fact, I feel that NICHOLAS owes an immediate and whole-hearted apology to the co-founder Nikki, the scroggin community, members of scroggsoc, and most of all, myself (scroggin). In addition, NICHOLAS should seek to rectify the situation immediately by calling me by one of the afore-mentioned names from now on. It should be noted that the nick-name of 'mish' will suffice in situations of dire need (however, what constitutes 'dire need' is at the full discretion of yours truly, and most certainly excludes all situations where other mish is present). In addition, 'scrag', 'sprog', or 'scrotum' will not be tolerated under any circumstances, and the offender will be severely mutilated (even if it is Jared's mum).

All who agree with me please say 'aye.' Or rather sign my petition (which is brilliant, I must admit) and teach young NICHOLAS a lesson.

On a final note, NICHOLAS - be warned. You would do well to remember that 'Nick' rhymes with many unfortunate colloquialisms. If you choose to ignore the wrath of the scroggin community you may well find yourself 're-named' *evil laugh*

So in closing, I say SAVE SCROGGIN (the name, not the person, although please save the person also should I be on the brink of death or, more likely, insanity). Sign this petition and show your support! Do not let down your fellow scroggin community members!

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Latest Signatures

  • 08 October 201247. julie
  • 08 October 201246. Hannah
  • 07 October 201245. cheeseman
  • 07 October 201244. michael
    wicksy says thats bad!
  • 07 October 201243. Alexander
  • 07 October 201242. Matt
    It's outRAGOUES!!!
  • 07 October 201241. Ben
  • 06 October 201240. Leah
    no comment:P
  • 06 October 201239. Lauren
    i still prefer "Pishy"
  • 06 October 201238. Louise
    Long live the Scrog!
  • 05 October 201237. Richard
    Nick, you ought to be ashamed at yourself. Quite seriously. Pull yourself together, man. If I was there, I'd slap you over the back of the head. Scrogs, next time you see him, do so for me, will you?
  • 05 October 201236. Talia
  • 05 October 201235. Craig
    ITS TEH BESTEST NAME EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!111~
  • 05 October 201234. Toni
  • 04 October 201233. Justen
    We don't get to choose our Birth names, the ones we DO choose are important, nay sacred! Zulu supports Scrog in her quest though i am doubtful if i have ever met her in person. (petition request relayed by friend) The principle is important. Don't be a *i
  • 04 October 201232. Big
    What all this foolishness
  • 04 October 201231. dave
  • 04 October 201230. Mish
    haha NICHOLAS!!
  • 04 October 201229. Frog
    If I were a flying fish I wouldn't need a trampoline. Of course it would need to rain alot.
  • 03 October 201228. kim
    yeah! haven`t read the whole thing...wait i mite now
  • 03 October 201227.
  • 02 October 201226. James
    Tragic.... both of you
  • 02 October 201225. Jeremy
    NICK rhymes with PENIS!
  • 02 October 201224. Sarah
    Just doing my civic duty!
  • 02 October 201223. Terri
    no comment
  • 02 October 201222. David
    This is outrageous and insulting. The name must be protected at all costs! Heaven forbid the day it dies. That would be an unimaginably terrible loss for all of us. It must not happen, it can not happen and it will not happen.
  • 02 October 201221. David
    Shame NICHOLAS, Shame...

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