---Article 1---
As a citizen of the universe, I object to the substantial comments of the IAU on the grounds of our 9th planet pluto which they have recently denied the planethood of, worse yet this outrageous claim is being believed as fact by many people not just throughout the world but in the United States as well. The planet pluto has been known for 80 years under the designation of a planet, and was known for years by scholars as the 9th planet. A planet by the definition I and many others had used was any object which revolves around a star and is big enough to when formed condense under its own gravity to be shaped like a sphere. This is a logical definition and leaves the 9 everyone born since World War II knows of. These scientists decided that by some logic they had the right to reclassify planets. Their new definition is something that clears the neighborhood and orbits a star which is an unfair definition to the planet pluto. There is no one in this world nor any other who has the right to reclassify a planet nor anything else. Imagine for a moment some government decided that the auto association of america decided that toyota cars are dwarf cars and to qualify as a car it has to be made by ford would that be listenened to even for a second??? By the same note its ridiculous to let a group of scientists who are czech I might add and dont even speak english as a first language to define an english word just because they happen to be a primary organization in its study.

---Article 2---
I hereby petition the IAU to change this, and on the grounds of there refusal I thereby petition NASA to declare that it shall remain a planet within the borders of the United States of America they are being asked to give Pluto as well as Eris (The recently discovered 10th planet that the IAU conducted this scheme up to deny its planethood) their most fully righteous and recognized planethood. The 10 planets are as follows: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Eris. Any and all signers will help me in my quest to make the government save pluto!!!

---Article 3---
I also agree that I shall in no way encourage them in their sinister ways. If someone says pluto is not a planet I shall kindly correct them and say the truth: that it is! I shall never bring myself to the low level of these poor unintelligent creatures. I shall always say Pluto is our 9th planet and the 10th is Eris. This is the truth. I refuse to answer that pluto is not a planet on any kind of question as it is and always will be. I refuse to cooperate with science-pests and will fight against this valiantly. There is no reason to cooperate with the science-pests. I am the soul that shapes my own beliefs. Your beliefs are one of the few things you actually have a choice on in life. You should never give up your freedom. Ill decide whats a planet and I dont have to listen to scientists or anyone else. America is a free country and so are my beliefs.

---Article 4---
The Save Pluto! Petition is hereby ordained and established. I hereby accept the views highlighted in the above petition as my own. I agree to follow through on my duties as defined in article 3 and agree 100\% with this petitions creator (Patrick M. Tovey). I shall always fight for Plutos planetary rights as well as those of Eris till I win or die whichever comes first.

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