In light of recent reports by AT at GABIT, some of us have grown concerned about the future of both SG-1 and Atlantis. The latest in a long line of over-sights and, in our opinion, misjudgements with regard to the 'development' of the show.

It has been suggested that Col. Carter is intended to become involved in the third season of Atlantis in a significant way featuring, in AT's reported words, in ten episodes. Previously, it has been stated that budgets for both shows prevent each from employing as many major characters as they might like. It is worrying, therefore, that a member of the Stargate cast we expect to be amongst the highest paid will be moving into Atlantis. Following this logic, and considering the nature of Col. Carter's skills, we are afraid that Sam's arrival in Pegasus could mean the loss of one or more much-loved characters.

Throughout seasons one and two, Atlantis has lost a lot of popular characters. Many fans will tell you how shocked they were to lose Sgt. Markham (even though he had been in just two episodes, he was mentioned regularly and felt as though he was part of the furniture) much more so to lose Grodin, and then, without any explanation as to what happened to them, Bates and Stackhouse. Currently, we potentially face losing Aiden Ford easily one of the best loved characters and the actor most involved with the fandom. We would hate to see this happen yet again. Particularly to a character like Zelenka, who is immensely popular among the fans, and seems to be one of the most likely to suffer culling, not being as important as McKay, and yet sharing Col. Carter's skills in some respects.

What appears to be ignored by TPTB, is the fact that Stargate: Atlantis' depth is increasingly becoming compromised as it continues to lose the 'human factor' that made it so popular with many in season one. Since contact with Earth was made, the nature of Atlantis has become considerably more militarised; the attitude appears to be that everyone is dispensable, with Maj. Lorne killing two of his own men in a questionable decision that has astonished many (we won't detail this here, as it would include spoilers). Much of what appealed to fans in season one certainly those we have spoken to seems to be the sense of community and familial closeness. It seemed that all anyone on Atlantis had was each other, and it mattered when people were lost. It is beginning to seem that people are being drafted in for target practise and as plot devices and the attitude of those in charge has become much more callous.

As fans, we are becoming afraid that the changeability and lack of consistency in the show will lose fans and affect ratings, if it does not abate soon. We adored the show in season one, but much of what appealed to us including the wide-eyed and believable portrayal of Aiden Ford, with his natural amazement and excitement at all they encountered is being lost.

It seems to us that to return Stargate: Atlantis to as near as possible to its ethos in season one and many plausible ideas on how to achieve this have been explored on GW, by fans who feel similarly would be the strongest way to continue the show. With some fans who have been there from the beginning becoming increasingly disillusioned, it seems to us that returning to the show's roots, and wiping the Terrible Twos slate clean, is the most sensible way forward.

We are confident that the fans would much prefer to see AT remain where she belongs with her SG-1 family, in the role we all know and love. We believe that while we are fond of Sam Carter as a character, there is little or nothing which could be achieved by shaking up her role in such a manner and over shadowing the rest of Atlantis by integrating a character from SG-1 so fully. It is our opinion that the budget would be better spent on reinstating Lt. Ford as a major, or at least a regular character, and most importantly, capturing once again some of the identifiable, every-man wonder and anxiety that he, and the lesser characters engendered.

This petition asks for three simple things:

Preserve the ethos. Reunite the team. Save our Atlantis.

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