Minister Eamon Ryan
Dept of Communications,Energy.
and Natural Resource's
29-31 Adelaide Road
Dublin 2

Dear Minister Ryan,
We as anglers wish to express our concerns regarding the current state of our national inland fisheries.We feel our sport is grave danger of becoming extinct by decision's force upon our sport,without the anglers voice being heard or the anglers being part of the decision process.
We agree in principal with the departments decision to amalgamate the fisheries boards but we feel that the same employees currently holding positions within these boards will remain, which will leave our sport facing ruin.Our sport needs fresh people with fresh ideas,with a vision for future angling in Ireland,
During the 2009 salmon season anglers have noticed an upsurged in illegal netting and general poaching on our waterways.we have also noticed fewer fishery officer patrols and checks to combat this,which leaves our sport vulnerable to this illegal activity.
We suggest to you minister ,more fishery officers on the beat,more patrols to combat illegal netting and poaching,set up a national helpline for reporting illegal fishing,netting,reporting pollutions and this information acted upon as the current system of ringing regional boards is not being acted upon in most cases.The state of illegal netting and poaching does not reflect the numbers of cases being brought before the courts or the on the spot fines,handed down by the regional fisheries boards.
The current process by regional fisheries boards issuing snap and draft net salmon licence's for our estuaries and rivers must end.this is having a disastrous effect on our salmon stocks.coupled by regional boards decisions to extend this activity until nets men reach their full quota,salmon stocks in these systems can not sustain this pressure,it must end with immediate effect.
We call on the department to transfer the power of boards investigating their own employee's over to the office of the ombudsman for all complaints and investigations into the conduct of the management and board staff. The current situation of Chairpersons,CEO and Inspectors investigating their own officers,is bias,undemocratic and leads to complaints not being investigated properly or complainant's being slandered,victimised and their own personal safety put at risk for reporting such instances,
We urge you as minister to ban fish farming near where juvenile salmon pass currently ,during migration,based on scientific research ,the number of wild salmon surviving and returning to spawn decreased by 50\% or greater on average ,when compared to similar rivers with no fish farms.This practice can not continue as it is having a serious impact on our returning fish.
We as anglers pay a Conservation Fee to the value of our license fee.We feel that this money is being squandered and not put to good use.Currently this conservation fee has been spent on fish counters that don't work,spent on tons of gravel to enhance closed rivers,while illegal nets lie across the pools below.This squandering of important conservation money must end and a new system for the distribution of this money explored,preferably by persons with scientific experience.
We call on you as minister to explore the possibility of reducing the cost of one day licenses as this is having a disastrous effect on new anglers to our sport,and explore the possibility of introducing a reduced cost 3 day license , aimed at attracting new anglers to our sport and the tourist trade,which this country relies heavily on each year.We also urge you to reduce the cost of juveniles licenses ,to attract the youth into our sport,after all these are the anglers of the future.
We hope you have taken our concerns on board and will act on these concerns,so future generations can enjoy this great sport.

email, [email protected]

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