We believe that Next-Tuesday.org, hereafter referred to as NT, has just as much right to be online as every other virtual series. We believe that NT does great work, and they shouldn't constantly be harassed and put down, because the story they're telling is good and should be told!

We miss Next Tuesday and the sense of community it gave us! We miss the stories, we miss Summerland Academy, we miss the downloads and most of all, we miss knowing that Buffy wasn't gone, because the true spirit of the show lived on in the writers of NT.

We want Next Tuesday back on the 'air', back on the net, and back at it's rightful place as the "jewel of bloodwreck", the virtual television network.

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Latest Signatures

  • 01 November 201550. Malinda Roman
    Even though I never bothered to read any of the Buffy season 8s, I could tell NT was the best, just because of the hard work and love put into it. If NT were ever to reopen, I would try much harder to show my support.
  • 24 July 201549. Stacy Wheeler
    Please bring NT back. :( Your Reasons It was quite a good site, with amazingly literate writers. I miss that.
  • 13 April 201548. Geneva B
    I support this petition
  • 30 March 201547. David V
    I support this petition
  • 05 October 201446. Vaktoth Frost
    I support this petition
  • 06 June 201445. Buffyfan Wheeler
    Whoever did this should be punished. Your Reasons This is horrible news
  • 23 September 201344. Robert F
    I enjoyed NT a great deal and was very sad to hear that it was being harassed by morons that obviously couldn't do anything like that themselves, so they decided to tear down something instead. Faith and everyone who was involved with NT, don't give these
  • 14 September 201343. Ashlee Hancock
    I support this petition
  • 19 June 201342. Cgh Landry
    If people want to tell a story, they should be able to do so in peace
  • 10 May 201341. Szikra I
    I support this petition
  • 27 December 201240. Scott K
    You people are great. Please don't let a few jerks drive you away
  • 27 May 201239. Claire Serrano
    I go on vacation for a few weeks, and when I come back my show is gone! Your Reasons You captured BtVS in a way no other virtual series ever came close to. Please come back!
  • 10 December 201138. Nina D
    Faith and Laota you shouldn't have to take this crap'eier--people take advantage of talent and a wonderful thing *hugs* Your Reasons NT gave me mounds of enjoyment when I needed to escape the world. It's being gone made me realize that I'm suddenly missin
  • 08 April 201137. Aunica B
    Save NT! Your Reasons This is my favorite series, everything is so Joss like and I'm so thrilled to read it, and I can't stand that people harass and hack them and tell them they are no good.
  • 09 March 201136. Aaron B
    keep alive Your Reasons good show
  • 01 March 201135. Cole M
    NT... Faith and Laota, I swear -- you two are awesome. You both know that. I'm telling you -- don't let them do this. You two can take anything that comes in your way. You two are powerful women... You can take it on, and beat 'em back. I have faith in yo
  • 22 February 201134. Christal Allison
    I support this petition
  • 09 February 201133. Law Griffin
    This needs to stay alive! Your Reasons Reasons? I have only one, and that is that the best BtVS Season 8 needs to stay alive to make us all feel inferior in our writing skills, and of course to give us lots of enjoyment. Or something to that effect. Hurra
  • 16 September 201032. Emcee James
    I support this petition
  • 20 July 201031. Danielle S
    NT is the ultimate buffy virtual series. I read it and I feel like I'm back in season 2 and btvs is new again. It's so great to love buffy summers again, and I have next tuesday to thank for that! Your Reasons because they rock my buffyverse!
  • 27 December 200930. Polia Velazquez
    Please come back!! Your Reasons I loved the stories..
  • 06 December 200929. Grand Masterb
    Damn the Watchers, save the Empire! Your Reasons They're the best, and they're Indians. 'Nuff said.
  • 31 August 200928. William Beasley
    Your work in the virtual series community has just been unbelievable, fantastic. I hate to see NT leave like this, bring it back! :) Your Reasons Fantastic series, why else!
  • 27 July 200927. Caitlin Stafford
    I support this petition
  • 16 July 200926. Chris Gates
    I don't see why others would attack such a work of art, people are differant, its what makes the world go round. Why not send the episodes to a list of e-mails, that way they can't be hacked! Your Reasons You guys are true to the show's characters, and te
  • 11 July 200925. Thorn Petty
    At least keep the stories up
  • 24 February 200924. Casey Burnett
    nt was the greatest i want it to come back Your Reasons next tuesday is just like the real buffy and i miss it

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