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JOIN "SAVE LORD VENKATESHWARA TRADITION" and protest to concern authorities (Governor and Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, President and Prime Minister of India, TTD Management and all major indian newspapers - to take behave responsibility in this fight for the noble cause)to restore,protect and maintain the dignity, sanctity, tradition,Vedic culture, tradition and history of Lord Venkateshwara at Tirupathi-Tirumala, a Vishnu Shrine.

Our country Bharat is far advanced than any other country in this world. Alien countries came here in the name of business, invaded our country, killed our people in millions and robbed all our wealth, technologies and historic monuments. Unfortunately, NOW our own people are doing that.... Please realize and respond.

Our parents, great Acharyas, Sastras and great leaders always tell us not to ignore the bad things happening in front of your eyes. It is your minimum duty to at least show our concerns and protest for the noble cause.

Even Bheeshma, the great warrior of Mahabharata could not escape from the effects of keeping quite instead of protesting the ADHARAMA of Kauravas. Bheeshma is one of the great warriors who kept quite and did nothing to protect Draupadhi (Wife of Pandavas) while being insulted by Kauravas in front of every one. Only Vidhura and Bheema protested that scandalous act.

In the past GOD had protected us from the clutches of "educated Demons". Now God has given us an opportunity to give a fitting lesson to these "Uneducated Demons".

Tirupathi Tirumala Devasthanams (T.T.D) AUTHORITIES ARE RUINING TRADITIONAL VALUES OF LORD VENKATESHWARA TEMPLE. TTD is trying to cultivate the corporate scandal culture and pollute the divinity of Lord Venkateshwara. TTD has grand plans to completely pollute the seven hills and planning to convert Tirumala to a picnic spot/DISNEY LAND.

Why do we need to make Tirumala a tourist/picnic spot or DISNEY LAND. Is the current income from Lord Venkateswara Temple is not enough?

We have to show a minimum UDATHA BHAKTHI (a squirrel help to Lord Sri Rama in Ramayanam) towards Lord Venteshwara by protecting the Vedic culture, tradition and history of Lord at Tirupathi-Thirumala.

Please join us in the Save Lord Venkateshwara Movement . Please sign this petition for the welfare of every being at large.

Once upon a time, alien rulers ruined our country by force, removing idols, deities, temples, killing scholars and skilled, destroying traditional systems and their marks, imposing their culture, their religion, their practices and they started using the lenience of our respect towards them as our weakness, thus.... they robbed us away totally from our invaluable wealth and also destroyed all our wonderful moral-valued traditions and culture. Even today we can see all those riches and valuables in the museums of those countries. After fighting for about 500 years with different alien rulers, India got ruling freedom, but, again caught-up in the groove of the alien system of constitution and government system. Now this has become our country, without our hold on its culture, traditions and heritage.

It is so unfortunate that political parties and government procedures are working on the motive of gaining their command even at the cost of our own spiritual values and native heritage constructs. It is more than stabbing own mother having become arrogant & blind in the intoxication of selfishness and false prestige. After all we live for several years, but traditions live for millions of years! We should respect them and protect them for our good!!!

Authentic Temple traditions reflect our cultural richness, spirituality and devotion that keep the society at the exalt of morality and divinity. Society is all of us. If we break the rules, it is like showing our arrogance, ego and also inviting troubles.

T.T.D used to be an authentic temple for our Spiritual heritage. Unfortunately, sudden changes crept in due to entry of the unqualified persons in the most revered positions. However, if they tried to learn the traditional systems and follow, it would have been better. But, they started to think on their own, standing in the shoes of the aliens, ignoring the time tested practices and even neglecting the procedural scriptures published by the TTD itself through great traditional scholars about 40 to 50 years ago.

Earlier, scholars used to represent the true facts as they are coming from the generations. In recent years, in the guise of scholars some people assumed positions and started to put their ideas (ignoring practical historic evidences) to achieve their own ends and profits.
It is so unfortunate that the pseudo-scholars are wiping off the spiritual rich traditions.

At least now rise up and respond to this untoward incidences.

Raise your voice demanding the authorities to "restore the native traditions as they are ".

There are scriptures written by those who followed those traditions, exactly as it was ordained by the great seer Bhagavad Ramanuja who unveiled this Divine form on Tirumala (when it was just lying unknown in the forest, available only to those who dwelled in the forests) and brought it into light, after Lord ordained him to do so, with great compassion, for the sake of devotees !!!

Sasthra says, that people who violate the basic rules in the public places like temples will reflect in the form of harm to the rulers, authorities and people in general. Lack of water, lack of rains, excess of heat, earthquakes, floods, cyclones, diseases etc.are the ways in which Nature responds to protect the balance, in serving the Divine.

When a child suffers, mother takes the child to the doctor and doctor may apply injection or cut away the wound, which may cause pain, and also he may proscribe certain regular food items to the child until he becomes better. It is for the good of the child. So also Nature responds at the level of Planet Earth. Let us stop abusing independence given by God! It is for the welfare of the whole world.

Just to quote a few, here are some of the violations that authorities are following:

1. Sacred Thousand pillared Mandapam that has more than 400 years of history has been totally demolished and removed, few days back without proper permissions and acceptance from relevant authorities. Earlier Sri Venkateswara Kalyanam used to happen there regularly.

TTD authorities planned to construct ropeway and develop the place as a picnic or as a resort in other words 'a better tourist centre'. Is that the place to do so? As and when we enter the temple precincts we feel the sanctity and a kind of divinity. If it is made a tourist centre or a park or a resort people come there for enjoyment not with spiritual attitude which verily defeats the purpose of the temple. Also, the authorities are unable to maintain the devotees who are coming there to have Darsan of Lord, what happens if more and more people without attitude of spirituality or devotion enter that place?? ?

Does the thought of ' tourism ' benefit the ancient holy place of spiritual importance and sanctity that has thousands of years of spiritual history and importance from the view of the ancient heritage of our country Bharat ? HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji questioned these things and raised voice against the decision of the TTD authorities and the government. They have ignored it and started to do the things. The consequences are very clear. God takes care of it. Somehow TTD wanted to take some construction work and spend several tens or hundreds crores so that ' many ' can get the benefit of it.

You may be blind, but not God ! Beware.... Things to punish severely need not come from God, His single devotee's small wish can do it. Let no body become victims of sin. Let everybody live well, do things well and be all blessed.

2. There is no (rest ) sleep time for God, not even for an hour. Darsan being organised all the 24 hours. Sayanothsavam is not being performed, but for name sake. Some Authorities and staff inside feel that it is just a stone and is just a commercial product, not as the divine form of God. It is so ridiculuous that, do devotees go there just for fun or for fancy? Why all the devotees go there and offer their respects... if they don't feel the divinity ??

3. Ordinary chlorinated water is being used for rituals in the temple which is totally against to any Agama. They should use only ground water freshly taken every day.

4. Ananthalwan Garden, a special garden for God,which used to supply flowers to Lord Venkateswara since hundreds of years has been recently ruined and is being used to put garbage and drianage. They are getting flowers for God from outside and storing them in the cold storage and using them. God having so much of wealth, can't he have fresh flowers? See the fate of these so called 'priests' and 'authorities' and 'protectors'.
5. Every body in the name of staff are going into the sacred place of kitchen, also tasting the items intermittently, doing many such things etc...

6. Cooked and prepared items like Laddus etc., are not being offered to GOD at all, thus.. deceiting devotees.

7. People who haven't ever studied temple mahathmyam, who don't know the sampradayam, tradition, who doesn't follow basic rules of conduct and dress code as ordained and clearly explained by Bhagavad Ramanuja (by setting an example for it in his practice), people who have several bad habits, those who are not well qualified, are all trying to take their own advantage of the temple insititution.

Administrative officers who are supposed to take care of the proper conduct of the things, are trying to impose their ideas on the tradition and changing them at their will and wish without consulting the elders of that tradition and not even giving minimum formal regard to the higher authorities of Srivaishnava tradition.

8. Aradhana is not being performed in any other sannidhis, except offering prasadam... just formally, which is totally against any Agama. Deities are consecrated (invoked with divinity) to do all rituals, not for show !! If you have respect towards father because he earns and feeds and start to ignore others in the family or have disrespect towards them or try to change others with your power and influence... think .. how good it is ... Do you know.. that is how people are managing in Tirumala ....ruining the wonderful traditions and ignoring the past spiritual glory. HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji asked to restore a:ra:dhana in different Sannidhis according to the scriptures of this shrine.

To know which is right and which is wrong, what is the method and how, written and published books are available with TTD. These days, authorities are concentrating more on income and outward beauty, rather than on the sanctity and authenticity of methods and procedures laid by initiated Acharyas.

9. How good it is, not to properly honour Bhagavad Ramanuja, who actually brought Tirumala Venkateswara into Light by consecrating the deity and arranged to construct Tirumala temple for the sake of allowing the Devotees to have His darsan. It is the highly magnanimous Bhagavad Ramanuja during 11th century who opened up the availability of worshipping Lord to all people equally, irrespective of caste creed etc.

Note: Until Bhagavad Ramanuja (who learned the sasthras exhaustively and also practiced them,) opened up and propagated that out of compassion, people belonging to other castes are not allowed into temples even to worship. But, in our Vedic tradition, you know... 'Muniva:hana' an A:lwa:r ( a person belonging to Harijan Community ) is carried on the back by the temple priest into the temple.

Bhagavad Ramanuja opened up Manthra to all people. Thus, Vedic people belonging to Srivaishnava tradition treated all equally irrespective of caste, creed and race. You know in this tradition we even worship a muslim girl as the incarnation of mother because of her great devotion to just the deity of Lord. She never even know that, that deity is of some God ! But, she loved it. For that.... we worship her, even today... Go to Melkote and see. Bhagavad Ramanuja arranged it !

Bhagavad Ramanuja taught Manthra and its secrets to people of all castes and sects alike, unlike some others who doesn't do so... even today! That is Bhagavad Ramanuja's magnanimity !.. His heart bleeded for the salvation of all seekers. Thus, Bhagavad Ramanuja brought us more near to Lord Venkateswara. He never paid any difference to a Brahmin, a Kshathriya, a Vaisya or a Sudra or a Panchama, a male or a female in giving Manthra and in teaching Upasana or the secrets of Vedas. However, in performing things in the public places like temple, Sasthras lay certain rules for the good of all, which were followed strictly. Every one can worship God and Sasthras gave a way for every one..... literally every one. No exception. Only thing is that they should go to elders and learn which suits them.

10. TTD has planned to do some constructions in the point of view of security and also to accommodate more number of devotees to have the Darsan of Lord. This idea is good, but not the later part !

In order to do this they wanted to demolish certain ancient structures.
TTD authorities, in the name of some Agama committee... which is illegal, took some 'favourable' "yes'er "s who even don't know or follow the Sri Vaishnava tradition ( either in their external or internal conduct ), who don't even know how many other authentic Divya desas ie.,, big ancient temples all the regular rituals are functioning, those who had no special regard towards either A:lwa:rs and their teachings of equality of all people, or Bhagavad Ramanuja's open system, those who speak against to Sri Vaishnava tradition in general, those who wantedly ignored to respect great Purvaacharyas in the temples they are working, closing down those sannidhis and ruining them without A:ra:dhana etc. and sometimes destroying them, those who are trying to create differences in Vaishnavas in the name of Vadagalai and Thengalai etc...and those who are becoming puppets to " politically strong " people of different non_vaishnavite Mutts. They should have been better if they followed their own tradition in its purity and sanctity.

But, unfortunately not ! Just for the sake of personal gains and undeserved fame and to focus themselves as if they are doing everything there in Tirumala gave statements. Did they ever read the history of the Tirumala temple. There is wonderful documentation available on the procedures and methods to be followed and being followed in Tirumala temple since hundreds of years. Without proper knowledge of why, what and how, How can some key decisions be taken without proper approval. This is more than self destruction / suisidal.

Awake dear devotees. Now it is the time. Respond ? Question ? Ascertain and know what is truth and what not. Don't get carried away with half-knowledged media reports. Infact, Indian media is creating unnecessary differences among Vaishnavites.

Come on now.... guard your LordVenkateswara ! He is there observing your response... No body can do anything to Him, but, it is the part of devotees who should protect His Ordinance (Sasthras) and become dearer to Him.
There are many many violations of Sasthras and malpractices being carried out due to the ignorance, negligence and incompetence of the authorities and the also by the so called 'care takers'. If we really start writing...the list will run to several books, But, O.K..... if they realise one day or the other and correct them as soon as possible, it is good. If not they should face the consequences. This Nature will not excuse any one when they exceed their limits, because, it serves Lord perfectly, impartially.

Though there are Violations, they can't be seen boldly on the face at a glance. But, if you carefully observe all the activities, you can see how the violations are taking place.

Here are two more things, examples of violations for your information...

1) Procession deity of Lord Sri Venkateswara should not be taken to "Vardhanthi" (death day) celebration of any person and He may be taken for "Thirunakshathram" or "Jayanthi" (Birth day) celebration. For death anniversaries, Lord is not supposed to go. It is a wrong custom to do so. But, recently TTD has arranged to take the procession deity to Annamacharya Vardhanthi as well as to Jayanthi which was not at all in practice earlier. Also, this is made customary. That is a wrong practice, a sheer violation of the conduct.

2) Jeeyars are supposed to protect the Dharma. They are appointed by Bhagavad Ramanuja to safeguard all the activities properly. Ahobilam Jeeyar is one among such Jeeyars to look after the Ahobila Mutt. Though not directly appointed by Ramanuja, but since recent two to three hundred years he is also involved in some of the external activities of the temple. So, he is also supposed to obey the Ramanuja Dharma, protect the customs laid by Bhagavad Ramanuja and adhere to the customs arranged by Sri Ramanuja. Any one who is supposed to take part in Tirumala Lords Kainkaryam should follow the mandatory rules instituted by Bhagavad Ramanuja. But, it is so unfortunate to say that while is lord is taken to Annamacharya Vardhanthi function, he himself arranged Simhasanam and sat on it along with Lord, which is against to the custom. You can refer to the photo that came in the "sapthagiri" magazine too !

In presence of God, no one should seat on any form of Simhasanam. Every one should sit on the floor, before God... When that is the custom, the person who is supposed to protect, he himself is violating the basic fundamental thing. But, the Local Jeeyars are supposed to oppose this sort of things, but, they are just keeping numb.

Why should I do this? why shouldn't I do this...are not the questions one can ever pose in this religious institution, because every thing was established perfectly by great seers for millions of years to come and there is a wonderful reason behind every thing.

All the details to face every type of situation are available in documented form too. Every one can know them, but it is mandatory for those who are in the temple institution to know them.

Authorities should only support the administration activity and see that how best they can implement the tradition such that it is properly safeguarded in all its purity and sanctity.

Usually, Srivaishnavas are soft in their disposition and approach. However, this should not be taken as being weak !! They have Supreme Lord on their side...They wish good for all beings and see that things go well. They are ready to sacrifice everything to safeguard the ordinance of Lord. Let them belong to any caste or creed it doesn't matter as long as they realise Supreme Lord. They are all Vaishnavites. Veda called that Supreme Lord as "Narayana" and all the three systems of Dwaitha, Adwaitha and Vishtadwaitha unquestionably accept this truth.

Sri Sankaracharya also clearly accepted this and wrote in his original commentaries very directly. Infact, he worshipped Lord Lakshmi narasimha and NOT Siva/Rudra as some modernists claim. Working knowledge of basic sanskrit is enough to understand all his commentaries. He considered Siva as a great Vaishnavite.

Realise ! dear friends.... Realise atleast now and know the greatness of Bhagavad Ramanuja's tradition who accommodated the whole world into a small corner of his wide heart !

Such a great saint Ramanujacharya established Tirumala worshipping methods and procedures after exhaustively scrutinizing the Sa:sthras, all in accordance with that of the grand traditional Vedic lineage that is highly accepted and revered by one and all.

We belong to that great tradition! Realise and Respond to the many many untoward practices being forced in the name of tradition. Let us join together and see that the great Vedic tradition highlighted by Bhagavad Ramanujacharya be available to all the seekers and make the society better and peaceful.

It is our duty to see that traditions be safeguarded in their pristine purity. Because of such a noble act by our great compassionate Acharyas , today we are able to enjoy the Divine Darsan of Lord Sri Venkateswara.
May we become alert in serving Lord, in protecting the traditions the way He ordained on us through our Acharyas and also may we be blessed with the strength and boldness to come out of cowardice, selfishness and respond powerfully to prove to this world the greatness of our "Sanathana Dharma" that alone can bring World peace and Universal Welfare.

Come on... it is a matter of your life.... if you are a real seeker.

Jai Srimannarayana !!!

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