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As an avid Greys Anatomy fan, I must say that I am both appalled and saddened at all of the bad publicity that is being directed toward Isaiah Washington. Furthermore, what is even more disheartening about this whole ordeal is the potential threat for the loss of continuing his career on Greys Anatomy that has been placed above his head. I believe strongly that there are two sides to every story and I honestly feel as though the public may not be clearly getting both sides of them. I am in no way saying that regardless of what both these sides may entail, it is in any way acceptable for such a slur to be used. However, I think that it is imperative to keep in mind that it is significantly unfair to cast a plethora of stones at Isaiah Washington when we have merely been given the most ugliest side which is very unfavorable and unflattering to him. I do not believe that any human being for whatever reason will immediately result to such a hurtful, demeaning behavior unless they themselves have suffered a similar type of hurt or feeling. Should T. R. Knights possible role in all of this be ignored because the lick that was cast to him hurt harder than the initial one he cast to begin with? If this were the case, I feel as though this is not sufficient.

The understanding to both several others, and myself per the casts appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show was that this incident was discussed and laid to rest. Now, in a new year, and a few months after most of the shock from it has subsided, this ugly mess is wavering within all of our faces again. Whos doing was this? I believe it was the doing of the very person who claims to be so hurt and affected by it, yet theyve allowed it to fester on. It would seem to me that if something were so tragic, and hurtful, one would simply want it to be forgotten and taken off of everyones lips. Yet, Knight is giving interviews proudly declaring what Isaiah Washington supposedly said, and in a sense it appears as though hes garnering sympathy for it. Perhaps could it be that T. R. Knight is pulling the sympathy card to lighten the revelation that he is a homosexual? Yes, its 2007 and as a nation we are more liberal and accepting than we have ever been. However, the values of this country are still steeped in purely conservative values. It would not be inaccurate to say that more people probably disagree with the notion of homosexuality than the people who unconditionally accept it and thats proven by all of the rights that homosexuals are continually denied. Guaranteed, Knights revelation that he is a homosexual has welcomed some criticism and hate on his behalf simply because we are all entitled to feel and believe differently and it is common knowledge that many people do not believe in homosexuality. Knight claims that being called such a slur gave him the courage to come out. I must admit that I find myself questioning if hes exhausting this to help soften the initial blow and backlash of being known as a homosexual male. Was Washington even aware that Knight is homosexual? If he were unaware, at which point could he have muttered such a slur fueled with the intent to sting so painfully? That word is used commonly toward people who are not homosexuals. However, more than anything, Knight is now simply viewed as the victim, and that tends to overwhelm all of the other little particles in the making of the big picture. I must question if perhaps Knight has used this for his own personal gain, and thats why he continues to discuss it and let it linger on instead of letting it die down, since its supposedly so hurtful to him.

People are quick to say that Isaiah Washington has been unprofessional, and should be fired for it. Yet, I fail to see how Knight has been any more professional than he has been. What happens on Greys Anatomy set should remain Greys Anatomy business. I am quite sure Shonda Rhimes tried to put a cap on this situation before it even escalated to this point. As professionals, Im sure they discussed to let the animosity go for the sake of the show. Now, Knight is making appearances and discussing it rather than letting it simply die down? Does Knight have a personal dislike for Washingston, and by making waves, this is the quickest way to prevent him from being his problem? There are so many unknowns, and so many things that could be the cause for why this was allowed to be revived and continued to spiral out of control. I am in no way blaming Knight for what might or might not have been said to him. But, I am saying that he must bear some of the blame for how the fallout of this has been handled because he has chosen to openly discuss personal business in the public eye with complete disregard for how it would affect the show he has a committment to. He has to have some idea that this will create an uproar and put pressure on both Rhimes and ABC as far as Washingtons job is concerned. Has he even thought of that? Of course Knight isn't pushing for Washington to be fired. He's wise enough to know that by creating such an unpleasant situation, the public will call for Washington's beheading, while Knight may be viewed as the martyr. My point are we to know with 100\% certainty that Knight is not letting his own personal feelings and insecurities influence this chaos; the same choas that has placed the shows success and fanbase at risk. Knight has divulged personal details of the shows conflicts to the publicthe same public that is depended upon to make the show a success and if this is not the pinnacle of unprofessionalsim, then I am clearly baffled to what is.

From what sides Ive been given, I cant say for sure who is wrong or right. I know that Washington has suffered an immense amount of ridicule, and yet I, as many others, still remain lost and wondering when will he get his day to tell his side but yet it seems no one cares about that. He has been condemned and his head asked for on a platter. If you are going to get rid of one man for being unprofessional, than be fair and pass the same treatment around. Knight has not responded to any of this in a professional sense either. If you are determined to get rid of one, then get rid of both, if the grounds is lack of professionalism. I believe that we as human beings have many shortcomings and make many mistakes and theres always room for improvement. Washington has done something that many of us lack the courage to do; he has apologized for his mistakes, and has tried to take the first step in the right direction to amend them. I think that he has suffered quite enough, especially since we have only been allowed to see one side of it. I think he is a wonderful asset to this show, and I plead with you for his ability to remain on cast as a member of Greys Anatomy. It would not be quite as lovely as it is without him. If there are any other Greys Anatomy fans such as myself who feel as though this show would not be as great and gratifying without Isaiah Washington, than please endure this fight with me to save Dr. Preston Burke played by Isaiah Washington, and sign this petition. ABC, thank you sincerely for your time.

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