Save India from the degradation of its Scientific societies sign now

This is not the case of Centre for Development of

Advanced Computing alone but most of the scientific societies in India are facing related problems!!!


* C-DAC is currently transforming from scientific society to a educational society

* After the development of super computer it failed to make an impact among Indian scientific society

* Most of the products developed these days are not working even at the time of release

o Ref:

Reasons: These organizations are trying

* To cater the needs of Information Technology multinationals from developed nations

* To make quick money through training related activities

* To get materials at a lower price from U.S and other developed countries

* Government is transforming its policy of development by a hidden slogan which says

Buy from outside & instruct Indians to cater the needs rather than developing inbuilt products in India. This will give government quick publicity and money.

And therefore

Private companies can earn a lot from common people as well as from government companies too

Government will get money from our own people through training and placing them to most of the industries located in countries outside India

* As ministries come and resign in days, ministers these days believe in fast food so that they can be on media continuously and show some outcome to the public and face people in the next election

* Take benefit from employee attrition rate by earning without scientifically approaching various work divisions and continuously blaming employee attrition rate for low quality output

Fact is

* Scientific societies like C-DAC cannot cater the needs of current world speedy government showoffs as most of the real researches and productization extent to years. And these organizations are now becoming the breeding place for marketing multinational products

* In addition to normal work, intensive extra training given to students will degrade the quality of work of employees as the researchers will get over-burdened with lot of forced work and, as facing students without preparation is tougher, most of them will give only second preference to research and product development.

* Most of the research work & products selected depend upon the way of publicity rather than the actual requirement of public

* Most of the show-offs done these days by ministers and department of IT is either

o Poor quality products which after the release everyone will forget about it (ie It will exist only throughout research and release; thereafter if you ask for the same product or if you start working you will understand the fact) Those all India level releases & other related ads. were just for a name on daily newspaper & nothing else

o Just to show that the money flow towards research is proper and they are doing something.

* Quality of Indian scientific industry went down as they are not trying to make something but they are trying to show others(through papers and channels) that they are making something.

* Quality of pure scientific organizations like ER&DC and NCST were degraded by adding them into C-DAC where management is more interested in making money through training and catering fast-food for ministers and various departments under it.

* Depending on the proposal for each research project given to government of India by these organizations, the number of people working in these projects + the number of faculty working in training is more than three times the current employee strength

o Reason for this is not mainly attrition rate. Actual fact is, knowingly people are given multiple work. So the advantage is these organizations can make profit from government too. Employees are forced to work overtime without proper wages. Monthly three or four times additional money these organizations will get due to the overburdain imposed on these employees. Therefore no employee satisfaction & due to this attrition rate is more & due to this no experienced members & due to this no quality product & due to this loss incurred on government projects & finally more loss to public!!

o About 50\% of employees kept under C-DAC like organizations are taken as consultant basis and the rest under temporary 3 years term. They work in these firms till late night fearing loss of job. Reason -

+ There wont by any questions towards people who impose forced work. Any questions can be easily suppressed by terminating their job, as rules related to temporary employees and consultants are vague in India.

+ More work burdain can be imposed (violating employee rules) without any protest.

+ Continuous attrition rate can by imposed and due to this just before proper maturity to know about the real fact people will be leaving these places thinking of better job satisfaction and less work.

FACT: People in C-DAC work more than in any private firm & they produce less output in C-DAC than any other private firm!! Why is it so????

o More attrition rate is because employees are not departing by themself but they are forced to leave!!!!!

o Cheating is done by government organizations to government rather than others

We request you to send flowers to those ministers and other concerned department members throughout India. They are affected with a small disease called Media and Public mania which can be easily curable!! Hope you will help to make our scientific organizations enhanced to international level by sending flowers to all those concerned people on this New Year!!!

Save scientific societies in India by keeping a constant vigil on all its activities and there by keep out future secured so that our kids dont have to buy/depend on multinationals in future!!!

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