Ladies and gentleman, I regret to inform you, that our beloved God-Father, ABHJITH is about to make a turn on that road that could inflect many young men growing up, there right to grow!!! The God-father- who has taught the young sheepdog (AKA J. Manny (j dot manny)) to a certified player, is deviating from his rules that he has created and is about to go get MARRIED!

People like J.Manny have gotten the privilege to undertake the Godfather Pimpin to Hoes rigorous courses that was taught thru first hand experience by the godfather himself.

He taught me how to slap them hoes the correct way J. Manny

But for the new class, the hope is gone. The future of America is about to become mundane and square. Imagine a world filled with Flanders, where people live ordinary lifes with no excitement. I cant imagine a world where our 13 and 14 year old dont have a role model anymore.

I guess I will be a Jedi knight forever MONKEY BOY (age 13)

To stop this madness, Please sign this petition. All we need is 500 certified players, and playets to stop our beloved godfather into making a big mistake.

Please pass this on to family, friends and coworkers.

May the Pimp-Force be with us ALL!!

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Latest Signatures

  • 07 December 201550. Judge J
    I will have the wedding annulled. Communist? No
  • 02 December 201549. Ashtin K
    I learned from the best! But if you get married, you will be sooo punked, not by me, but your wife! Communist? No
  • 30 November 201548. Mihir Drake
    Don't do it man- just think of all the beautiful young womens hearts that you will be breaking Communist? No
  • 21 November 201547. Angelina J
    Abhi, does this mean you wont be joining me and brad in thailand? i was so looking forward to having you raid my tomb ;)
  • 06 September 201546. Coolio Pham
    People ask me, what happen, why you dont come out with new albums? well, I got Married. what im I gonna rap about, Marriage life? DONT GET MARRIED! Keep it gangster! Communist? No
  • 17 August 201545. Carmen E
    Abhi, is it true? Would you rather get married than have hot monkey sex with me (like that time in cancun)? Pam, Jenn, stay away from my man you sluts. Communist? No
  • 23 July 201544. Oprah W
    Everyone assumed that Chappelle was the baby daddy, nope, It was Abhi! I miss u Baby! Communist? No
  • 12 December 201443. Abhi Tran
    A few years from now, when jay manny sees me he'll say (in a british accent) "hello there, who let you loose?" Communist? No
  • 10 December 201442. Sarumon Theevilwhitew
    The eye of Sauron sees everything, and now that the Lord of the Cock Ring has become the Lord of the Wedding Ring it shall not be long before the forces of Mordor have taken away all freedoms of the people of Middle Earth. All shall bow before the power o
  • 04 November 201441. Noble P
    I want to marry Abhi Communist? No
  • 16 October 201440. Zach M
    With no competition I'll have all the women now Communist? No
  • 07 September 201439. David H
    DON'T DO IT ABHI!!! I was once married to a car, and then I realized that was the biggest mistake of my life. Since my divorce, Iпїve been the happiest man alive, Getting pleased by all types of guys from Europe. Communist? No
  • 16 August 201438. Saddam H
    Take it from me.. marriage causes the downfall of an empire Communist? No
  • 26 July 201437. Heman Andthemastersoftheu
    Its obvious that Skeletor is behind this wedding. By the power of Grayskull, I will search and destroy him Communist? No
  • 18 June 201436. Cody Frye
    I dont know Abhi but from having lived next door to J.Manny i know all the stories... if abhi gets married what hope do i have? Oh well, i guess i'll just change my name back to john. Communist? No
  • 23 December 201335. Jmanny Lane
    I support this petition
  • 13 December 201334. Michael Jackson
    Ahbi, you can still sleep over with me and Bubbles anytime. Just make sure to leave the mrs at home.
  • 12 November 201333. Zach M
    With no more competition, all the women will be mine now Communist? No
  • 07 September 201332. Odb Brown
    I LIKE COKKA! Communist? No
  • 03 September 201331. Jerry S
    Can someone please explain the concept of marriage to me? Marriage is not a word, its a sentence... A LIFE SENTENCE (without parole)! Communist? No
  • 07 August 201330. Gandalf Thewhitew
    Abhi is getting married?...Fool of a took. I though our quest had ended but I see that the evil in the wedding ring is stronger than I thought. It must be destroyed at all costs. The fate of all free creatures depends on it. I propose a new fellowship of
  • 10 June 201329. Homer S cake and free beer
  • 30 March 201328. Dave C
    Ever since i heard he was getting married, I checked myself in for depression Communist? No
  • 23 January 201327. Professor Yochaib
    Marriage isn't what you think it is. It's a license you give the government that allows greedy opportunistic lawyers to steal everything you own. Here in America there are a lot of people making a lot of money splitting up relationships hunting for people
  • 10 January 201326. Beenu K
    I remember the night when Ahbi brought that girl over and asked me to join him... it was the same year i decorated jame's house with lights
  • 16 November 201225. Katie H
    Dont do it Abhi! My romance with Tom Cruise is just a publicity stunt. You were always the one I loved. You had me at "Hello... My name is Abhi, wanna bang?"
  • 15 October 201224. Ashboy Allison
    Have you seen my shorts?? Maybe the baby took it... Communist? No

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