From: Our community of committed Duel Masters Fans

Re: The current outlook of Duel Masters


Over time we have noticed that your companys vested interest in the Duel Masters Franchise has waned considerably. Its understood that your company has a commendable number of products but your loyal community of Duel Masters fans, young and old, find it heartbreaking and appalling seeing how your support for this incredible game has faded. As your dedicated DM fans, gamers, collectors, and customers, were concerned over the fact that you no longer show consideration for posting active Duel Master updates, news, etc. and we hope that we can all work towards restoring this games popularity.

In looking over your Magic the Gathering, Dreamblade, Dungeons and Dragons, and Star Wars Minis products, we cant help but notice that they are updated daily and weekly. Unfortunately Duel Masters is updated monthly (at the very least) which is a major change from 2 years ago when resources were dedicated to bolster this industry-leading product. As representatives of your entire community of fans, we would sincerely appreciate it if you could provide us with answers and your reasoning for the decisions being made today. In addition were hoping for an effectual resolution which would satisfy your interests as well as our own.

Question #1: Were observing a gradual cessation of support for this wonderful product, which is incomprehensible when considering that it is the #1 active game in Japan. Is there a reason as to why you seem inclined to eliminate this product instead of restoring its popularity through marketing, prize support, and regular events? (As was successfully done in the past)

Question #2: Why are the prizes (and overall support) for Duel Masters virtually non-existent? (prizes have proven to be instrumental for maintaining a fan base)

Question #3: Despite our ongoing support and dedication to purchasing your product, why does it appear as if we, the fans, receive little consideration in return?

Despite this games successful launch and initial marketing campaign its evident that soon thereafter your interest in this game has declined (e.g. cutting prize support, releasing product late, no updates, less advertising, no new news whatsoever with the TCG, etc.). This petition is certainly not intended to convey disrespect but to implore you to look favorably upon this popular game. You have so many fans out there on standby that are looking to return this game once we can evidence some stability.

The whole situation is a shame because in the past you were able to maintain a larger fan base through various successful events such as the Mall Tours, Comic Cons, Tournament of the 5 Civilizations, Invitation Circuits, Trade Days, Continental Championships, JDC League, DCI Tournaments, New set releases, Wizard Worlds, and even Contests. We all enjoyed your support throughout the years for these events and we hope that it returns so we can restore the games popularity. Almost every gamer has heard of this game and it is incredible seeing how this game is able to sustain itself with minimal support. Just imagine how much it could grow with a little extra effort. No other game could has ever compared to Duel Masters. The artwork, the game play, the gaming balance, and the mechanics are unrivaled.

Again, we implore you; lets restore this game's popularity by increasing prize support, increasing the updates and news, increasing the events, and restoring its marketing. Were all here to put our best effort in promoting this wonderful trading card game and hope that you will do the same. We love your product, we thank you for bringing it into our lives, and we absolutely look forward to your support and its continuation.

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