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This petition has been started to ensure that actor Julian McMahon, stays on the show "Charmed" in his current role of Cole Turner. It has come to light that Julian will not be with the show for the end of season 4 and is being let go from it. This is a grievous mistake and one that will prove detrimental to the show's future.

We the fans want to enlighten "The Powers that Be" that Cole Turner is a very viable character who is loved and appreciated by the fans. Julian McMahon is truly an amazing and gifted actor and when the show hired him to initiate the role of Cole Turner, they scored a major coup with the fans. Julian embodies the character of Cole with such passion and determination which in turn makes the character very appealing to the fans. Julian, as Cole, takes the viewers on a different journey each time he appears in an episode. Cole is such a powerful male character and Charmed needs that, along with Leo of course, to help balance out the show that has three very strong female characters in Piper, Phoebe and Paige. The character of Cole has become a vital and integral part of the Charmed storyline. On Thursday nights, we suspend out beliefs in reality and for one hour indulge ourselves in this blissful fantasy. Dont take this euphoria away from us.

Julian 's star has risen since his first appearance and he is a true delight to watch on the show. To lose a character that has an obvious appeal to the female audience would be a bad decision on behalf of the production of Charmed.This judgement in error would result in many of the fans not turning in to watch Charmed. Having two fan favourites being let go so close together is bound to have a devastating effect on the show. It is only a matter of time that the show's ratings will drop due to the actor leaving. Charmed has earned a reputation as a show that does not respect or listen to the fans, that helped place the show at one time as Number 1 on the network. Charmed has not taken anything the fans say to heart or to purpose in a long time. Now might be the right time to listen to the viewers to raise the ratings

This petition is from the fans; United in one voice to let the decision makers of Charmed know what we want. What is it exactly that the fans want? We want Julian McMahon to remain as he is on Charmed playing the character of Cole Turner. We sincerely hope you will reach an agreement acceptable to both parties to keep Julian in the role of Cole.

"When your work speaks for itself, don't interrupt." ~Henry J. Kaiser~

TV shows seek input from the fans and want to know what appeals to them. The WB and Charmed production allow for fan feedback and this is definitely feedback, but whether they will listen to suggestions and desires of the fans is yet to be seen. By doing whatever they can to ensure Julian stays is a step in the right direction and will eventually lead to more fans tuning in because the show will consider what the fans' needs are.

The following clubs websites, fan sites and the fans support this petition. This includes various message boards, Charmed sites, clubs etc. These are just some of the sites as there will be more added to this as this petition grows. (The Charmed Ones) (The Julian McMahon Fan Club Site #2) (The Julian McMahon Fan Club Site #1) (Charming Julian and Charmed) (Unofficial Julian McMahon) (JMI) (The Charmed Coven) (Charmed Boards)

Thank you for taking the time to read this petition from the fans. WE will be heard. It would be very much appreciated if Aaron Spelling, Brad Kern, the WB and Charmed production listen and take into consideration what the fans desire. By working together, the fans and the show, we can make Charmed what it should be, the best damn show on TV today.

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