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There is a fascinating place near Kolkata (West Bengal, India) where a bustling town from the days of Emperor Asoka is buried under the present day ricefields and village cottages. If you go there, you won't see much at first. But look down on the ground you're walking on, and you'll see something unusual. The ground appears strewn with a variety of potsherds. In fact, whenever the ground of Chandraketugarh is dug to build a house or to dig a pond, a variety of elegant and sophisticated artifacts is routinely unearthed.

All available information points to a mature civilization centered around a busy port, which started flourishing in this area more than 2000 years ago. Indeed, it is thought to belong to the kingdom of a "mighty ruler" of whom Alexander the Great was familiar. Plutarch wrote about a powerful tribe called "Gangaridae" living near a prosperous port "Gange" in the Gangetic delta. From geographical description the Chandraketugarh area can be linked to this port.

The inhabitants of Chandraketugarh achieved spectacular artistic refinement and created artifacts of exquisite beauty. Influence of foreign art raises intriguing questions. The numerous materials collected from this site point to a rich cultural and social life. Why did it vanish without a trace? We embark upon a journey to learn more, especially through the terracotta art of Chandraketugarh.



Inspite of all the details in hand and having all knowledge about the archaeological significance of this site of Chandraketugarh, still The A.S.I. has conducted neither any attempts nor any research to expose and clear out the structure of the 2500 year old fortress, named CHANDRAKETUGARH. What The A.S.I. has done so far is to declare the region to be 'Of Archaeological Significance', and that sign-board itself is an archaeological material, due to its extremely trecherous condition. A second thing was the publication of reports, about the excavations conducted by Ashutosh College, in the site of Khana-Mihirer Dhipi.

The A.S.I.had placed four plates declaring Chandraketugarh to be an Archaeological site, but out of the four, only three are present. The other being used by some private user!

When this is the condition with a GOVT. ORGANIZATION like A.S.I., then people like us, who are desperate to explore our past, do need to take some initiatives.

The place named Chandraketugarh, is now a heaven for illegal old antiques traders, who dig out the heart of this ancient soil, every night in the lust for treasure, and sell the coins, terracotta plaques, and tablets, to any interested customer. 'Agents', like these can be found in plenty, once you are in Chandraketugarh. They bargain 'history', to any extent.

Incidentally, when I visited Chandraketugarh in Mid-March this year, a resident from nearby, came up with four 'Punch-Marked Copper Coins', and started a trend towards making us, his first customer for the day. Rates per coin started from Rs. 1000/-, and he had an 'Intact Seal (Nagari)', and a tablet. The total costs he asked for was Rs. 6000/-.
People who are interested in negotiating with history, would definitely try to grasp them, into their personal collection. The entire transaction made the picture even more clear, about how our history is being ruined by some of our civilized hands and transported illegally from one hands to the other.

The Site of Chandraketugarh should be handed over to any interested private concern, under whose methodological guidance, the history could be brought to light. I hope all of the group members would definitely agree to the point, that illegal trade of our MAGNIFICIENT Past should be restricted IMMIDIATELY! The site has so much to offer, so many hidden mysteries, and a lot more treasures of our golden past, to enlighten upon our future.


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