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Does Islamic justice prevail in the blessed country of Saudi Arabia? And whether the word of Allah and his blessed Prophet Muhammed on which the Constitution of the country is based on are applied in letter and spirit? From our hard to forget experience in the Kingdom, I think that everything is just on paper, not in practice.

People fear to sign the petition that my mother hosted on the website. For 17 years,waiting to be dispensed with justice, we have only grown up to become adults from infants. Every petition from the King down to the level of company administrators of Saudi Research and Marketing Group in Riyadh, have fallen on deaf ears. None is listening or even offering a word of sympathy.

My family has suffered immensely for the sake loyalty that my father stood for the organization and his boss, Mr. Khaled Al Maeena. I and my sister Safa were two and three years old, while my brother Fahd, was hardly three months old, when a incident in which my husband was in no way connected, came as a earthquake on us.

Without any evidence, my entire family was humilated, persecuted, harrassed, mentally and physically tortured to the hilt. What was the crime? Simple. The former publishers Hisham Ali Hafiz ( dead in exile) and his brother Muhammed Ali Hafiz, and their minions wanted to settle scores with Mr. Khaled Al Maeena, Editor-in-Chief, of Arab News, whom they suspected fo writing hate mails to a former editor of Yemeni origin Farouk M. Luqman, a favorite and 'yes man' of the former publishers.

Since it was not an easy job to 'fix' Mr. Khaled Al Maeena without evidence, a conspiracy was hatched by the former publishers, Farouk Luqman, Osama Sadek, a relative of Hafiz brothers and admin. manager to target our father Shahid, who was a direct subordinate of Mr. Khaled Al Maeena. The plan was set in motion. While Mr. Khaled Al Maeena was in London in June 1993, my father, was asked to give a written confession stating that Mr. Khaled Al Maeena was the real culprit writing those hate mails to Luqman.
After our father refused point plan to give the confession against Mr. Khaled Al Maeena, he was threatened with deportation and other dire consequences.

Then our entire family was put to troubles. The frequent phone calls, particularly at night, turned out to be nightmares for us. The real conspirators of the hate mail were left untouched. While some left yet few still continue to flourish in the organization. We have the evidence to prove our innocense.It is for the company and the government to find out now who were involved in the hate mail. But we were punished for no crime, my father was deprived of his dues, my brother Fahd was subjected to all cruelty and denied his life saving operation despite requests from doctors, and till today is fighting for his life and death.

What rewards did my father receive for his loyalty, sincerity and sacrifices to the organization and his boss is a vital question that is answered by the denial of justice. Dr. Salah Al Khatlan, the board member of National Human Rights Society, expressed helplessness and gave a reply which was shocking. " Hire a lawyer, and fight the case in Saudi Arabia. He does not answer as to who would give the visa, and bear the lawyers fees, loding and boarding. Can a bankrupt family afford all these? Dr. Salh's response was to push the matter beneath the carpet.

We have exhausted all our resources all these years, fighting to get back the dues and compensation for the emotional, financial and torture and loss of illegal termination of employment.The company remains silent, does not respond. Those who cheat and commit fraud in the company and those who are unfit for jobs in the newspaper are flourishing at our sacrifices.

Inspite of all the trauma, my father continues to remain loyal to his former bosses and friends. He is advising us to adopt patience,but how long? Due to our fathers attitude of being soft and large hearted, unwilling to speak out, our relations with him have been strained. My family has suffered for no reasons.

I read a report in "Arab News" on September 03, 2007 by Lulwa Shalhoub under the heading 'Mercy' Is the Message This Ramadan Season and it has stated that a company has put two commercials beautiful Hadiths (Sayings) of the blessed Prophet Muhammed. One is " Those who dont give mercy, do not receive mercy and the second Hadith is "Show mercy on land and you will get mercy from God above.

No one can ever forget the late King Abdulaziz Al Saud and his son King Faisal Ibn Abdulaziz, who were known for imparting justice to even the common man and expatriates. History speaks of their justice system.

If only the people of Saudi Arabia practise what they preach, I think we would have not been at the receiving end for these 17 years.

I would therefore appeal to King Abdullah Ibn Abdulaziz, and the righteous and just people of the blessed countryof Saudi Arabia to listen to our pleas as the blessed and mericiful month of Ramadan approaches and bring rays of justice and happiness to our family.

We also appeal to the great King to re-open our case, and bring the main perpertor of the crime Farouk Luqman, still in the organization and all those involved in the crime against humanity to justice.

Let the month of Ramadan bring news of justice and victory to our family.

H.S.Burney, Safa Burney

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