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To: Lawmakers and Concerned Citizens of Sanford, NC

We the undersigned are concerned about the welfare of the hundreds of birds and dogs taken from Barbara and Robert Woodley during a recent raid on what appears to be a typical puppy mill in Lee County, NC. Please refer to the ALDF press release regarding this case:
Criminal Cruelty Charges Filed in Carolina Dog Abuse Case
Published February (Sanford, North Carolina)
Eight criminal counts of animal cruelty were filed today against Barbara and Robert Woodley of Sanford, N.C., based on evidence of horrific acts of abuse and neglect collected under a preliminary court injunction obtained by the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF).
After local animal advocates reported to ALDF that more than 400 dogs allegedly were living in filth and squalor on property owned by the Woodleys, ALDF obtained a preliminary injunction that permitted access to the site and allowed veterinarians to remove some of the dogs in need of urgent medical care that could not be administered on the site.
The charges cover only eight of the dogs found during site visits by veterinarians and veterinary technicians. These dogs are illustrative of many more instances of abuse, cruelty and neglect allegedly perpetrated by the Woodleys.
For example, a red miniature pinscher was found in a cage roughly 24 inches by 18 inches, lying in a puddle of her own urine and feces, in a room with six other dogs. She had obviously been in that exact spot for a prolonged period. The overpowering stench of urine in the room caused the eyes of the attending veterinarians and technician to burn. Emaciated and unable to rise more than part way before collapsing, this ravaged dog was taken from the property for medical treatment and euthanized two days later.
A red-black male Dachshund was found that day as well, the bottom half of his broken jaw literally hanging down. The jaw had apparently been fractured for quite some time. He was missing most of his teeth, and subsequent examination showed the fracture was related to untreated, severe dental disease.
The veterinarians found these two dogs in the Woodleys' house on January 14. On that day, 14 dogs were in the house in rooms that had piles of old and fresh dog feces and puddles of urine. Dogs were eating feces and urinating on the walls and floors of the kitchen and other rooms.
The other six dogs who are specifically mentioned in the criminal complaint all suffered from an assortment of ailments, including partial or total blindness; severe dental disease; respiratory problems; ulcerations of the skin; missing teeth; open and infected wounds; and emaciation.
After the preliminary injunction was entered, area residents and veterinarians, aided by a nationwide call for donations and volunteers, fed and cared for more than 100 dogs in a building on the Sanford Fairgrounds. For ALDF, these individuals all volunteering their time and energy to care for these dogs are the lifeblood of this effort to stop these kinds of abuses.
More than 100 dogs remain on the Woodleys' property, many of them in need of medical treatment, but the Woodleys and their veterinarian have refused to authorize the treatment and removal which was recommended by local veterinarians.
A separate criminal assault charge was also filed today, based on an alleged attack by Mrs. Woodley on one of the veterinarians.
On Wednesday, January 26, 2005, Barbara Woodley was found guilty of making a death threat against a veterinarian and her technician, who were on the Woodleys' property to care for the dogs.
To find out how you can help the rescued dogs as a volunteer or donor, click here.

Animal Legal Defense Fund
This is NOT Mr & Mrs Woodleys first offense. They should, in our opinion, NEVER be allowed to keep these or any other dogs again. They should be required to reimburse the Animal Welfare Organizations that have spent thousands of hours and an unknown amount of money to treat these animals medically. They should be responsible for the veterinarians and all other medical bills. PLEASE DO NOT EXCUSE THIS HEINOUS BEHAVIOR. Please find the Woodleys guilty of abuse and neglect, and take these innocent creatures from their property.

Thank you.

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    They should be locked up in a small pen and made to live in the same squalor that these poor animals had to endure. They should never again be allowed to own an animal of any kind.
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    This is no different that happen in the prison camps in Germany during world war two. How would you like to live as a person that way??
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    Please listen to this!
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    Forwarding this story to CNN and MSNBC.
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    I wonder if these people would treat their children like this?
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