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STOP the pollution at Copsa Mica(Romania).
Too many years have past by since in the area of Copsa Mica the pollution from the SOMETRA factory destroys lives with poor reaction from the authorities.

Symbolic fines, long term plans whit no conclusions, futile promises, all these where the professional ways how authorities know to answer to an ecological time bomb, which shows already its teeth in demographic statistics and in the life expectations of the people in the area.
Fishes, lambs, horses gone dead, people getting affected by the heavy metals, asthmatic children who have crises in schools, heavy fog which covers the poison, hills with poor vegetation, all these are few of the cruel realities of a country prepared for EU.

Stop by any means the ecological bomb from Copsa Mica!

Trough this petition we demand all the responsible organizations, especially the Sometra factory, the City Hall of Copsa Mica, The Environment Agency of Sibiu, The Environment Minister, The Government and the Presidency Institutions to act efficiently to stop the pollution. It is time that the inhuman acts from Copsa Mica should be put under the magnifying glass.

We ask especially the Environment Ministry and the Romanian Government:
1. to create a monitoring team for the daily pollution levels
2. to make the daily data public
3. to react to all quota exceeding above the maximum level permitted by law and standards
4. to realize a pollution combat plan with clear objectives, terms and penalties.
5. to determine specific responsibilities for every institution, every organization and every person in the organization.
6. to determine punitive sanction for every organization, institution, person to the level of the impact their action has on long term.
7. to make sure that the punitive sanctions are put in practice.
8. to include in the monitoring team specialists and international organizations accepted by Romanian and European institutions.
9. to immediately withdraw the environment license for the Sometra factory, based on the fact that the pollution grows from month to month and knowing that the "grace" period for the factory to remove pollution was more than generous.
10. to adopt a long-time development strategy without including in the equation the existence of the Sometra factory, knowing the fact that all the major investors have left the city because of the pollution.

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Romanian version:


STOP poluarii de la Copsa Mica.
Au trecut prea multi ani de cand in perimetrul orasului Copsa Mica poluarea datorata combinatului SOMETRA distruge vieti fara ca autoritatile sa actioneze corespunzator.

Amenzi simbolice, planuri pe cincinale, promisiuni desarte, toate acestea sunt modul profesionist prin care autoritatile stiu sa raspunda unei bombe cu efect intarziat care deja isi arata coltii in statisticile demografice si in speranta de viata in zona.
Pesti, miei, cai morti, oameni afectati de metale grele, copii astmatici facand crize in unitatile de invatamant, ceata densa care mascheaza gazele nocive, dealuri golase, toate acestea sunt doar cateva din realitatile crude dintr-o tara pregatita de intrarea in UE.

Opriti cu orice mijloace bomba ecologica de la Copsa Mica!

Prin aceasta petitie cerem tuturor organismelor responsabile si in mod special Combinatului Sometra, Primariei Copsa Mica, Agentiei de Mediu Sibiu, Ministerului Mediului, Guvernului Romaniei, Presedentiei, sa actioneze eficient pentru combaterea poluarii. Este momentul ca actiunile inumane de la Copsa Mica sa fie puse sub lupa.

Cerem in mod special Ministerului Mediului si Guvernului Romaniei:
1. Sa infiinteze o echipa de monitorizare a nivelelor zilnice de poluare.
2. Sa faca publice datele la nivel de zi.
3. Sa intreprinda masuri pentru orice depasire a nivelelor maxime admise.
4. Sa defineasca un plan de combatere a poluarii cu obiective, termene si sanctiuni clare.
5. Sa specifice responsabilitatile fiecarei institutii, ale fiecarei organizatii si ale fiecarei persoane in cadrul organizatiei.
6. Sa stabileasca sanctiunile pentru fiecare institutie, pentru fiecare organizatie si persoana in parte in cazul neindeplinirii sarcinilor.
7. Sa ajusteze nivelul sanctiunilor la nivelul impactului pe termen lung datorat poluarii excesive, nu la sumele derizorii actuale si sa se asigure ca sanctiunile sunt aplicate.
8. Sa includa in echipa de monitorizare specialisti si organizatii internationale acceptate de institutiile romane si europene.
9. Sa retraga imediat licenta de mediu pentru combinatul Sometra in baza faptului ca nivelul de poluare creste de la o luna la alta si luand in consideratie faptul ca perioada de gratie oferita combinatului pentru reducerea si chiar eliminarea poluarii a fost mai mult decat generos.
10. Sa adopte o strategie de dezvoltare locala eliminand din ecuatie combinatul Sometra, tinand cont de faptul ca potentialii investitori au plecat tocmai din cauza poluarii.

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