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For so long, we OFs and OFWs have to endure long separation from our families, friends and loved-ones; we continue to suffer from discrimination, abuses and maltreatments while toiling in unfriendly and sometimes hostile environments just to be able send our children to school and provide food on the table; we have generously filled the the government's coffers thru the various fees, charges and forced contributions before we can be allowed to leave; and we have sacrificed to keep our country economically afloat for the last 30 years by sending remittances that this year amounted to as much as US$18B.

Yet, what have our political leaders done? From the outside looking in, we could only gnash our teeth as we helplessly watch the very same leaders we elected into office gleefully throw into the dustbin all the principles of good governance while squandering everything that rightfully belongs to the people, including our patrimony.

We could not take it no more. So, in response to the clamor of our brethren Pinoys in diaspora, we OFWs based in the Middle East, have decided to actively participate in the May 2010 elections by fielding a highly-respected Filipino Community leader, a true-blue OFW working in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia - Nhazrudin Dianalan - as an independent Senatorial candidate.

Of course, many of you have not heard of him. This very intelligent but low-profile descendant of a Marawi City nobility (his late father was a former City Mayor and Congressman who was one of the leaders who worked hard in order that the late President Cory could assume office) represents the true face of Muslim Mindanao: Sincere, honest, humble, approachable, generous, rationale, tolerant and peace-loving, Nhazruddin is also a courageous leader who would not think twice about defending the rights of his compatriots - especially his fellow OFWs - regardless of religious belief.

In this on-going "Clash of Civilizations", the array of significance that Nhazruddin Dianalan's candidacy brings can not be over quantified. In a country where Islam is practiced by 10\% of the population, our Muslim brothers and sisters will have a leader in the person of Nhazruddin whom they can all be truly proud of.

We are sure that with Ka Rudy (as he is fondly called by old and new acquaintances) in the Senate, there is hope that peace and prosperity will finally reign in Mindanao, and for change and progress to take place in the Philippines.

But the Philippine Commission on Elections would not allow him to run for senator. They are throwing everything to block his candidacy. Among the reasons cited are: 1) lack of machinery, 2)national support and 3) funding.

Our rebuttal are as follows:

1) Machinery. There is no need to be too technical about the issue of political machinery. Rudy Dianalan is running as an independent candidate. If it's really necessary, we can put up the equivalent of a party machinery in every municipality, city, province and region. Albeit skeletal, it will be composed of families, relatives, and friends of overseas Filipinos from different regions in the Philippines.

2) National Support. Overseas Filipinos come from the different parts of the archipelago. This is tantamount to having national support. Rudy Dianalan's candidacy is being endorsed and supported by Filipinos in Diaspora (both OFWs and Migrants) who have been supporting their respective families and dependents in the homeland. These beneficiaries have no option but to vote for certain candidate(s) that their benefactors would choose, or jeopardize their benefits. With 11 million Fipinos in Diaspora, even if we can reach-out to only 3 million who have influence over 4 or 5 voters in the country, that should translate to 12 - 15 million votes.

3) Funding. We can raise the fund. Even if we could tap only 500,000 Filipinos who would pledge $10 each, that would be equivalent to $5 million. At the exchange rate of $1=P47, that will be P235 million. Would it not be enough?


The COMELEC must realize that Rudy Dianalan's candidacy will change the rules of the game. We are not running a traditional campaign.

The mathematics of OFW votes is what we are depending on to mobilize our potential. Our sector's empowerment is envisioned to help change the conditions in the homeland in such a manner that will make overseas employment just a career choice; and open more opportunities for those residing abroad to come back home to a progressive and prosperous Philippines.

If you believe in change, if you believe it is time to discard old politics that brought our country into a quagmire of corruption, immorality and misgovernance where escape is almost impossible, if you still care about the generations yet to be born, please sign this petition and pass to all your contacts.

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