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Dear Sir,
The verdict in case of the molestation of a 14-year old girl named Ruchika Girhotra, some 19-years ago has been rightly criticized as mockery of justice. The ramifications of such cases are manifolds and exemplary punishment should be given to the accused; So, that it acts as a deterrent for the rest of the society.
Obviously, the past can't be compensated for right now. But, the need for speedy disposal of the case is the immediate priority. The legal recourse regarding the review of the trial court judgement and inclusion of the charges for abetment to suicide should be the immediate next move taken by the state.
Every possible effort should be made on the part of the state to bring the culprit to book and speedily deliver justice to Ruchika's family. After the delay of 19 years, we don't think that this case deems fit to be lost in the vicious cycle of appeals.
We sincerely urge the law ministry to file a review petition seeking the increase in the sentence and inclusion of charges for abetment to suicide under section 306 IPC. Apart from that a special fast track court should be setup to come up with a verdict within 6 months time.

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Latest Signatures

  • 05 September 201550. Ritu V
    Address В Telephone No. В URL В she should be given justice
  • 23 May 201549. Sambuddha R
    This is absolutely what should be done. Ruchika's memory should be revered, and the corrupt brought harshly to book!
  • 01 June 201448. Dheeraj K
    Telephone No. 9810869242 Join Hands for Change
  • 19 May 201447. Abhishek A
    May Justice Prevail
  • 18 January 201446. Ashish S
    Please dont make the Judicial system of our country a mockery. There are loopholes which need to be mended so that no child is ever forced to commit suicide again. Please protect the children of our country from such notorious beasts.
  • 22 November 201345. Payal P
    Have the protectors of the society changed their role to shameless murderers? The one liner that the Police claim about - " For you and With You" is False. Its high time now that the Judicial system and Hon'ble President of India take them to accountablit
  • 19 September 201344. Dr Rajeshg
    Please lets not make a mockery of our sensibilities. we are not living in stone age
  • 29 August 201343. Garima M
    im mum until justice is done.
  • 18 August 201342. Sanath Rios
    Let justice be served to the family that has gone through so much turmoil over the past 19 years.
  • 31 July 201341. Barbara R
    Address USA Until justice is served the Ruchika's of the world will never be safe.
  • 29 May 201340. Megha N
    Address Noida Telephone No. 9717697857 URL This trial needs a stringent action
  • 09 November 201239. Anupam A
    Kindly expedite the case.
  • 02 October 201238. Amit G
    its esential to provide due justice to the victim. LAW AND ORDER AT STAKE.
  • 12 May 201237. Namrata J
    Its shameful to se how people with power can play with LAW that too for so long.
  • 24 March 201236. Ravi Sb
    The outcome of the case is a shame on Indian Judiciary and I would be ashamed of calling myself an Indian till due justice is delivered.
  • 29 February 201235. Pooja Velazquez
    Ruchika should get justice and it should be as soon as possible
  • 18 February 201234. Ravi K
  • 30 December 201133. Shehanaj B
    Pls act immediately against this power abuser
  • 21 September 201132. Harbir Reilly
    We have faith in our judicial system and let that faith become stronger by the right action taken by Law ministry in lieu with public's honest feelings.
  • 10 September 201131. Uma Mohanr
    Act as soon possible againt the power abuser
  • 07 August 201130. Manish P
    Address В Telephone No. В URL В DO the justice now......
  • 05 July 201129. Ritesh K
    It is a shame that the system is still struggling to pull-up its socks.
  • 03 July 201128. Rohit Davies
    Please do the justice
  • 30 April 201127. Khadar Collins
    Punish them!!
  • 20 April 201126. Nikhil V
    Justice to all
  • 13 February 201125. Bikash S
    Hoping for a speedy trial
  • 15 December 201024. Indu Davenport
    Let us not be indifferent anymore!

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Law Ministry India


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