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The Right Honorable Paul Martin, Prime Minister of Canada
Enough is Enough
Its Time to Oust Carolyn Parrish

As concerned citizens, we urge you to force Carolyn Parrish to resign, or failing that, to expel her from the Liberal Party of Canada. Her views are not representative of the vast majority of Canadians, and we strongly resent and condemn her outrageous public comments. In addition we call on you to recognize how damaging it is for Canadas international reputation to have government representatives displaying such ignorance and stupidity.

Recognizing the right of freedom of speech, we still expect our elected members to exercise a degree of self-control and maturity, we cannot accept a loose cannon with a potty mouth. We do not feel her remarks are simply tactless- a look at her track record proves she has a history of making vile, thoughtless, and racist slurs.

We note that Americans aren't the only objects of her hatred. Her personal blacklist includes East Coast fishermen, French-speaking Quebecers, residents of downtown Toronto, members of her own Liberal Party, Israel and Jews. Her pronouncements are beyond embarrassment. She called seven members of the Liberal caucus "toads, dull blunt clods" and "desperate idiots" for being your supporters, Mr. Martin.

She has accused John McCallum, the Defence Minister, of "farting around in Washington." She denounced Liberal MPs who criticized Chretien anonymously as "sneaking, sniveling shitheads." She told the Mississauga News that she was "tired of kissing ass up here (in Ottawa.)"

Here is a sampling of some of her finer bleeps and blunders:

"We are not joining the coalition of the idiots,"
"Damn Americans I hate those bastards"
"I can't even promise it won't happen again." (in reference to the above)
"The only country that's not on the side of Palestine is the United States of America"
"The U.S. war on terrorism has become a convenient cover for Sharon's inhumanity, which was referred to as Apartheid
"the number of Arabs in Canada is more than that of Jews. However, this does not overlook the influence of the Jewish lobby.
"[Palestinian terrorism] is a question of an occupied people who must resist by any means possible.
"Many of the people we met recommended a boycott of Israeli products, a suspension of free trade agreements and suspension from international organizations until changes are made
"In Palestine, the young become suicide bombers. It is very important to remember that humiliation and lack of hope are the main motivators sited [sic] by suicide bombers.
"The U.S. should cut off the $6 billion per year it sends Israel. That would get the Israelis' attention

Of the assassination of arch-terrorist , Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, Parrish said "This brutal, violent and provocative murder perpetrated by the government of Israel, flies in the face of international law and human decency .. Summary execution of an unarmed, disabled cleric shows total disregard for civil law and basic human rights

Of the point-blank murder of a pregnant Jewish mother and her 4 children by Palestinian terrorists, Parrish said nothing. She has had the same forceful comment for other terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians.

And, in a letter to the Toronto Star;

A soft lob by a pro-Israeli paper. You suggest the US should take a more active role to "ease tensions." How insipid. A huge, modern army spends $11 billion on its military every year to protect a country the size of Lake Ontario. It is pounding a starving opponent huddled in refugee camps. Why does The Star continue to portray this as a fair, even fight?
Palestinians are labelled "fanatics." What did you call those who used one bomb to kill one man? You go on to say: "They indicated they don't even care if they kill their own people." What a ludicrous statement. Those desperate people blow themselves up regularly. You suggest it's incumbent on the US to work harder to bring the two sides together. Perhaps the US should cut off the $6 billion per year it sends to Israel. That would get the Israelis' attention. The Star has sold out. I'm cancelling my subscription.

To say her priorities are muddled is a gross understatement; she has repeatedly made it her personal quest to lobby for the rights of convicted terrorists, people who have threatened our national security. Is this the kind of message we want to send to the rest of the world?

Ms. Parrish has threatened to quit the ruling Liberal Party and sit as an independent on numerous occasions. Its time she acted on her threats, or is put to pasture. She has hurt her party and her country with her remarks, and her outbursts are embarrassing to all Canadians, not just the federal government

Mr Martin, you promised us that your approach to foreign affairs would be very different from Jean ChrŠ¹tiens and that the first thing will be to repair the damage with the United States We urge you then not to allow current politics to influence your decision; you do not need this woman support. Not withstanding the fact that you have a minority (not majority) government, the removal of one member from your caucus will not materially upset your position in parliament.

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