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We, the student body of St. Joseph's Secondary School believe the following 3 rules must be in place. If these suggestions are ignored; we WILL take actions (protests/strike).

1. School starting times. School must start at 9:15 AM or later. 8:15 AM is too early; especially for teenagers. Many boards have already made the change in light of scientific evidence proving that teenagers especially need more sleep and their biological clocks are more fitting for a later start. Many boards in Toronto and the USA provide a 9:15 AM start.

Follow this link if you are in disbelief that a later school start will actually help students (even if you seem to think that we will just sleep at a later time):

This study is an OFFICIAL study conducted by the American Psychology Association; it is evidence. And, upon further inspection, most USA states will now impose a law saying public schools MUST start after 8:30AM and not a second before.

2. Unbiased marking. We already have a student ID system in place -- we have to make use of it. Many students are complaining that teachers mark with a bias when they look at the name. Specifically in courses where marking can vary (unlike math), we believe there is a strong bias. Why not just write the Student ID number instead of the name? Many schools already have this type of system in place in order to avoid biased marking.

3. A university like environment / Respect. Teachers often claim when they mark difficult, overload you with assignments and make you stand outside, that they are just preparing you for university. How about preparing us by treating us (specifically senior students) with more respect? Teachers love to bring down students' marks by not accepting late assignments and simply giving a "Zero!" instead of checking up on students to see if they did work. Well how about a more lenient and respectful way of dealing with lates? More respect when asking sincere questions? More freedom; have optional classes which are workshops (where teachers help you with major assignments). Respect the students; just give us the lecture/lesson, and then be available for help.

Take a stand, and please sign with your FULL REAL name. This information will NOT be revealed to ANYONE unauthorized to recieve it. These 3 major problems along with other more minor nuances (such as extended lunch time like the ones in every other school, and less strictness on uniform such being able to wear black running shoes) will be addressed in a final report. This report will be given to the office. Please, feel free to link this petition and forward it to as many students as possible.

Teachers always strike -- this is our chance to take control and get what we deserve, want and need.

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    OMG finallyyyy thats such a good idea. i agree specialy with the 3rd one
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