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We, those who wish to keep our rats soy free, are asking FM Brown's to change their Tropical Carnival for Rats and Mice line of food back to being soy free. Until August of 2010, Tropical Carnival was our only available choice for soy free food. Through research and personal experience, we know how bad soy is for rats.

Just some of the issues that we know that soy can or will cause:

There is research that states that soy contributes to aggressive cancer in rats. Besides causing tumors in rats to become more aggressive, (where a tumor may normally stay small enough that it may go completely unnoticed for the lifetime of the rat) soy can also compromise the immune system. Soy dust, when it is inhaled, can cause respiratory issues in rats, which may very well be where 50\% or more of our diagnosed URIs are coming from.

It can enlarge the pancreas up to 40\% larger than normal. It can also prevent the rat from being able to absorb vital nutrients, such as Iron, Zinc, Copper, Calcium and Manganese.

Soy can also cover up the fact that a rat has issues with blood clots, by affected the clotting factor in rats. Not only could it cover up that a rat is stroke prone, but it could also cause a rat, which does not have issues with blood clots, to bleed more when injured.

Soy can cause litter death or small litter sizes in rats being bred. Soy tends to cause female rats to become sexually mature much earlier that Nature intended and it can slow or even stunt, the growth of both male and female rats. Soy can also cause rats to stink more than they normally would as well.

The biggest issue with soy is that it can cut a rats lifespan in half. An average soy fed rat will live from 18-36 months, where a soy free rat has the potential to live up to 5 years or more.

These are just some of the issues that we have with soy and we have found that keeping a rat soy free will lead to a healthier, longer lived rat. This is what we want. Using the previous recipe for FM Brown's Tropical Carnival we were very rarely treating URIs (Upper Respiratory Infections) however, once exposed to the new recipe, rats were getting sick left and right. Many rat owners were complaining about how sick their rats were getting. Not to mention how bad they were smelling as well.

We are rat owners and rat lovers, some of us are rat breeders as well. When asked by friends, family, adopters or other rat owners, what we were feeding our rats, we were advocating the Tropical Carnival line of food because it was THE ONLY soy free food on the market. We were doing the advertising for FM Brown's; because of word of mouth, many ppl were willing to purchase it. We were also working on helping various rescues to go soy free as well, however, since the soy free version of Tropical Carnival for Rats and Mice is no longer available, we can no longer advertise for FM Brown's and tell ppl that this is the food to buy because it is soy free. At this point, many ppl who were purchasing and using Tropical Carnival for their rats are no longer using this food because of the soy in it.

We are truly saddened that the bottom line came before the health of our pets. Sue Brown stated, in an email, that "We do not put soy in our product because there is no research regarding soy for small animals. Until research is done to prove that soy is beneficial, well remain cautious and not put that in our food." However, when the issue came up in August 2010 about the soy being in the Tropical Carnival, Ms. Brown lied, stating that soy had always been in the food, that they did not change the recipe. This, in itself, shows a lack of respect for their customers. When the pre-August 2010 recipe and the post-August 2010 recipes were compared, there were many changes made, not just the addition of soy in 2 different forms, but also the removal of many ingredients that the rats came to love. Ms. Brown stated in her email "Until research is done to prove that soy is beneficial", however, many ppl sent research to Ms. Brown after the change was made and discovered, showing that not only was soy not beneficial for rats, but that it was very bad for rats, including many of the issues mentioned above.

It is our opinion that FM Brown's had the market cornered with their soy free Tropical Carnival and that it was a very bad business move to have the soy added to the food.

Everyone who has signed this petition would be willing to pay a higher price for the Tropical Carnival for Rats and Mice, just to have a commercially made soy free food available. We would like to have a food that will allow our rats to live as nature intended, 4-6 years, not the 2-3 years that the soy laden food currently available limits our rats to. We would like to have the food back that allows our rats to be healthy and tumor free. Food that does not cause strokes, food that allows breeders to have healthy, full litters, rather than the smaller ones that soy causes, since soy does affect the fertility in rats. Not just causing smaller litters in soy fed rats, but also preventing conception or copulation from occuring in some rats as well.

By feeding rats food that has soy in it, it is like feeding them birth control pills and I am sure that there is not one rat owner out there that would be willing to feed their rats birth control pills, however, the phytoestrogen in soy is very similar to that. It can cause a rat to be unable to conceive and, if they do conceive, they will have a smaller than normal litter. This means that the litter size would be 6-12 pups, rather than the 12-18 pups that a soy free female would normally have. We would like to have food that will allow us to cut our vet bills because we do not have to pay for spaying of rats to prevent aggressive tumors, we would not have to pay for tumor removal surgery and our rats would be healthier, with fully functioning immune systems that would prevent a rat from getting the constant URIs that rats on soy are prone to.

We ask that FM Brown's consider the health and longevity of their customers, our rats, and return to the recipe used prior to August of 2010. We ask that FM Brown's allow us to have the option to keep our rats soy free, not just with home made food, but offer us a commercial choice as well.

Thank you

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