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Anyone that would like to see Universal Studios in Florida Bring back Nickelodeon studios to how it was in its glory day, bright and colorful with the green slime geyser back in place and shows being taped and happy children. I remember going there as a kid and an adult and I am so upset with them removing it. Many people are angry at this and i want to get enough people to sign this petition so i can send it to universal, to show how many people still care about the original Nickelodeon Studios.

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Latest Signatures

  • 18 diciembre 201550. Lila P
    Name Lila NIck Rules!
  • 30 noviembre 201549. Cody Flynn
    I support this petition
  • 30 octubre 201548. James Cox
    I support this petition
  • 27 octubre 201547. Stephanie Michael
    Name Stephanie I want OLD Nick back!!!
  • 09 septiembre 201546. William Todd
    Name William Never got to see it. Just in the pictures.But I wish I would of saw it.
  • 25 agosto 201545. Max C
    Name Max Cully Bring it Back! Universal is dead without it and so is Nick!
  • 01 junio 201544. Symone Holloway
    Name Symone I grew up on these shows, I miss them so much. We have to show kids from this generation what we grew up with and how classic cartoons can be just as good as the new.
  • 11 mayo 201543. Whitney Wong
    Name Danielle bring back nick studios. best studios in orlando
  • 07 abril 201542. Betty Annq
    I support this petition
  • 12 marzo 201541. Annie B
    I support this petition
  • 08 marzo 201540. Jojo Morris
    Name JoJo Universal really needs to bring back nick studios, they're dead without it
  • 26 febrero 201539. Phillip P
    Name Phillip Pearce was the best thing ever
  • 11 enero 201538. Bo B
    I support this petition
  • 27 diciembre 201437. Kailin K
    Name Kailin King That building is full of childhood and them shutting it down killed that childhood we once had.
  • 27 diciembre 201436. Brittany Wolf
    Name Brittany I miss this place. I remember going as a child & would LOVE to go back!!! Please bring it back!!
  • 06 diciembre 201435. Nickyates Baxter
    I support this petition
  • 29 agosto 201434. Rhonda R
    Name Rhonda Rogers PLEASE reopen nickelodeon studios. I want to get season passes but only if they have nickelodeon studios there. That is what my kids want to go there to see.
  • 05 agosto 201433. Dajuan Fields
    Name dajuan please give me back my childhood
  • 25 junio 201432. Brian J
    Name Brian We want our beloved Nick Studios back!
  • 27 mayo 201431. Tim K
    Name Tim Kolthoff Please bring it back, Nick was fun for kids and they had "My family's got guts" and will soon have "Brainsurge". If they are gonna make game shows at least bring the old studio back, especially since they are using slime on "brainsurge"
  • 18 mayo 201430. Noah Sheppard
    Name Noah Safford BRING IT BACK, THE WAY IT WAS!!!
  • 12 mayo 201429. Dunta Hardy
    Name dunta i like nickelodeon studios so much a whole lot
  • 27 marzo 201428. Kalib S
    Name kalib stevens i miss it
  • 24 marzo 201427. Melanie Frank
    Name Melanie If Universal Studios booted the Blue Man Group and renewed their contract with Nickelodeon and brought back the studio as close as they could to the orginal including bringing back the slime geyser and the time capsule, then I'm positive the
  • 06 marzo 201426. Chrisjohn I
    Name Chrisjohn Ignacio I've always wanted to go to Nickelodeon Studios when I was a child. When I learned that it was closed, my opportunites were gone. Bring it back.
  • 06 marzo 201425. Jerold P
    Name Jerold Pamintuan I think it's a good idea. When Nickelodeon returns to Universal Orlando, it'll also save our Nicktoons. GO NICKELODEON!
  • 23 febrero 201424. Davya L
    I support this petition

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Justice, rights and public orderIn:
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Universal Studios


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