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Dear board of directors of Cannes film festival,

While giving statements for his new movie "Melancholia" presented at Cannes, Mr. Lars Von Trier had made some sarcastic "Nazi" remarks, general public and Cannes festival directors didn't like, driven by the publicity and the press. As a result, Mr. Lars Von Trier was banned from Cannes film festival as a persona non grata without any due process or the possibility to explain his behavior.
The purpose of this petition is to free Mr. Trier of any allegations that he's indeed a Nazi (national socialist of Germany) and return Mr. Lars Von Trier to be present at Cannes film festival.

While we understand that Mr. Lars Von Trier's remarks may be hurtful for some people, as it was hurtful to the author of this petition, before he found out about below mentioned facts, we acknowledge the fact that Mr. Lars Von Trier gave them as a product of his own troubled past and pressure by journalists and the removal of Mr. Lars Von Trier from Cannes film festival is by itself wrong and hurtful to the international public because we are sure that his films are the work of art and the removal of him from Cannes festival will result in his work not available to the international public and indeed hurt Cannes film festival's credibility. Mr. Lars Von Trier got the acknowledgement of his work at Cannes film festival several times and he got the international public acknowledgement of his work.

What happened?:
When asked by the press about his German origins and the influence of the Gothic on his work, he replied with "OK, I'm a Nazi" and admitted to understand Hitler.

Why Mr. Lars Von Trier should get pardon and granted to be present on Cannes film festival again?:

1. Mr. Lars Von Trier grown up good portion of his life as a Jew and going to synagogue dramatically to be revealed by his mother on the deathbed that his biological father was indeed German which makes him 50\% German, 50\% Danish instead of Jewish. This alone can upset any person's mind and throw any person into internal questioning loop about ones own ethnicity. Judging from Mr. Lars Von Trier's interview, he indeed was in internal loop (very slow replies) and had limited mental capacity to answer the question from the press about German influences in his films. The question from the press itself was stupid and hurtful and constitutes indeed press entrapping him into giving this statement. As Mr. Lars Von Trier said himself: "If I have hurt someone this morning by the words I said, I sincerely apologise. I am not antisemitic or racially prejudiced in any way, nor am I a Nazi." and the festival's remark was: "he let himself be egged on by a provocation".
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2. It became clear from the informal discussion on the Internet, that Germans are often called "Nazi" in Denmark in informal conversation so Mr. Lars Von Trier was saying indeed "I'm German" by the statement "I'm Nazi". This is a legacy of Denmark, which was intruded by Nazi Germany during WW2. Author of this petition, being Russian Jew, the nation and ethnicity that took the most causalities during World War 2, can verify that people of his own country sometimes during informal conversation, call people of German origin as "Fascists" and "Nazis", not really meaning any hate on these persons, this name calling being just cultural phenomenon. So Mr. Lars Von Trier's statement really constitutes admitting "I'm German". Neither national socialist party of Germany even exists today, nor Mr. Lars Von Trier can be suspected as the member of said party, nor he can be suspected of being white supremacist.

3. Understanding Hitler cannot be viewed as supporting Hitler's invasion to Europe and cannot be viewed as supporting of genocide of Jews and other ethnicities. Mr. Lars Von Trier never admitted that he supports Hitler actions, he just admitted that he understands Hitler actions. There's nothing wrong with this. Any person can understand why Hitler invaded Europe and began Jew genocide - this is in every history book. Understanding and admitting the fact cannot be viewed as supporting.

4. Mr. Lars Von Trier apologized to general public about his remarks. Author of this petition find his apologies sincere and personally pardons Mr. Lars Von Trier for his remarks. I personally think that banning him from the Cannes film festival is wrong and makes damage to Cannes film festival instead of Mr. Lars Von Trier's. There should be freedom of speech for every artist on the festival. If festival keeps banning artists based on their statements, then festival's credibility is under question.

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