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Inasmuch as Religious indoctrination and intolerance are fundamentally at odds with the Constitution of the United States of America, WE THE PEOPLE, do hereby petition the Federal Communications Commission of the United States Government (the FCC), the United States Congress, the United States Senate and the President of the United States to enact the following measures through Federal Congressional Legislation, Regulatory Rule or Executive Order:

1. The airing of any program or commercial advertisement which contains religious content over the air or on the various cable television systems in the United States shall be prohibited. The rule will cover all broadcast media including radio and television, but not the Internet, Newspapers or Magazines. Television "preaching" shall be classified as a Class A Felony under the United States Code.

2. All religious organizations and their employees in the United States, including but not limited to clergy, will be liable each year for Federal Income Tax. All exemptions which may have existed previously are hereby revoked and made null and void.

3. The singing of God Bless America shall be prohibited in public places.

4. It shall be illegal to display excerpts from any book of religion in any Federal building, facility or venue. This prohibition includes any and all of the "Ten Commandments". Additionally, institutions of any kind that receive direct support from the Federal government in an amount in excess of $500 per year, shall display such items.

5. As an explicit exception to Rule 4, the display of Santa Claus and scenery relating to Christmas, such as creches, Wise Men and Mangers shall be allowed on public property with the proviso that the various Churches sponsoring said qualifying displays will be responsible for all costs associated with them. These costs will be paid in advance of each Holiday Season and are above and beyond the new Tax Liabilities imposed by Rule 2. The intent of this Rule is to avoid disruption of commerce during the Holiday Shopping Season. It should not be interpreted in any way to mean that the Government of the United States endorses the faith of Christians. Faith is a private matter and the Government should maintain its distance.

6. The "Theory of Evolution", in its role as a settled scientific fact, will be taught everywhere. The discredited theory of Creationism will be taught nowhere except in the home if a child's parents so desire.

7. All public elemeentary schools shall be required to instruct their pupils that these Rules are, in fact, in total accordance with the original intent of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America.

8. All provisions of these Rules shall be enforced by the Department of Separation of Church and State, or DOSCAS, which will be a sub-department of the Department of Homeland Security. The Director of DOSCAS shall be a cabinet-level post with a seat on the National Security Council. Federal prosecutors shall be required to take an oath specifically binding them to enforcement of these Rules without exception, except for the "Santa Clause Rule" above. No judge shall be required to take any oath at any time regarding these matters. Throughout the history of the United States, it has been the Judiciary branch of the government which has exhibited the most wisdom. We do not wish to change that.

9. Recognizing that for "speech" to be free, all must be allowed to speak, the FCC will promulgate a rule that limits any person or corporation to the ownership of one (1) of the following in any geographical area of the United States where the potential audience exceeds 10,000 persons: Newspaper, Television Station, Radio Station.

10. No person not physically born within the United States of America shall be permitted to own or control any media outlet either directly or indirectly. Nor may any company or corporation where a majority of the stockholders are foreign born, or where more than one (1) officer or director of said company is foreign born. For the purposes of this Rule, a media outlet is defined as any broadcast radio or television station, newspaper, magazine, cable television system or satellite system which broadcasts into United States airspace or is intended for receptions by citizens of the United States. The class of operators known as Internet Service Providers is not bound by this Rule.

With the strengthening of our great land as a common goal, We, the Undersigned, do strongly support these Laws, Rules and Regulations as itemized above.

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