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We join our signatures and voices to Carline VandeNelsen and Larry Finck to request a public inquiry into the actions of Childrens Aids Society of Nova Scotia in the apprehension of their newborn child Mona Clara on May 19th 2004.

It is becoming more and more evident that someone made a BIG mistake and keeps in denial and so the consequences of those injustices keep heaping up on innocent parents! Because someone cannot say I made a mistake. The by-product of this is that those parents are in jail for not keeping silent about it (would you?), and the more they speak up, the more the legal system finds fault with them in THE WAY they speak up, and that system DENIES itself the intelligence to try to UNDERSTAND WHAT they are talking about.

Therefore, the injustice remain un-addressed, and sinks at the lowest point and supports the abduction of a newborn child with the help of Halifax Emergency Response Team in the middle of the night. YES! IN NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA!!! And the story doesn't end there. That's why we join Carline VandeNelsen and Larry Finck to REQUEST A PUBLIC INQUIRY in the actions of the Children's Aids Society of both Ontario and Nova Scotia.

Should we NOT be utterly concerned? If we read in the paper that this had happened in another country, we would shake our heads and wonder about the incompetence and/or corruption of the legal system of that country

Cover-up? Twisted agendas? Madness? What is behind the irrational and deliberate targeting of Carline Vandenelsen, Larry Finck and their children by the court systems in Ontario and Nova Scotia? Certainly not the well being of any of the family members: three children have already been taken away from the mother (Carline), the newborn breastfeeding Mona Clare has been taken away from her parents (Carline and Larry), and both parents are now in jail awaiting sentencing

On May 19 2004, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, a detachment of RCMP officers stormed a grandmothers house after midnight to enforce an ordinance by Nova Scotia Childrens Aid Society. These officers were members of the RCMP emergency response team and armed with semi-automatic rifles. They tactically surrounded the house, and conducted a dramatic and violent exercise of force to ram down the front door and try to enter bedroom windows.

It appears the grandmother shut her own rifle through a window since everyone in the house thought someone was trying to intrude the house uninvited. The result was a 3 days stand-off during which the grandmother died of natural causes (read heart attack).

It is our conviction that there have been many irregularities in this process. And that a nonsensical campaign to use Carline Vandenelsens history as media sensationalism has resulted in much pain for this woman and her family, and severe public misleading. (Read her book Americas Most Wanted Mother Who REALLY abducted the children. Details here:

Therefore we, the undersigned, request a full and transparent public inquiry into the conduct of law and justice officials regarding the events PRIOR TO, LEADING TO, AND FOLLOWING the apprehension of Mona Clare on Shirley Street on May 19th 2004.

Furthermore, we also request that this public inquiry closely and retroactively examine the actions and decisions of the three parties heretofore mentioned: the Nova Scotia Childrens Aid Society; the leaders and members of the Halifax RCMP Emergency Response Team; as well as the provincial courts and justice officials involved (Ontario and Nova Scotia) in the preceding and subsequent trials of Carline Vandenelsen and Larry Finck.


This petition is sponsored by people caring about the treatment this family has suffered.

We are concerned about how their story has been and is being twisted and spun by various individuals and groups for their own personal agendas.

The petition will be forwarded to the proper government officials who will present it to the proper instances. Thank you for signing it!

As true facts finally emerge into the public view, and as concerned people start asking the same common sense questions, there might after all be hope for Larry, Carline and Mona Clare to be reunited, and for the people and institutions responsible for this incredible mess to be held accountable.

Carline is entering a hunger strike on May 21st. We hope and pray she will survive it and be able to join with her daughter soon.

More info here:

Please, sign this petition and join with us in our request for a public inquiry. And visit and bookmark the following site for updates:

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