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We, as players of Rubies of Eventide, on the Pegasus server, formally request a resolution in one of two ways, to the specific problems stemming from one guild on the server, the "Knights of Valor". As of late, the problems of griefing, begging, ninja looting, and disruptive behavior have become the norm of the members of this guild, simply because the ownership and officers of the guild see fit to invite any and every player without a guild, regardless of experience or maturity, simply to increase guild experience and claim the top guild ranking on the server. We, as responsible, reasonable, and equitable players are uneasy with this situation and its lack of resolution so far. As ordinary players, we have exhausted our means of resolving the issue, by boycotting party play with players in this guild, ignoring chat messages from said players and other means. The GM staff on the server has been made aware of the problem on numerous occasions, yet no steps have been taken to correct.
As of now, we, the undersigned request that resolution be set in one of two of the following ways:
1.) The GM staff take action against this guild for their repeated and unyielding griefing, ninja looting, begging and misbehavior. Appropriate action would include suspension of ANY player from said guild found to be engaged in these activities after an initial warning to the guild as a whole, or simply disbanding the guild entirely based on the range of recieved complaints.
2.)Allow guilds on the Pegasus server to engage in a Guild War. The guild war would be regulated, yet ongoing, with specific rules and guidelines. The rules would be as follows:
A.)All players from involved guilds will leave PvP status to Accept at all times during the course of the war.
B.)Players may only engage in PvP combat with players within a 10 Level range of their own status.
C.)PvP combat between warring guilds may take place at any time, in any location on the server without warning. However, only guilds involved in the war may be subject to random PvP combat. Attacking non-involved guilds will be subject to disciplinary action.
D.)The losing guild(s) are determined by their wish to withdraw from the war.
E.)Winning guild(s) will submit surrender terms to the GM staff for review and imposition on the surrendering party/parties.
F.)All players from the involved guilds will be notified one week before the formal declaration of open war of its impending state. Any guild member who wishes to resign his guild position will not be subject to the war. However, anyone who does not resign before the war commences will be subject to any possible terms of surrender requested by the victorious party/parties after their review by the GM staff.

Guild wars have been conducted in the past on other servers and we believe this is a necessary and appropriate action to correct the problems we are experiencing serverwide as a result of this guild's ongoing misbehavior and lack of action by the staff. Should this petition be declined, problems will continue to arise on the server and player morale will continue to decrease as tensions rise from being subject to this problem.

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