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Over the past few months many Philippine Ragnarok Online fans have noticed a steep decline on its service. Now,the company that supports the game which is LEVEL-UP-GAMES is currently under a postition where it cannot simply manage the game properly. We have voiced our displeasure repeatedly to the current service of Level-up-games but only to be largely ignored by the positions of power. And not to mention the game is Pay-2-Play which means we pay for their services.We are dismissed as
people who will never be happy with the product when all we want to
see is an enjoyable game which will make money for the company, its
shareholders, and all the gamers involved therein.

We are certainly not alone in our increasing disintrest in their services. Some international players who came to play the game were simply angered by the services that Level-Up-Games had to offer.We are particularly opposed to the following poor services that is happening.

-The times that we are under problems like bugs, errors, hacked items, scammed items,lost items and etc. They tell us to report the case to the CustomerCare support area, but it is simply impossible to reach. And at times simply no reply.

-When Players buy items and unsure where it came from and afraid it is a hacked item. It is what we players call a "hot item." Ex. A player buys an item for lets say 200,000 Zeny. Then the next day or a few days later that account is banned. Why? Because as soon as the "hacked item" is traced the Gm's bann you for holding possesion of it. When really none of us in pRO have any clue wiether its a hacked item or nor. They dont even notify us for anything. So we were condemend innocent. Though this only happens when items are bought unusually.

-The times we lose our items due to hack or server probs and ask for item resotoration we either get more than we ask for or less than we asked for. Ex. I have 2 items, 1.Angel Helm and 2.Angel Wing. lets say both of these will amount to 60million zeny. I complain that its lost. If the report is succesfull, I only get a tiny bit of it like 6m. This has been the case lately and the players of the game just want what they worked for in a fair manner.

-Earlier this week (April 7, 2004) pRO had Log-in problems. People could not play simply because of frequent server disconnections, missing characters, fauly connection and tons of LAG. And this is the statement they gave us. And i quote, "pRO is back online ! The source of the service interruptions was pinpointed to a possible worldwide attack on Cisco routers that started on March 29, the same day we launched WoE on our servers. (See for more info.) A joint effort between Level Up! and PLDT in the last 48 hours fixed the problem, and we also took this time to upgrade our database servers and replace all our switches." When infact this news seems to be invalid.

No local customers affected by global hack attack: Cisco
Posted: 10:57 PM (Manila Time) | Apr. 13, 2004
By Erwin Lemuel G. Oliva

A LOCAL representative of Cisco Systems said that Philippine customers were not affected by the global attack on Cisco networking products last week.

This was despite the admission by the local publisher of an online game that the worldwide attack brought down networks of dominant carrier Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT), including the computer servers hosting its popular online game "Ragnarok" in the Philippines.

"As far as we're concerned, there were no local problems," said Philip Tan, systems engineer at Cisco Systems Philippines, in a phone interview.

He further stressed that reports of attacks affecting the local Cisco customers were just mere "suspicions."

Tan, however, said that PLDT was among its customers in the Philippines.

In a separate interview, a PLDT official admitted that there was a "minor glitch" and service "irregularities" in its network last week.

Horace Lavides, senior media senior manager, told that the telephone company conducted "routine network maintenance" last week, and has already corrected the network problems. - I give my thanks to Locki from the ragnaboards for this news. Now basically Level-Up-Games gave us a false statement and in simple words... they lied to us. And here is my major displeasure. Here proves, the very poor service they offer and the lies they do to cover their actions. And alot are majorly disheartend in this.

-Failure to investigate... many of us in pRO are majorly disheartend by the investegation team. Why? Some investigations seem to be invalid to us. A number of reports say that innocent players get banned due to mislead information. And the major reports in this is usually no reply from the investigation team, false reply from the investigation team, long-pending replys from the investigation team and so on and so fourth.

-Lastly failure to represent... What do I mean by this? Well alot of us want to know the truth, we want to know whats goin on and what the reasons are for. Usually we ask for a high representative from LUG or a top-noch in the General Manager/Game Master team to explain the inconvinience. But we were grealty ignored and not a single High power from Levep-up-games... We wish someday that maybe even the president of the company or the chairman of the boards can come to our needs. We've been asking for this and still no reply. Truly I cannot see the dedication and the love for their customers.

Therefore, we the Philippine Ragnarok Online Community hope to make our
statements heard by Level-Up-Games by engaging in peacefull negotiations,
in the hopes that Level-Up-Games will act our suggestions and improve the product,
for the benefit of themselves, the staff in the company, and all
fans of online gaming.

This petition is not intended as an attempt to undermine or to put Level-Up-Games out of business, but is an attempt to implore
that Level-Up-Games undertakes a full reengineering of their service processes.
We want to keep Level-Up-Games from putting itself out of business. We are just simply fighting for better service, better game-play and the fun of the game! Godbless and Takecare! Thankyou for your time.

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