The Indeterminet Sentence is a terrible evil that Juvenile Courts foist on kids of all ages. There are no rules for being good and getting out. It all depends on whoever says you are "cured" or "OK" whatever that means. Psychologists hired by prisons are frequently disinterested and there is high turnover too so they don't get to know the boys. Guards use the threat of serving more time as a method of control - have sex with me or you serve more time. Don't tell anyone what is happening in this cellblock or you serve more time. If you ask to see a lawyer - you serve more time.

There is nothing in real life to justify what happens to kids when they have to serve an indeterminate sentence. And besides corrupting the kids, showing them that only if they lie and cheat can they get along, it corrupts the staff who can get their way only through threats against the kids.

Please sign our petition today.

CLEAN - Citizen League to End Abuse and Neglect of Kids in Kustody.

Cornelia Cree Chair
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Latest Signatures

  • 25 October 201014. Sharon
    The outrageous corruption must stop. These people shall be held accountable for their crimes against our children and families. I will fight this evil until our counselors and our courts are returned, as they were in the beginning. Sharon M.Carter
  • 23 October 201013. Delaina
    "Nothing is more dangerous than the idea that some public officials are above the law, if they are then we don't have law--and we won't have freedom much longer either." ~Thomas Sowell
  • 22 October 201012. suzanne
    Our system is corrupt beyond recognition according to a law professor from can we talk about human rights in other countries when we do not have it here in our own?
  • 22 October 201011. maurice
    child abuse should be stopped in prison or out of prison
  • 21 October 201010. Rob
    Accountability for all, shielding anyone is a blanket to criminals.
  • 20 September 20109. Betty
    I run a support group for grandparents in Canada and many of these children have suffered. God bless you for trying to save the children.
  • 08 September 20108. Don
    It's hard to believe this is happening in America but we know it is. What is it going to take to wake people up? I am the grandfather of a murdered 2-year-old and the judicial response was pretty much, "Oh well".
  • 07 July 20107. D
    If you need to know of injustice i know all about how the system works. Hope this might help
  • 01 July 20106. Adeline
    What is happening to our youth is terrible and needs to be checked. These children are not all innocent but the adults who are abusing them need to be weeded out of the system. You cannot rehabilitate people if you are mistreating them in the name of la
  • 30 June 20105. Sarah
    The ACLU would scream loud and long if an adult were given a sentence with no definite end date. Where are they when this happens to children?
  • 26 June 20104. Bob
    Indeterminent sentences can work for the rehabilitation of the offender, but not when it is in the hands of corrupt and very poorly trained prison personnel.
  • 25 June 20103. Robert
    I agree with the repeal
  • 25 June 20102. Kathy
    Please end the indeterminate sentence now! Adults charged with crimes know how much time to expect. Don't these kids also need to see some light at the end of the tunnel?
  • 24 June 20101. Cornelia
    I have many years experience since 1969 in corrections and the justice system and this repeal, more than any other change by Legislators, is needed, and needed now.


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