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Dear friends,

In recent years, there have been many changes made to the rules of football. Too many, in fact. Ask yourselves, are these changes really necessary? As the saying goes, If it aint broken, dont fix it.

One such change was the elimination of the Golden Goal. The Golden Goal rule brings much more excitement to extra time. For knock-out rounds, since the winners cannot be determined in 90 minutes, why not just end the match in sudden death? The Golden Goal rule has provided some of the best football matches the world has witnessed. Also, it does a better job at preventing penalty shootouts than the Silver Goal rule.

For those saying that the Golden Goal isn't fair because it doesn't give the other team an opportunity to equalize, one should note that the opponent had been given the whole game to score and didn't. Just like any other sports, winning in football requires luck sometimes. If a team does not want to lose by the Golden Goal, it should just try harder in the 90 minutes.

Under the Silver Goal rule, will both teams tend to attack more? The period of 30 minutes would be very likely be goalless as both teams sit back wait for the penalty shootout. The purpose of extra time should be to try to end the match in open play, and I strongly feel that the Golden Goal does a better job at this.

Another major change was the new offside rule which was newly implemented. To me, it has been a complete disaster, as shown in the Confederations Cup 2005. Under the rule, players who do not receive the ball are not automatically offside even if they are standing beyond the last defender. Isnt this ridiculous? The offside rule has been undoubtedly the most complicated rule in football. Now, with passive offside, this new rule is dubious and only complicates things even more. FIFA president Blatter says that we just need time to get used to the rule. But my question to him is, why even bother to use the new rule at all?

The new offside rule is causing confusion everywhere, and it only makes the assistant referees jobs more difficult. They have to interpret whether a player is offside and are now more prone to being blasted at by managers after a match. Assistant referees cannot raise their flags until the player in an offside position touches the ball. The late flags make them look like idiots. More importantly, this new rule does not improve the game at all. As said by football manager Terry Butcher, It will cause problems and concern among a lot of people because of their (the referees) interpretation of it. It is not one of the better rules I have seen that have come in to football. I couldnt have agreed more.

Of course, nothing is perfect and many people would be unhappy with certain rules of the game. However, controversies are unavoidable. Just because referees make mistakes sometimes, should we replace them with robots instead? Football should be reverted back to its old self and then stay as it is. The quality of the football can be improved, but there is no need for the rules to change.

If you agree with my above views, then join me in my appeal to FIFA and IFAB (International Football Association Board) to remove these changes. The Silver Goal rule should not remain. Football is about passion, and that is exactly what the Golden Goal brings about -- the ecstasy of seeing your team win, the agony of seeing them lose. If you think that the new offside rule does not work, and want to bring back the old rule, then make your opinions be heard.

The World Cup 2006 is will be here soon. The governing bodies of football want to improve the game, but do they really know what the fans want? Football is well-loved because of its simplicity. Let football revert back to its old ways. I urge all of you to sign this petition. Join me as we seek to help the Beautiful Game retain her beauty.

Thank you.

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