Taylor Mclaren and her young children have been unethically attacked by Astoria, Oregon SCF.

A few years ago, Ms. McLaren was having a great deal of trouble with her teenage daughter, Danielle. Ms. McLaren, a professional and responsible employee with an excellent job did everything she could to help her wayward daughter. She sought therapy, counseling, physician's visits, and every other avenue of treatment to help her teen daughter to no avail. Eventually, Danielle just got worst. Ms. Taylor McLaren then felt her younger 3 children might be in danger with Danielle around.

Desperate, with no options left, this skillfully, respectably, and gainfully employed mother naively went to the Astoria Oregon Services for Children and Family for help.

She was told the only way they could help out of control Danielle would be to remove her from Taylor's home. Taylor then voluntarily relinquished Danielle to the care of Oregon SCF, thinking her daughter would get the help she needed and eventually come home...but Taylor was sorely mistaken and soon learned she made the biggest mistake of her life!

Rumors of her daughter increased and Taylor found that Danielle was not placed in a treatment center but foster home after foster home. Here is where she learned how to use her defiant behavior in a more constructive fashion. Danielle was no on drugs, sneaking out with boys, and dressing very promiscuously.

SCF was unconcerned when Taylor would call with great concern about her daughter's welfare. Then it happened....Danielle ran off from State care. BUT Taylor was not even notified of this for weeks. This enraged Taylor that SCF would not notify her that her daughter was missing.

Taylor McLaren filed a tort claim against SCF in Astoria, Oregon. IN immediate retaliation Oregon SCF arrived at the McLaren home exactly ONE day later to take her other three children who were well cared for.

There was no hotline call against Taylor's parenting, there was no charge from anyone....there was no legal reason for SCF to try to pick up her children other than to cause Taylor harm for filing a claim against their office.

On the advise of a prominent attorney, Taylor called the offices and informed everyone that she would be relocating to Utah, out of Oregon jurisdiction. In May of 2002 the McLaren's would establish undeniable residency in the state of Utah.

With in a month, Taylor, who had all legal rights to her children and every right to move had re-established her family in Utah. Ms. McLaren immediately obtained a good, well paying job, and even enrolled Michael into a private school. Michael her 15 year old is quite bright and needed the challenges that public schools to not provide. (establishing residency legally)

The family also went straight to CPS in Utah and honestly explained the Oregon situation. The McLaren children were then seen by private and CPS physician's and were given a clean, happy, healthy, un-abused bill of health. The McLaren family was cleared by Utah CPS and even a Judge that Taylor was a fine and fit mother. (clearly establishing residency of Utah)

BUT Oregon wasn't done with their games. Oregon, notorious for crossing state lines and reaching their arms passed their own jurisdiction began to pester Utah to go after Ms. McLaren. They refused at first, but after weeks of harassment Utah finally went to do a formality check on the welfare of the family. Taylor and the children were not home at the time, but moved from that house as soon as they got the message the Utah CPS stopped by.

All was well for nearly a year when one day Taylor and her children went to a local Wal-Mart for a shopping trip....on the wall they glanced over the National Centers for Missing and Exploited Children's Network. They were looking for a girl they knew was missing from Missouri...suddenly in shock they saw their own photographs.

It appears that Astoria SCF filed false documentation with the NCMEC to get Taylor's family listed. The McLaren's weren't missing. They had simply and legally moved from the corrupt Pioneer Police State of Oregon to start a new life.

In fact on the listing it clearly states there are no wants or warrants for Taylor and ironically they list her as a companion to her very own children instead of THEIR MOTHER.

It states, do not arrest, just notify Oregon authorities of their where-abouts. IF this sounds fishy to are right.

IN further investigation we-friends of the McLaren's for the last year and a half and longer- found that Oregon claims that they had not seen Taylor since May, had no idea of her where abouts (although she sent them certified mail and motions) and that they filed for guardianship of her children in NOVEMBER OF 2002.

So the McLaren's legally establish residency in Utah of May 2002. CPS in Utah admits to getting calls from SCF in Oregon afterwards (also proving they knew the families where abouts). Since Utah CPS does not proceed to hunt the McLaren's down, then they illegally file for custody of children who have not been residents of their state for 7 months (on God only knows on what claims).

Oregon had no right to file for custody of children, especially with out due cause, that are not residents of their state. AND then according to the National Center, SCF must obtain a missing persons report and 'proof' that they do not know a child's where abouts before submitting a child or family into their Center database.

So we charge that SCF Astoria, Oregon falsified police reports and records claiming that first of all they had some kind of legal custody AND that they had NO knowledge of where the McLaren family was.

Once a child or family has been listed, even falsely, getting that listing removed has proven difficult.

Here is a summary clip of the letter that 15 year old Michael McLaren wrote in his letter to the Center for Missing and Exploited Children begging to be left alone with his family:

'In conclusion, I am not missing, I am not abused, I am not hungry, violent or learning disabled. I am not willing to see my biological father, oldest sister or grandparents, and I am not willing to put up with Oregon. I never would have believed this kind of crap could happen in America.

Anyone who knows me knows Ive wanted to join the Airforce since I was about 2 years old. Last November I took and passed the entrance exam for the Air National Guard. (to OR, youve been stalking me so I guess you already know that too right?) For the first time in my life I dont have any desire to fight for this country.

I just want to be allowed to live with my family, my mom my little brother and sister and NOT the nightmare family OR is trying to force on us. PLEASE leave us alone.

Michael D. McLaren'

Here are a few facts and clips of our websites regarding the McLaren Family:

The National Centers or Missing and Exploited Children has been EXPLOITED and MIS-USED by Astoria, Oregon SCF and Law Enforcement. THIS COULD HAPPEN TO YOU!!!
This well respected organization and its resources were unethically tapped into to seek and destroy the Mclaren Family/ This happened ironically after we utilized NCMEC's services to list one of our children (see below).

Ms. McLaren has been listed even though there is:
-no warrant,
-no charge of a crime.
-nor is Ms. McLaren not and has not been a resident of Oregon since nearly a year before the missing report was made
-Taylor has always had full custody of her children,
-has DOCUMENTED proof that she is a good mother and her children are well cared for and happy!
AND much more....

This family is terrified to be separated and lives in fear. They are helpless to defend themselves as now they have to hide in Utah for fear of Oregon stealing them from eachother illegally, ALL OUT OF RETALIATION FOR TAYLOR MCLAREN FILING A SUIT AGAINST THE SCF IN OREGON.

Please help this dear family since they cannot help themselves right now and sign this petition to get her families profile OFF the NCEMC database!

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  • 23 novembre 201550. Lynn B
    LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!!!!!!!! State and Country (for petition validity) Texas US
  • 01 maggio 201549. Cindy R
    I support this petition
  • 24 marzo 201548. Dyani M
    good luck and god bless State and Country (for petition validity) oregon
  • 23 marzo 201547. Peggy N
    this is, regrettably, not an isolated case. there is no government agency that is not corrupt. please keep your children and yourselves out of the system. good luck to this family. State and Country (for petition validity) CA, USA
  • 22 settembre 201446. Stephanie Vanh
    s.c.f. in oregon breaks all human rights State and Country (for petition validity) oregon,lane
  • 09 settembre 201445. Gail B
    they are apparently not missing. Their mom knows where they are. State and Country (for petition validity) TX, USA
  • 31 agosto 201444. Carol At
    Please sighn my petition http;// State and Country (for petition validity) ca
  • 01 giugno 201443. Renee M
    do the right thing State and Country (for petition validity) springfield missouri
  • 02 marzo 201442. Polly S
    I pray that God helps stop this needless destruction of families and the unfortunate children who get caught up in this perverse legal system. It's a cruel and unjust system. God help all of us that have lost our children to the system. My prayers are wit
  • 26 febbraio 201441. Hope H
    A federal audit should be in order for any and all states for CYF services. When parents who DO harm their children get away unnoticed and no charges are ever filed. And yet when families who are in trouble need help there is none to be found. State and C
  • 19 gennaio 201440. Mirko J
    katastrofa State and Country (for petition validity) Croatia
  • 15 gennaio 201439. Jimmy C State and Country (for petition validity) Ireland Co. Meath
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    I support this petition
  • 04 ottobre 201337. Wittness Galvan State and Country (for petition validity) Oregon
  • 19 dicembre 201236. Christine H
    I support this petition
  • 27 novembre 201235. Ms Dawnf
    You can read more about what happened to my child and I at: State and Country (for petition validity) Spokane, WA (USA)
  • 02 maggio 201234. Brian Mayo
    I support this petition
  • 17 dicembre 201133. Sharon B
    I support this petition
  • 17 novembre 201132. Big M
    I support this petition
  • 25 settembre 201131. Tracey Madden
    I really feel for you and your family ,My niece is up against child protective services also.good luck and God bless. State and Country (for petition validity) OHIO ,FAIRFIELD
  • 04 settembre 201130. Robert M
    Leave them alone. They've been through enough State and Country (for petition validity) Quebec, Canada
  • 01 maggio 201129. Drew M
    God help your soul State and Country (for petition validity) springfield missouri
  • 19 dicembre 201028. Cynthia G
    I support this petition
  • 17 ottobre 201027. Michelle N
    Yeah we are inosent untill proven guilty.(or are we guilty until proven inocent?) State and Country (for petition validity) Ilinois,USA
  • 18 giugno 201026. Jennifer F
    CPS sucks and all of these morons should be in federal prison for their crimes against the Constitution of the United States. State and Country (for petition validity) IA , USA
  • 07 maggio 201025. Eric L
    The state and the county should be prosecuted for their abuse of power. State and Country (for petition validity) Guilford County North Carolina
  • 12 gennaio 201024. Jessica S
    We need to stop the injustice of innocent families! State and Country (for petition validity) Colorado, USA

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