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We, the people of forums, would like the immediate removal of user "WeedZ1985" from the forums, by deletion of account from the server, an IP ban, and permanent fuck-up-tion of his computer so he can never use it again to disrupt the equilibrium of the internet.

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Latest Signatures

  • 19 December 2015100. Cthulhu Mack
    Hear the words of Cthulhu mortals and know a fraction of the madness I bring. Should weedZ not be banned I will rise from my slumber in dread R'lyeh and I will snuff out the sun, boil the oceans and devour all of mankind. ye have been warned now I return
  • 11 December 201599. Weedzs C
    You should ban me because I'm just a pseudo-intellectual attention-seeker and I deserve to be punished for wasting everyone's time. I can only hope you'll forgive me and that one day I can be a real boy with a real peepee though doubtless it will pale int
  • 07 December 201598. Light Y
    If I knew WeedZ1985's true name I would write it in my death note along with a painful eath due to exploding genitalia as I do not I sahll have to settle for signing this petition to have him banned instead.
  • 06 December 201597. Hiro N
    Ban Weedz? YATTA!
  • 25 November 201596. Trent R
    I want to drive Nine Inch Nails through his eyeballs before drowning the empty sockets with the fruits of my herd of masturbating monkeys.
  • 27 October 201595. Mr B
    Kindly GTFO my forums
  • 14 July 201594. Elmer F
    I was being vewy vewy qwiet hunting wabbits when I stumbled acwoss Weedz pweasuring himself wit warm intestines torn fwom the bellies of baby wabbits while they way dieing in agony. I hung up my hunting wifle and became an animal wights activist and that'
  • 04 June 201593. Jack B
    There's only 24 hours to save psp-hacks by banning Weedz!
  • 20 December 201492. Superman Cannon
    WeedZ1985 I have super vision and so I saw you masturbating in the toilet to National Geographic pictures of Manatees and I'm warning you now if you come within 20 yards of one of these beautiful, noble creatures I will geld you with my heat vision and th
  • 22 November 201491. Prometheus Mathews
    Millenia ago I stole the secret of fire from the Gods and gave it to mankind. For this I was punished with an eternity of being chained to a rock and having an eagle eat my liver each day only for it to regrow each night ready for the morning so I figure
  • 07 September 201490. Rtard Compton
    It's about time.
  • 13 July 201489. Napoleon B
    I never realised there was someone out there who was also an arrogant jumped up midget with delusions of grandeur until I met weedZ1985 and that's why I want him banned because he shows me just how annoying I am and I can't stand it.
  • 04 July 201488. Al C
    See Weedz, Snorky's been hearing bad things about you see, an' so ya need to understand ya ain't untouchable see.
  • 19 April 201487. Weedz Parrish
    I'm a dildo licker.
  • 08 April 201486. Sensei S
    As N.A.M.B.L.A. chapter leader for psp-hacks I must insist that WeedZ1985 be banned and that he stop associating himself with us as his claimed membership of our organisation has lowered our public standing and caused near irrepairable damage to our goal
  • 18 March 201485. The Uncleofw
    I know WeedZ has claimed that I molested him but now at long last the truth can come out. It took years of therapy for me to come to terms with what I'm about to tell you. I was visiting him one day and he gave me a glass of lemonade which was laced with
  • 01 November 201384. I L
  • 31 October 201383. The T
    I travelled back in time to terminate WeedZ presence on the forum by signing this petition.
  • 26 August 201382. Juda Benh
    I'd gladly drag Weedz corpse behind my chariot in a race but seeing as Fox turned down my reality shoe pitch to do just that I'll settle for seeing him banned.
  • 18 August 201381. Rasputin Gilmore
    They poisoned me with cyanide, shot me, stabbed me and threw me in the river but nothing could stop me from signing this petition to ban the purveyor of diseased, hag harlots known as WeedZ1985.
  • 30 July 201380. Chris H
    This man has threatend my children for the last time,
  • 09 July 201379. Stoner H
    Woah dude I know this is harsh but we want Weedz banned because like he's giving weed a bad name man and it's giving us a downer. Woah I can see smells, this must be how dogs see... man this is some good weed.
  • 28 May 201378. Aquaman Osborn
    As a crazy fishman with one hand that was eaten by Piranhas I get a lot of stick at the JLA but not even I would try to stimulate myself to orgasm by having portugese men o'war stinging my fishing tackle like WeedZ1985 does. Ban the pervert!
  • 19 February 201377. Two Girlsonec
    Our infamous video was actually a visual representation of what it's like to read the posts of WeedZ1985 so remember your revulsion and sign this petition to ban him.
  • 24 December 201276. Mr M
    weedz is bad, mmmkay?
  • 08 December 201275. Arachne Deleon
    For my arrogance in challenging a god I was turned into a spider, for weedZ arrogance in challenging the muppet god he should be banned. Or I'll crawl inside your penises at night while you sleep and lay eggs which will hatch and devour their way out thro
  • 27 October 201274. Beaker Santiago
    +1 Vote! Just say no to WeedZ!

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