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As per the Constitution of the Cane Corso Association of America we are presenting the following petition for the REMOVAL OF MR. DEREK MATSON:

We the undersigned petition to have Mr Derek Matson, present Director #7 Breeders and Health REMOVED from the Board of Directors and prevented from taking over as Director #3 Awards and Standings of the Cane Corso Association of America in January 2010.

Reasons for this petition are due to Mr Matson's Ethics Violations including unethical breeding practices, no health testing of his breeding stock,and misrepresenting his dogs to the public. In addition to this Mr Matson has been a disgrace and an embarrassment to the Cane Corso Association of America for public drunkenness at dog shows, and endangering the well being of other exhibitors and their dogs.

Mr. Matson's behavior, and breeding practices are putting the Cane Corso Association in a bad light especially since we are the AKC Parent Breed Club for the Cane Corso.

Below is the part of the Constitution dealing with removal of an Officer of the CCAA and the Code of Ethics which Mr Matson has violated:

Section 4 - Removal of Officers and Directors
A). An Officer or Director may be removed by the Board for failure to comply with the provisions set forth in Section 2 and/or dereliction of his or her duties as described in Section 1 of this Article by a 2/3 vote of the entire Board of Directors. B). An Officer or Director may be removed by the members on grounds listed above only by the vote of those members eligible to vote for the Officer or Director. This procedure may be initiated by a written petition addressed to the Secretary and signed by 25\% of the membership in good standing. Such election shall be conducted within three weeks of the date when the petition was received by the Secretary and conducted by the guidelines outlined in Article 4, section 4 part (d).Vote counting must be witnessed by three members in good standing that are not members of the BOD and that are approved of by a vote of 2/3 of the BOD (less the member in question). If the Secretary is the officer in question, votes will go to Director #2 for tally (votes may also be sent to an independent firm for counting).

Code of Ethics
Section 1

The following Code of Ethics is attached to and made a part of the CCAA By-Laws.

Section 2

I, as a member of the CCAA, agree to abide by the rules set forth before me on this Code of Ethics and the previously mentioned By-Laws. First and foremost are the welfare of the Cane Corso and the integrity of the Club and its members. I realize that any violation of the Code of Ethics or the By-Laws is grounds for expulsion or suspension from the privileges of the Club.
(a) I will strive to keep the Cane Corso purebred and will not knowingly breed the Cane Corso to any other breed of dog.
(b) I will not knowingly falsify any papers or documents, such as health records and registration papers, vital to the regulations records, show records, or other aspects of the Club.
(c) I will recognize and accept the CCAA as the official breed club of the Cane Corso in the U.S. If breeding a litter, I agree to provide proper paperwork (AKC, ICCF, FCI, etc) in a timely manner, but no longer than 6 months, unless so stated in the purchase contract, and to mark each pet quality pup as limited registration on the puppy registration form.
(d) I will never breed a bitch that is under 18 months of age, or an immature dog that is under 12 months of age.
(e) I will provide adequate food and shelter, proper health care, and companionship for all of my dogs.
(f) I will give the CCAA the first right of refusal should buyer decide to place said dog in a pound or local shelter. The CCAA will make all efforts to protect and find a suitable home for said animal.
(g) I will not sell dogs or puppies to pet shops or dog brokers.
(h) I will not misrepresent my dogs to anyone.
(i) I will always breed as close to the CCAA Standard as possible. I will not breed dogs which have severe faults which would be detrimental to the health and welfare of the breed, including temperament flaws.
(j) I will conduct myself in a sportsmanship manner at all dog shows and functions; and will act as a true representative for the breed and the Club.
(k) I will not be involved in or use my dogs for any illegal activity
(l) I will not make accusations or try to discredit other breeders, exhibitors or CCAA members to anyone but the CCAA Club Officers directly.

Please sign this petition if you are a member in good standing of the Cane Corso Association of America.

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