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The surprise debut CD release of Christiane F in 2001 was a welcome surprise to the David Bowie digital catalogue. More of these lower-key releases are always well received, as they have a worthwhile fan-pleasing collector's slant and, by virtue of not being a mainstream hits album, require little promotional budget, and don't eat into sales of an album like Best Of Bowie, for example.

With the Christiane F CD now on the racks, Rare, the 1982 compilation of hard to find oddities, is now the only Bowie album released by RCA with exclusive material still not included on any other Bowie album that has yet to be given a CD release.

It would need revising and expanding but it remains a big fan favourite due in no small part to the stunningly beautiful cover picture (constantly regarded as one of Bowie's best) and the only place to get things like the Italian version of Space Oddity. Like Christiane F, the pirate CD editions of Rare have been doing a roaring trade for well over a decade.

Bearing in mind that some of the tracks have subsequently appeared elsewhere, I have compiled a draft tracklist that uses most of the Rare songs but with some in a different version or mix, plus a selection of suitable bonus tracks, bearing in mind that it's still not a certainty that all Bowie's albums (such as Space Oddity, MWSTW, Hunky Dory) will be awarded the two-disc treatment.

And just in case the much-anticipated and long-awaited Bowie Anthology of unreleased material may see the light of day one fine day I have only included one version never to be officially released!

1. Ragazza Solo, Ragazzo Sola
2. Planet Of Dreams
3. When The Wind Blows
4. Holy Holy
5. Panic In Detroit 1979
6. Girls
7. Velvet Goldmine
8. Heroes/Heros
9. John I'm Only Dancing
10. Alabama Song
11. Needles On The Beach
12. Bombers
13. Lightning Frightening
14. Quicksand
15. I Can't Read 1997
16. Rebel Rebel
17. Julie
18. I Pray Ole
19. Conversation Piece
20. The Man Who Sold The World 1995
21. Memory Of A Free Festival (Parts 1 & 2)
22. The Bewlay Brothers

Notes on track details:

1. Italian language version of Space Oddity never issued on CD. (substitute: Space Oddity 1979 - a 1980 AA side later a Scary Monsters bonus track)

2. Only issued on an EMI various artists CD Long Live Tibet in 1997.

3. A long lost classic 1986 single sadly not included on any format of BOB.

4. The rarest of all the RCA 7" mixes - the original 1970 A-side version, never issued on CD ever.

5. As Panic In Detroit live '74 is to appear on the David Live 30th then the version of the song used could be the 1979 re-recording that was once a Lodger bonus track.

6. A 1987 B-side later a Never Let Me Down bonus track.

7. As the released version is on the Ziggy 30th this could be the alternate take found on the same Trident reel as the alternate Round & Round used on the new Sound + Vision box.

8. As Heroes/Helden is now on the Christiane F CD, the full length English/French version could be used, or even the Heros French 7", neither has ever appeared on CD.

9. If it's already going on Young Americans 30th, John Again 7" could be replaced by its original B-side, the remix of the original John 1972, which was also a Ziggy bonus track.

10. A minor classic A-side recorded in 1978, later a Scary Monsters bonus track, and criminally left off BOB.

11. A surf instrumental recorded during the Tin Machine II sessions and only available on the various artists comp Beyond The Beach.

12. Only issued as a Hunky Dory bonus track.

13. Only issued as a MWSTW bonus track.

14. Demo version issued as a Hunky Dory bonus track.

15. 1998 A-side from the Ice Storm OST and never issued on any Bowie album.

16. UK 7" early mix and edit of Rebel Rebel as heard on BOB DVD but a surprising omission from Dogs 30th.

17. 1987 B-side later a Never Let Me Down bonus track.

18. Only issued as a Lodger bonus track.

19. A 1969 B-side later Space Oddity bonus track.

20. 1995 Eno-mixed AA side never issued on a Bowie album.

21. 1970 A and B side that could be segued together. Later Space Oddity bonus tracks.

22. Alternate mix only issued as a Hunky Dory bonus track.

Of course, there are several other hard to find tracks that could be substituted, many of which have still to be issued on CD:

Space Oddity (3:26 US 7" edit)
Eight Line Poem (alternate mix from promo 7")
All The Young Dudes (stereo mix also on that same Trident reel)
Drive In Saturday (single edit pulled from A Sane 30th)
My Death (live in Boston pulled from A Sane 30th)
Some Are (I didn't include any Low tracks as there's sure to be a Low 30th)
Breaking Glass (Aussie 7" 2:47 extended mix)
Joe The Lion 1991 remix
Beauty & The Beast (promo 12" extended mix)
the remaining Baal EP (Ballad Of The Adventurers, Remembering Marie A, Dirty Song)
Under Pressure (1992 Brian May remix on Classic Queen never issued outside USA)
Shake It (12" remix)
Dancing In The Street (12" extended version)
Magic Dance (7" edit only ever issued in New Zealand)
As The World Falls Down (7" edit only issued on BOB DVD)
Underground (single edit never issued on CD)
Look Back In Anger 1988
Country Bus Stop
Maggie's Farm (never appeared on a Bowie album)
Shakin All Over (ditto)
Pretty Pink Rose (ditto)
Betty Wrong (rough mix on EMI's The Crossing soundtrack)

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