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We, The Undersigned, hereby object to the unjust, premature removal of the Gilmore Girls episodes midway through the season. We, The Undersigned, hereby request that the Nine Network reinstate Gilmore Girls episodes to their timeslot or to a suitable timeslot with fair warning to the shows devoted fans for future viewing.

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Latest Signatures

  • 22 August 201550. Hayley M
    I really love Gilmore Girls, it is a great family show, with no reason to be taken off air, and it definitely needs to be back on. State/Territory NSW
  • 12 August 201549. Alyth H
    I am a big fan of the glimore girls. Please Please put it back on air State/Territory NSW
  • 05 July 201448. Emily Gillespie
    Gilmore Girls is one of the most unique shows on air. Give it a chance and at least show the season in full before cutting it off without warning. State/Territory Vic
  • 10 June 201447. Sarah Melton
    Please put Gilmore Girls back on. State/Territory QLD
  • 18 March 201346. Joanne B
    As a loyal fan of Gilmore Girls, I was saddened by the fact Channel 9 removed the show from it's saturday line up without any notice to the view public...Come on Channel 9, TV sucks now without taking off our BEST programs we have!!!!!!! State/Territory Q
  • 12 October 201245. Carissa G
    Pls put GG back on even if it isn't in a good time slot State/Territory QLD
  • 21 July 201244. Layziebone Kirk
    Bring Back the Biff State/Territory NSW
  • 20 July 201243. Kim Henderson
    Put Gilmore Girls back on State/Territory NSW
  • 21 May 201242. Emily F
    We're just getting to the good bits and you take it away!! Please understand that some of us cannot function without a weekly dose of gilmore girls! State/Territory NSW
  • 15 December 201141. Erica V
    Get this show back on!!!! State/Territory Missouri
  • 16 November 201140. Kaila H
    i love Gilmore Girls!!!!!! State/Territory Michigan
  • 20 October 201139. Tiffany M
    Finally a decent show aired on TV, and now you are taking it away tut tut. You need to bring Gilmore Girls back or your ratings will flop... and I will laugh....hysterically. State/Territory New South Wales
  • 04 October 201138. Mel P
    Cum on ch9... show the fans some respect and bring back our beloved Gilmore Girls State/Territory Melb, VIC
  • 28 September 201137. Lisa H
    Please let us finish this season and start on season 5!! State/Territory NSW
  • 01 August 201036. Allaine Delar
    pls bring back gilmore girls State/Territory NSW
  • 05 June 201035. Miguel Dawson
    It's a classic State/Territory Mexico
  • 10 March 201034. Jess Shea
    i support this petition State/Territory BC
  • 08 October 200933. Stephanie H
    Please bring it back! Its the only show that i watch religiously. State/Territory Victoria
  • 02 September 200932. Craig K
    This was the only "girl show" I could stand to watch with my girlfriend...without this show our relationship is in serious jeopardy. State/Territory Missouri
  • 23 December 200831. Dorothy Boyle
    Please bring it back! State/Territory Victoria
  • 04 November 200830. Ashlee Hoffman
    Bring it back!!!! State/Territory NSW
  • 09 August 200829. Katie Henry
    Please put the show back on air, us Aussies love the show and it's really annoying when it finally comes back on and is taken off halfway through a season!! How would you like me to do that to your fav show!! Please Run the seasons all the way through, or
  • 21 January 200828. Angela Marshall
    if you don't like it, why don't you just axe it completely and not let us, viewers, hang on thin thread? State/Territory QLD
  • 27 September 200627. Cassie P
    Please keep Gilmore Girls on air!!! State/Territory Victoria
  • 11 September 200526. Craig B
    This is a great show which everyone who saw the last episodes of season 4 said they were the best of the season and season 5 has had increase rating in the US. If you don't like the show had the rights over to another channel like you did with The OC. Or
  • 21 July 200525. Stephanie House
    .... State/Territory mexico
  • 09 June 200524. Nancy Owen
    gotta get it back on tv guys please, too many people miss it already! State/Territory nsw

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