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To paraphrase Franklin Delano Roosevelt: June 14, 2006a date that will live in infamy!

The website Golden uses flawed and overreaching software, and the moderators are very hostile and can sometimes overstep their boundaries, leading to outrageous bans for rather trivial offenses. A ban locks you out of the entire website, even the homepage, and theres no way to appeal the decision. This needs to stop.

I speak from experience: on Wednesday, June 14, 2006, I was banned from the site. As of this writing, I am in my seventh day of a 30-day ban period. Prior to the ban, I had had the Remember Me box checked on the login screen on the homepage so I wouldnt have to repeatedly log in. When I first logged on to the site on Thursday morning, I kept getting, Sorry, you dont have the permission to access this area. If this page does not reload automatically, please click here, and the page was locked in an infinite refresh loop! It took me almost two hours to figure out what was going on, and when I finally figured it out, I was horrified.

For (what I thought was) the most innocuous and harmless of message board posts, I was about to enjoy a nice 30-day break from the website courtesy of a man named ClockGameJohn! The thread in question can be found here. Where it says Edited by CGJ, there was originally a complaint. I originally intended for the thread to have a poll. I tried THREE TIMES to get the poll to show up, but to no avail. So, I wrote a complaint in place of the poll. The complaint centers around this poll glitch, one of many that have been sprouting up since Golden moved to a new server in mid-May 2006. The word damn and the F word, with all four letters censored out (like this: ****), appeared in the message text. I thought I was staying within the rules of the site, seeing as how other people on the site used such words in the past. One user, in his signature, even has a Price is Right relevant quote from Family Guy, in which someone uses the F word; this user (I forget his name) has the word censored like this: f**k. Yet, to my knowledge, he isnt banned!

I think that I have been unfairly singled out by ClockGameJohn, а la the Martha Stewart incident. It was my 10th post on the websites forums. I had been a registered user since January 2005, and I had never posted on the forums before until early in June of this year. I have never flamed, spammed, trolled, or anything else to that effect. I was a perfectly legitimate user. So what gives ClockGameJohn the right to give me a 30-day ban when the editing and the warning that the manner in which you address the sites software is quite inappropriate were all necessary enough?

He deserves no respect as a moderator!!! No respect at all!!! He engaged in censorship, and the ban could be construed as cruel and unusual punishment, therefore violating the 8th Amendment. Does he even care!?! Is he even a U.S. citizen!?!

But the point of this petition goes well beyond the initial ban. At the same time that I registered for Golden, I also registered for with the intent of using both sites concurrently. I figured that the terms of service to IGN Boards could apply to any website as theyre rather generic. However, the thing with IGN is that they have an Unban Request Form that you can fill out so that you can see why you were banned and what the duration of your ban period is. Also, the site offers resources via GameSpy that help you if you think a mod has made a mistake and would like to appeal the decision. (Id like to point out that Ive never been banned from IGN before; so this info is coming from what I read in the sites terms of service.)

Not so at Golden You get banned from that site and youre barred from viewing even so much as the homepage!!! An ANONYMOUS USER can view the homepage! Apparently, if anonymous users are dirt, then banned users are lower than the feces of the worms that live in the dirt! I believe that I was bullied by ClockGameJohn. But it gets worse, if thats even possible!

As you can clearly tell so far, I am not very happy. Not happy having been underhandedly banned for such a trivial offense, my next job was to search for a way to appeal the ban. However, as Ive already said, Ive been locked out of the entire website. There is no obvious mention of the websites terms of service on the homepage, nor is there any mention of contact information anywhere. I checked the sites terms of service, which are an ordinary post in the forums (!?!), and saw no mention of any way to get in touch with a moderator if I disagreed with his decision. The E-mail given, [email protected], is rather dubious, and the real contact information is probably in ClockGameJohns profile, but anonymous users cant see it; you have to be registered in order to view other peoples profiles! And, if I create an alternate user account to contact ClockGameJohn or the webmaster, Marc Green, personally, I face a permanent baneven if I just lurk on the forums and even if my regular account isnt banned! The reason given for this is to cut down on bandwidth costs. Im quickly losing respect for this site, which has more information on The Price is Right than you could probably even imagine!

So, to summarize: This past week has been extremely frustrating and irritating for me. ClockGameJohn has committed a sneak attack on my PC that is on par with Abe Lincolns assassination, the Lusitanias sinking, the Pearl Harbor attack, the September 11th terrorist attacks, the Holocaust, JFKs assassination, and the Sony/BMG rootkits. Worse yet, the website uses software that is really buggy, and my ban has done nothing to change the fact that I (and probably many others) still cant get a poll into a message boards post. And theres no means of appealing the ban. Even worse, those who try to appeal the ban by taking the obvious first step of contacting the moderator responsible under an alternate user account risks getting in even worse trouble.

Thats what this petition was made for: to get ClockGameJohns attention! Im not saying that Golden should stop banning people, as there are people out there on the forums who actually do spam, bash, flame, and troll! Thats not the point of this petition!

The point of this petition is to:
-fire ClockGameJohn and have his account permanently banned!!!
-bring about serious reforms to Golden, including:
-clearer terms of service
-putting those terms of service, a privacy policy, and contact information in a more obvious place
-reforming some of the outrageous rules, including the one account per person for bandwidth purposes rule. When you register for Golden, you have to give out your E-mail address. My mom, my dad, and I all use the same E-mail address, so if my mom were to register for Golden, we could both be perma-banned because Marc Green et al would see it as too many user accounts. They would fail to consider this race condition. My mom could make another E-mail account using Google G-Mail, but Im still afraid that they have the technology to trace it back to the same IP address as my E-mail
-making available an unban request form and resources to help you if you disagree with a moderators decision

Unless and until they comply with these conditions, I urge everyone who signs this petition to boycott Golden!!!

Sign this petition and show Marc Green and ClockGameJohn that you will not support this reckless management of a website! Technically, this is not their websiteits YOUR website! They do all this research on The Price is Right for YOU! YOU log on to it; YOU register for it; YOUR bandwidth keeps them from living on the streets; YOUR bandwidth keeps the domain name from being sold to unscrupulous S&M fetishists, and they should NOT be able to dictate how you can use the website to the degree that they are dictating right now!

And when youve signed this, spread the word!
-E-mail a link to this page to everyone you know that has an E-mail address!
-Put this in a blog!
-Place a link to this on a message board; any message board will do, including Golden itself!
-Put this in the blog or message board of a major news company! (Im a Democrat, so dont tell Fox News or any of its like-minded ilk about this; any other news provider will do.)
-Tell ClockGameJohn himself about this petition and plead to him on my behalf!
-If you participate in Host Your Own! TPIR fanfics on Golden, dedicate them to me and put a link to this petition!
-Post negative reviews about the website on!
-Im seriously considering filing a lawsuit against ClockGameJohn; if youve been unfairly banned by him (or any other moderator), prosecute him (or the offending mod) yourself! Or join me and we can make a class action suit!
-Tell your friends to spread the word, too!
-If you want more information, you can click here to read about the situation on IGN Blogs!

Together, we can prevent more Golden users from suffering the same fate that I have!

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