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my husband was sexually abused
from 11-13 yrs old he was passed through lots of care homes and foster
homes and prison a few times then he met me and my das girlfriends
grandaughter tasha she was 10and she fancied him from the start always
throwing herself at him he resisted her for 4 yrs and even told her
family what she was doing cos he was worried especially as a week b4 we
got married when she was 12 she said to me that she fancied chris and
wondered if he would shag her then about a year and a half ago chris
going through a really terrible stage of dpression and stresss and had
some tragic news and was diagnosed as manci depressive and one day he
got completley smashed and stoned till he was imaginig things tash had
been at ours all day trying to force herself onto him so he went to bed
cos he didnt feel well..she followed hi and started messing around with
him one thing led to another and they shagged..then she went home and
got in shit cos she apparantly she wasnt suppose to be at ours so she
screamed rape but the thing is they had no actuall evidence to convict
him cos apparently when they examined her she was still a virgin the
only things they had was a statment from chris's mum and my mum saying
he had admitted it and an apparent 2 child porn images on his comp
although i never saw them and my mum only made statment cos she wanted
to split us up and his mum made it cos she thought he had stolen of her
and he pleaded guilty cos his solicitor basically said on their own the
statments weren't enough but the statments with the images to back em
was and if he didnt plead guilty and was found guilty anyway he would
get a longer sentance she was deffinatley not raped he may have put his
cock in her and shagged her with a bit of it but he deffinatly did not
rape her the only mark she had on her was a small abrasion on her
postirior forset what ever that is thing is probation and his
phyciatrist thought he should get probation or community order they
thought that would be better for him
and also the had no proper information on chris and his past and the
abust he suffered he got judge goldsack who two years ago was robbed
and his house was pooe'd all over
and so know he brings his personal problems to work and tarnishes
everyone with the same brush who is famous for giving 99\% of
ppl who go up infront of him prison sentences regardless..ffs he gave
one guy 6 months inside just for touching a womens arse through her
clothes when he was drunk and he gave chris 2 yrs 8 months to run
cuncurrent even tho its the first crime since he became an adult and
even tho he isconsidered low to medium rish by his probation officer
phyiatrist and they oth thought he would benifit from probation or some
sort of order and the judge put him inside even tho he admitted his
guilt at the first chance and said he would happily do probation and
courses they wanted him to do he judge put him inside to punish him but
he didnt look at his past didnt look at all the fact or at how much he
had lost already and how much he had been punished and suffered already
and he is suppose to be inside to do these courses but they dont do em
at the prison he is at and he may not be moved to one where they do
for quiet a while and the courses are a yr long so what the point him
being in there hes alreadylost his home his good name his family his
kids basically his whole life so know he is considering appealing
against th length of his sentance because he feels that the judge
wasn't given all the information he should have recieved and the
barrister did not inform the judge of the emitigating circumstances but
is worried that if he did so he would have his sentance extended or
that the time between him appelaing and it going back to court would
not count as time for him serving his sentance i feel my husband has been unfairly
treated and unfairly sentanced.

my husband was infairly treated and unfairly sentanced the judge did not have all the info he required
and he was not made aware of the emitigating circumstances..he paid no attention to the reports he was
given advising that my husband would benefit from probation and a community order and he did not take into account that my husband admitted his guilt at the earliest oppertunity...i feel that because of something that happened to the judge himself a few years ago he now brings his personal oppinions to work with him and he just decided to send my husband to prison without looking at the evidence and the reports infront of him.
can u help

if you also believe my husband was unfairly treated and unfairly sentanced and that the judge who sentanced him abused his power please sign my petition to help get my husband released on licence/probation or to get his sentance reduced.

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