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It has come to our attention that your network currently has a remake of the film The Rocky Horror Picture Show in the works. As the market has shown, remakes can be profitable, and critically acclaimed if done well. They are a tricky subject, however, and the mere mention of one is likely to cause backlash and concern from fans of the original, often prematurely accusing the new version of not being a faithful adaptation, or other derogatory assumptions.

It is common knowledge that the best course of action regarding a remake is to reserve judgment and wait for the finished product. However, this is a special case.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show, in many people's minds, is in no way perfect. Some may dislike the story, music, and overall theme of the film. However, it is general consensus that there is no viable way to improve upon the film simply by replacing the cast or reshooting any of the scenes with different direction. In fact, updating the outdated special effects used in the film will only serve to destroy its satire of the era's B-movies.

In addition, the sexual themes present in the film still retain shock value today, not because they are especially shocking to today's society, but because they were used in a film that was clearly made in 1975, when such themes were considered taboo. To update the film for a new generation further eliminates a good deal of its appeal.

We understand that MTV is a corporation first and foremost, not an institution devoted to protecting artistic integrity. However, remaking The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a move that is insulting to consumers, and indicates a preconception that media not created within the past few years is worthless and forgettable. In addition, the word "remake" or any derivative of it has gained a stigma over the years in the minds of consumers, considering the plethora of low quality remade films. The portion of the general public that has never heard of the original, upon learning that this upcoming film is a remake, is likely to adhere to this common bias.

A more profitable move with less initial cost would be to digitally remaster the original film, improving the visual clarity and richness of the sound, while retaining everything that has made the film a classic in the minds of millions of people. If you wish to bring Rocky Horror to a new generation, the best course of action is to refine the original, not redo it. The iconic imagery of the original film will be retained, making both fans and newcomers happy. This also opens the door to merchandising opportunities with mass appeal, as they would be based on things familiar to everyone who has seen the film, rather than just the small group of people interested in a remake.

This is a tremendous opportunity for MTV to take advantage of material that already exists, rather than supplant it with an updated version which risks being loathed. Everyone would be fine with, and perhaps even excited about, the sales of Rocky Horror-branded props for use while watching the film, apparel lines based on it, and other such things so long as they corresponded with the original, classic version.

In short, we ask you, MTV, to cease production on a remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and instead to devote your resources to the original film. It would be a better move for company executives and consumers alike.

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