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Professor Matthew Myer Boulton currently holds the position of the Lentz Lecturer and Visiting Assistant Professor of Homiletics and Preaching. We feel that it would be a tremendous loss for Harvard Divinity School (HDS) not to find a way to invite Professor Boulton to join the permanent faculty here.

Here are the following reasons that we would like you to consider Professor Boulton for a permanent faculty position:

(1) Professor Boulton addresses the needs of the newly-revised M.Div curriculum
This past academic year, Professor Boulton has taught the following courses: 2981 Introduction to Christian Worship; 2978 Struggling with God (seminar); 2983 Christian Liturgical Year; and 2984 Passion Play (seminar). Based on the 2005-06 Handbook for Students: Degree Programs and Requirements, his courses fulfill distribution requirements in Theories and Practices of Scriptural Interpretation (SI) and Histories, Theologies, and Practices (HTP).

His courses also demonstrate his facility with and integration of all of the Arts of Ministry requirements, from Preaching and/or Worship to Administration and Program Development. He willingly brings his experience as Associate Pastor of Hope Church to discuss on-the-ground pastoral issues at stake in any study of theology, liturgics, and worship.

(2) Professor Boulton has a unique and creative pedagogical approach to theological education
His classes derive their energy from combining critical engagement with theology with an impassioned commitment to understanding Christian spiritual life. Few courses combine theory and practice in such an authentic and critical way.

He is also a committed advocate for the role of the arts in education. He welcomes, even encourages, final projects that incorporate the arts. In the Christian Worship course, he instituted a worship practicum that asked students to design new liturgical rites for services in Andover Chapel. In the Passion Play course, he gave students creative freedom to write a dramatic script and used this as an opportunity to debate the theological consequences of artistic interpretation. Through his initiative, the play was able to create a space in which students, faculty, and the larger community could come together with honesty and respect to discuss theology and the role of the passion in inter-religious dialogue.

(3) Professor Boulton is extremely available to students
Professor Boulton makes time in his schedule to meet with students and creates an environment for discussion that is not intimidating, but inviting. He asks students for feedback throughout a course so he can tailor material to issues which mean the most to them academically and spiritually. His classes are demanding, but it is his recognition of what students are humanly capable of processing that allows his discussions to delve so deeply into assigned reading. Lastly, his attendance of HDS events, from preaching at Friday morning Eucharist to attending the art show installation opening, shows his support of this community, which is invaluable.

Those who have taken courses with Professor Boulton understand the fresh approach he brings to the cultivation of intellectual and spiritual life here at HDS. Those who have not taken his courses recognize that what he does offer is unique. There are few opportunities to take ministry classes outside of required M.Div and denominational policy classes. Professor Boulton sees this, and consequently offers courses with original, inventive approaches to the study of Christian practice and worship that are attractive to a variety of students.

In recognition of how he fulfills a myriad of academic and spiritual needs here on campus, we ask you to prioritize the search for funding a permanent faculty position for him at HDS.

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    Degree Program and Year MTS1 Highly recommended. A great intellect. A great teacher. A great person.
  • 16 September 201445. Tracy W
    Degree Program and Year MTS III Although I have not had a class with Professor Boulton, I attended the "Passion Play" performance and was EXTREMELY impressed with what the class had been able to accomplish and the creative ways in which they were examini
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  • 25 June 201340. Scott B
    Degree Program and Year MDiv 3rd year - graduating this may I had Matt as my senior paper advisor. He was wonderful. He made himself very available and spent many hours helping me to shape my ideas and was always there with helpful suggestions on bridgin
  • 01 January 201339. Emilie F
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    Degree Program and Year MDiv I My personal experience agrees with and underlines every point expressed in this petition. I sign with joy and urgency.
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  • 16 April 201229. A Irenej
    Degree Program and Year MDiv II Professor Boulton has transformed my HDS experience. His classes are more engaging and challenging than any others I've taken. He is really helpful in combating HDS' rep for being 'godless' or leading people away from form
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