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We, the hardware guru, and overclocking community. Owners of the Asus A8R-MVP motherboard, who, in response to raving reviews of this particular Motherboard, paid full retail price under the following influence:

1.) Chiefly, a review on that stated the motherboard was AIMED at the Overclocking community.

2.) Advertisement on ASUS website for the A8R-MVP. Qoute:
" Precision Tweaker
Designed for serious overclockers
It offers ways to raise system performance inch-by-inch and step-by-step to achieve maximum performance! This is about getting the most out of your machine and taking pride in your customized computer.
* vDIMM - Take control of how much power is going into the memory modules. ASUS gives you 8-step voltage control to the DIMM
* vCore - Find out "exactly" how much power your CPU needs. Fine-tune it with 0.025 volts at a time!
* SFS - SFS (Stepless Frequency Selection) allows FSB tuning from 200MHz up to 400MHz at 1MHz increments.

found at

The overclocking community in general who are signed below consider this to be false advertising and failure to market properly.

We ask the Asus Technologies, Inc. offer some sort of Rebate program for the overclocking community who are owners of the A8R-MVP to solicit our business, and retain us as customers. Many of us whom have loved Asus products for a substantial amount of time.

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Latest Signatures

  • 26 December 201069. Nigel
    Hi,Look i have only had a few small problems so far with this board,And think it is a great board,However i did buy the board to get into overlocking,As it seemed to be the perfect board for this from what i had read.I also brought it for the crossfire co
  • 13 December 201068. Mike
    I am really disappointed with this board, the propaganda clearly does not reflect the reality. Shame on you Asus!
  • 04 December 201067. adrian
    not overclocking properly. using 3500+
  • 15 November 201066.
  • 12 November 201065. Soren
    Naught but woe have I experienced from this motherboard of evil.
  • 08 November 201064. Andrew
    This Board has IRQ and Overclocking Problems I am very Unhappy It also Has A high pitched Squeal which is unbearable . When trying to overclock setting the mem clock to 166 results in not being able to increase mem clock above 184 which is next step This
  • 03 November 201063. Gustavo
    I am about to give up on this motherboard due to problems with random freezes and reboots. Lack of updates on Asus website. May never buy another Asus product again.
  • 01 November 201062. Wilko
    I've been an ASUS customer for that last four mainboards I've had, but this sure makes me wonder about buying another one, due to the long list of problems I've had with it!
  • 31 October 201061. Visitor013
    I have visited your site 171-times
  • 23 October 201060. Brian
  • 20 October 201059. Otto
  • 09 October 201058. Piotr
  • 07 October 201057. ROBERT
    THIS BOARD does not do 1.65v as advertised ,pluss get various lock ups and reboots,and no it is not my power supply because i just purchased a new galaxy 1000
  • 21 September 201056.
  • 17 September 201055. Mikel
  • 24 August 201054. Tom
  • 21 August 201053. john
    The sata controller is utter pap !
  • 20 August 201052. peter
    I have been using asus boards for years. BUT this takes the piss out of us costomers,THIS BOARD SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN RELEASED IN THIS STATE. I have lost my faith on asus, shaby work.
  • 14 August 201051. equis
    Major common issues with A8R-MVP motherboard. Asus support is of little use. Would Not recommend this product!
  • 08 August 201050.
  • 18 July 201049. Tim
    Please fix these issues Asus.
  • 16 July 201048.
    I hereby officially complain on my Asus A8R-MVP motherboard. I was under the impression when I bought this motherboard that it was supposed to be an easy overclocker, but when I find out that maximum voltage level I can set is 1,5 volts... I suddenly und
  • 16 July 201047. mike
  • 10 July 201046. Jimmy
    my system has been very stable, it randomly crashes for no reason reviews from certain site have mislead me to think this is a great motherboard, even while everysetting is at stock it still randomly crashes
  • 03 July 201045. Michael
    I just recently purchased this board and at first start was really buggy and software in which was accompanied by the board seemed very low quality for ASUS and after installing the software for the board and using the update utillities to hopefully remed
  • 03 July 201044. Eddie
    Fucking crap thing!!!
  • 03 July 201043. Greg
    you guys need to fix this board....

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