Dear Fellow Riverview Gardens at North Arlington Community Members and all Americans:

I would like to share something what happened to me and my friend today. I live in Riverview Gardens for almost a year and my friend lives here for almost 4 years. My car was parked at one of the parking lots at Riverview Gardens. I had a baby over the week end so I wasnt able to check the car whether its safe or not? This morning, when I went to the parking lot where car was parked, my car wasnt there. Upon searching for about an hour, I found that the car was towed because they didnt find the parking permit. Basically it was fallen down.

When we went to the C. R. A. Towing Division at Kearny, NJ, we had the most horrible experience of our life. Upon asking when and who can release the car, the lady who works there as administrative assistant mentioned that the owner is not here and you have to wait. Upon asking for the second time after 15-20 minutes wait if she or someone else could help us by releasing the car soon as I have to take care of my new born baby and have to go to the work, she got irritated and said, THE CAR IS BEEN HERE FOR 3-4 DAYS. SO WHY DOES ITS MATTER NOW? She also said, I DONT CARE ABOUT YOU AND YOUR BABY. Even though there was a seating arrangement within the office she said, YOU HAVE TO WAIT OUT SIDE. YOU CAN NOT SEAT INSIDE.

We calmly went outside and waited for another 15-20 minutes. When the owner came to the office, the lady told the boss that BANG HIM. Soon after that the owner started working on my case getting my driver license, car registration card etc. While he was making copies of my cards, I saw the parking violation. I turn around the violation to see what it regards was to. On seeing this, the owner started shouting at us that you are not allowed to see the papers (even though they were related to my parking violation). He also said that this is his property and we are in his property. Only he will speak and we will listen. I started explaining him I was just checking my parking violation. And he started again shouting at me telling me to SHUT UP and if I say more words, he would make us stand for longer and make the process of getting the car miserable. We said relax and get this process done so that we can get going. He said you are not supposed to tell him when to get it done. He will decide when should be done. We kept quiet and then he made a receipt of $599.60 towards towing. Upon asking for the explanation of the fees and business policies, he said that WE DONT HAVE ANY SUCH POLICIES. We started looking at the violation receipt then he got annoyed and started yelling at us. When we said calm down, relax and get the matter settled down, he said you guys dont tell me what I have to do. He started talking racially motivated sentences like I DONT LIKE YOU (PEOPLE OF INDIAN ORIGIN??? DARK COLORED???) GUYS. He repeated similar sentence for 2-3 times. He also threatened us saying that he will make us wait for a longer time if we speak anything. I then gave him the credit card to charge. He then refused to take anything other then cash. While this was happening, the other white customer, probably of American origin, was being treated professionally and with all due respect. This was the most shocking, humiliating, emotionally and mentally distressing and disturbing moment of my life.

It also came to my attention that some other person of Indian origin at the Riverview Gardens also experienced similar incidences. His car was vandalized on the Riverview Gardens community property. Someone wrote FXXX YOU GUYS!!! on his brand new Lexus LX470. Was it the same guys or group of people who provide the SERVICE to us and we are their customers?

This was the most unfortunate, insulting, humilatiting incident of our life in 10 years stay in US being American Residents/Citizens. Is this real America? Isnt this the country of immigrants? Where are the laws of democracy, civil and human rights? We normally deal with VP and CEO level professionals in our career life, but there is other side of people who does hate crimes/discriminations and verbal assaults on a regular basis. We know you might have been discriminated similar ways we had this incident. We are peace loving, hard working, best skilled people America can have undergo this type of discrimination on several occasions. Even though we see this injustice on a regular basis, we keep quiet; accept as PART OF OUR LIFE and LET IT GO. WHY??? have we lost our respect? What have we done anything wrong? Our crime is to be hardworking, social, peace loving and respect law? Is this why you want to pay the highest rent to live at the Riverview Gardens? Dont we deserve some respect? Why should we pay $600 TOWARDS TOWING TO PARK ON THE PROPERTY WHERE WE STAY? Isnt this PRICE GOUGING/FELONY? Dont you think, the management at Riverview Gardens has to reimburse such expenses to all of us who experienced such incidences and clarify what kind of policies they have regarding the parking? If the parking sticker was fallen down, shouldnt they check their car registrations before towing? There is no sign on any of the parking lot that says you cant park in the lot if your parking permit fell down. Why should we waste out time, loose respect and feel mentally and emotionally down and go through all this? According to the policy, if we can get up to 2 parking spots, shouldnt we get enough parking spaces? Why should we have to go through all this? If we park on the Garden Terrace, shouldnt they provide security to our vehicles and the members of Riverview Gardens? Is anyone at Riverview Gardens being benefited from such illegal towing? If they cant provide security to cars and people of this community, do they have any right to tow our cars and mentally and emotionally harass the people?

Who gave the right to C.R.A. towing division to tow our cars? Why should such rude, irresponsible, racial, and price gouging people be engaged to serve us? Shouldnt we demand to kick them out? What if this happens to you, your wife or the friends and family who visit you? Isnt this wrong? Dont you think we need to speak up against this injustice?

We have decided to stand up and raise our voice against this injustice and we hope this we can make our life better for other immigrants and law abiding Americans.

We are looking for your support. We want to raise our voice against injustice and take all possible legal actions allowed under the law. This is for the immigration brothers, sisters and all Americans who want to live peacefully and obey the law.

Please sign the Petition, join this group or send email and show your support against such injustice.

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If you have experienced such incidence, please send us an email or post at the group along with the all the proofs.

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