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We join our signatures and voices across Canada to those of Carline VandenElsen and Larry Finck to request a public inquiry into the actions of Childrens Aids Society of Nova Scotia in the apprehension of their newborn child Mona Clare on May 19th 2004.


٠ Childrens Aid has never given a reason for apprehending little Mona Clare on May 21st, 2004

٠ Nobody seems to know why it was the RCMP Emergency Response Team who carried the task to deliver an apprehension notice to a home in Halifax, ordered from a judge in Ontario, after midnight, and in full anti-terrorist gear and deployment, and resulting in a three days standoff and into the death of Ms Finck (resident at that house) from a heart-attack

٠ In the criminal trial, Larry and Carline were denied 16 witnesses out of a possible 19 (including Childrens Aid representatives)

٠ Out of a possible 90 telephone intercepts by the police during the stand off, Judge Robert Wright only allowed the 6 that the crown requested, and denied Larry and Carline their selections

٠ From the beginning of the trial, Carline was not allowed to tell her story. The judge, not so much the Crown, kept cutting her off

٠ Halifax Police have been investigating the possibility of jury tampering

٠ All defenses available to Carline and Larry were denied :

- Defense of Necessity

- Protection of Home

- Provocation

- Self-Defense

- Defense of their Daughter

٠ Carline fired her lawyer because he wanted her to go against her husband Larry on all charges, and because he would not cross-examine the police involved in the standoff

٠ Larry and Carline will not receive their sentencing until the end of June. The judge said that these 6 weeks in jail would not count towards their sentence

٠ Although Mona Clare was evaluated as being a healthy happy baby at the time of the apprehension, she has needed around $500 worth of pharmaceuticals since that time (at the time of writing this petition). The judge called this evidence irrelevant. It also appears that Mona Clare is now in her second or third foster home. As time passes, baby Mona Clare has become a homeless victim of the combined Nova Scotia and Ontario legal system.

٠ We want to know what caused the Childrens Aid Society to send a RCMP Swat team to the home where parents were enjoying their newborn baby?

٠ It is to be noted that actually an order of apprehension was first issued while Mona Clare was still in the womb, yet unborn.

٠ Finally, seemingly Halifax is 1/6 the size of Toronto but has twice the number of child apprehensions


٠ For these reasons, we join our signatures and voices to Carline VandenElsen and Larry Finck to request a public inquiry into the actions of Childrens Aids Society and the RCMP of Halifax, in the apprehension of their newborn child Mona Clare on May 19th 2004. This public inquiry would also do well to examine the actions of the court of law which presided over the trials that ensued.

٠ We are not here to be judge and jury. It is not our intention to assign blame. However, as Canadian citizens, we stand before our elected officials and ask that they would grant Larry Finck and Carline VandenElsen a public inquiry in the matters related to the apprehension of their newborn baby Mona Clare.

٠ As Canadian citizens, we value our legal system but also are aware that irregularities can be and have been committed over the years, and that innocent people suffered from it. The apprehension of Mona Clare displays not just a few irregularities and we are eager to see a public inquiry bring to the light what these are, so that the integrity of our legal system be restored where it needs to, and our faith in it maintained.

٠ Carline has entered a hunger strike on May 21st. We hope and pray she will survive it and be able to join with her husband and daughter soon.

٠ This petition is sponsored by people caring about the treatment this family has received. We are concerned about how their story has been presented to the public and the fact that they are in jail while their baby is now in her second foster home, with so many unanswered question that any loving parent and concerned citizen would ask .

٠ This petition will be presented to Nova Scotia Premier John Hamm and Nova Scotia Justice Minister Michael Baker.

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Please, sign this petition and join with us in our request for a public inquiry. And spread the word around. We are aiming for hundreds of signatures. If you need to contact us to find out when and where the petition will be presented, or other questions, use this email address: [email protected]

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Latest Signatures

  • 18 December 201574. Shanel Gg
    Province united kingdom governments operated the NAZI regimes and their policies. corrupt politicians must go!!! Never again. Are you a parent? No
  • 08 September 201573. Cathryn B
    Province Nova Scotia Our grandson was apprehended from our home on Oct. 27, 2004 by CAS. They had never been in our home prior to that day, nor had they ever met us. He has been in Foster Care since then, and we have been been on a roller coaster side si
  • 25 April 201572. Jim C
    Province NS NO TO AN INQUIRY! Get these two losers behind bars where they belong. Or in a rubber room. Are you a parent? No
  • 17 February 201571. John Ernesth
    Province Ontario It is long past the time that these agencies come under a criminal investigation Are you a parent? No
  • 31 January 201570. Elizabeth L
    Province NJ USA My sons are Canadian, and adopted without my consent. Thier rights are ignored Are you a parent? No
  • 27 January 201569. Hildae L
    Province ontario I agree and support an inquiry in this situation and at the same time an inquiry into female parental injustice and child abuse by lawyers and the legal/justice system in ontario and canada. Changes are needed now and let women and child
  • 09 November 201468. Catherine Mh
    Province Nova Scotia I amdiscusted at the way these people are being treated,by the social services, and the law of Nova Scotia, It seems to me that the baby in this case, was not even considered at the time it was taken from it's mother, as I understand
  • 30 September 201467. Jim H
    Province Ontario An inquiry MUST be done because the system has failed everyone. CAS should not have the police doing their job. This situation should not have reached such a diabolical state. The government receives tax money to set up social systems th
  • 16 September 201466. Mary H
    I support this petition
  • 19 August 201465. Tanya O
    I support this petition
  • 03 August 201464. Pamela R
    Province Nova Scotia Has this child even had a visit with her mother in all this time? Even the most hardened criminals get to have visits with their loved ones. I think the treatment of Carline and her baby daughter has been absolutely appalling. Are y
  • 01 April 201463. God Lewis
    Province n.s children who are in the system should be allowed to divorce the cchildren's aid society since they have stolen many children and have become gaurdians-they can be sued.Just need a good international lawyer who i
  • 24 March 201462. Dolores S
    Province Ontario This behaviour has really gone too far. A Royal Commission of Inquiry needs to be convened to exam the legitimacy of these agencies in Canada. Parents must be allowed to give evidence and files must be opened for public review. It is abo
  • 14 March 201461. Paul K
    Province Nova Scotia The tyrannical and dictatorial political state is the direct offspring of scientific materialism and philosophic secularism. Secularism no sooner frees man from the domination of the institutionalized church than it sells him into sl
  • 06 February 201460. The Lordg
    Province NS Is she in a semi-vegetative state yet? (Oh right, she already was before the hunger strike) Are you a parent? No
  • 04 February 201459. Autumn Warner
    Province Melbourne, Victoria, Australia It is disgusting when government officials do this to a parent without just cause. Are you a parent? No
  • 07 August 201358. Parjeedra N
    Province Nova Scotia Dont agree with an inquiry. I find it very telling that Larry's mother Mona Finck changed her will and left only $5.00 of a possible $800,00 estate. Then she ends up dead in stretcher. Coincidence? I wonder Are you a parent? No
  • 01 July 201357. Helena Downs
    Province ont Women and children have been mistreated and abused by this candian system for a very long time now. It's time changes are made and give women their rights they rightfully deserve. Men are allowed to abuse women and children and get away with
  • 17 June 201356. Msrobins Roberts
    Province Ontario CAS and our Politicans and our Courts should be accountable and prosecuted for their role and actions for their part in the Physical, Mental , Emotional ,Psychologial harm ,and Neglect they bring our children, under the Family and Childr
  • 23 March 201355. F T
    I support this petition
  • 19 February 201354. Amanda Gaines
    I support this petition
  • 17 December 201253. Angelique Ewing
    I support this petition
  • 21 November 201252. Michael B
    Province NS Mr. Ernst, I will give you your revolution and I'll allow an inquiry into this matter but only if you can pick me up over your head 10 times and then you will have to throw John Hamm over a beam 10 feet off the ground. Complete these feats of
  • 08 November 201251. Janine K
    Province BC There is no system or person anywhere...that does not need to be corrected occasionally. Are you a parent? No
  • 16 June 201250. Kim M
    Province NS Yes, yes, yes to a public inquiry. I have dealt with CAS and I know how corrupt they are. Thank God Ms. VandenElsen has made her case public, too bad it's at the expense of her family unit. She will hopefully have saved many other family's li
  • 06 June 201249. Sylvia T
    Province Nova Scotia I don't know if Larry Fink and Carline Van den Elsen were right or wrong in their actions without knowing why Children's Aid took their child away. This is a vital piece of information. If it was simply on the basis of their previous
  • 06 June 201248. El H
    Province Nova Scotia Why are people being persecuted for trying to defend their families from injustice. If the government had left these people alone to raise their child, would the child have been well cared for and loved......unlike many who are left

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Nova Scotia Premier John Hamm and Nova Scotia Justice Minister Michael Baker


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