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'The News' is considered among journals that attempt to keep themselves above the fray of sectarian polemics and that do not normally render themselves to abuse by forces promoting sectarianism in society.

It was, therefore, extremely shocking to read some contents of an article 'Realities about Imam Mahdi' compiled by an unknown person QHA Rabbani in 'Iqra' section of 'The News' of 8th November 2004, that has also been carried on the Internet at

Extract from this article is reproduced below:

"All those who are gifted with sound comprehension know that the Mahdi who some of the non-Muslim sects are waiting for, does not and did not exist. The Muslim nation has faced numerous hardships and calamities because of the mystical beliefs that has been carried and propagated by those sects (like the Mahdwiya sect) regarding this Mahdi.

In their belief, believing in him to be a person having the qualities that only Allah possess, is a cornerstone of faith. However, such mythology is similar to Greek mythology, as well as the beliefs of the other nations of Al-Jahiliyyah.

The Muslims believe that Hadhrat Mahdi (Alaihir Ridhwan) will be an ordinary man, born to an ordinary woman, raised by ordinary man and living an ordinary life with the people of his time. He will not live in some hidden places where people would be unable to see him.

In reality, Hadhrat Mahdi (Alaihir Ridhwan) will be an Imam and a Caliph, among other Caliphs who rule Muslims with justice. However, the major difference between Hadhrat Mahdi (Alaihir Ridhwan) and other Caliphs is that he will meet Jesus son of Mary (Alaihis salaam), which would raise him to the status of a Companion of Jesus.

Also, Jesus, the Prophet of Allah, will pray behind Hadhrat Mahdi (Alaihir Ridhwan). Allah will give Hadhrat Mahdi (Alaihir Ridhwan) the ability to righteously rule the Muslim nation for two years."

It is quite clear from this excerpt that all those other than ones who believe Mahdi to be 'an ordinary man' yet to be born to ordinary parents are considered 'non-Muslim', as also ones who believe him to be in occultation.

One reasonably expects that the editor of your religious section would have known that Shi'a Muslims believe the Mahdi (alaihissalam) to be the last Divinely Ordained Imam, son of another Divinely Ordained Imam, Hasan al-Askari (alaihissalam), who is in occultation as per Will of Allah. The contents of the article, therefore, quite clearly amount to takfeer (apostatization) of Shi'a Muslims, besides blaspheming our Imam-e-Zamana (alaihissalam).

We hope you will agree that such attempts at takfeer of a large section of Muslims are highly inappropriate and condemnible, and your group's permission (by commission or omission) of allowing one of its publications to be abused for such purpose raises a lot of questions.

We ask that the situation be immediately rectified by

1. Publication of an unconditional apology on front page of 'The News'

2. Removal of the editor of 'Iqra' from this responsibility, for his/her involvement (if it was a crime of commission) or incompetence (if it was a crime of omission)

3. Publication of Shi'a Muslim view of the Mahdi (alaihissalam) in 'Iqra'. An excellent write-up 'The Awaited Saviour' by Ayatollah Baqir as-Sadr is available on the Internet at

We shall await the positive steps suggested by us above to be taken before the end of Ramadan.

If corrective action is not taken before Eid-ul-Fitr, we shall be constrained to initiate movement for a community-wide boycott of publications of a group that has been instrumental in this attempt to blaspheme our Imam (alaihisslam) and apostatize us.

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