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In view to our protest against the serial RAM MILAAI JODI AT Zee tv daily from 9.30pm to 10.00 pm from Mondat to Thursday, I would like to state that the telecast of this serial on Television is violation of Sikh code of conduct and a direct challenge to the Orders of 10th Master of religion Guru Gobind Singh ji which are mandatory for the Sikhs to be obeyed.

Mr. Nitin Vaidya -Business Head Tv and COO _ ZEEL has deliberately gave his approval to the cast of this serial as a Sikh family mingles with Hindu family by marrying their daughters which directly violates the 52 Orders of 10th Master, to the Sikh code of conduct and brings humiliation to Sikh family. Even a brother or Son of Amritdhari Sikh is projected as clean shaved Patit Sikh with drinking habits. The hairs of the girls of this Amritdhari Sikh, are shown as cut in front -another projection to humiliate and promote Sikh girls to follow in the name of fashion.

1)- that the main character of this staged drama is an Amritdhari Sikh. (The definition of a Sikh is already given by the honble Punjab and Haryana High Court in its decision (Reference of case C.W.P No. 14859 of 2008. Dt 30-05-09). He wears a Kirpan and display his enlightend, flowing beard which project him a complete Sikh. He is projected as a true Sikh who flows his beard, follow the Sikh customs and cultural values by wearing all the 5 Kakars but on the other side he violates them. How is it possible? What message does the producer/director wants to convey to Sikh community?

Either the story writer, Director and producer etc are ignorant of the Sikh code of Conduct and religious bindings which are mandatory for a Gursikh or it is done deliberately to abolish Sikh culture.

2)- The son of this Sikh character is shown as clean shaved whereas the (5). According to Sikh Rahat-Maryada formulated by SGPC in 1945 unshorn hair not only is a mandate to a person who professes Sikhism, it is also a command to him to adopt the same practice for his child as well.

The serial violates it.

3)- that the marriage of his daughter is arranged with a Hindu clean shaved boy, which according to the Sikh code of conduct can not be held. The marriage of a Sikh girl is thus not valid.

It clearly states that the marriage of a Sikh girl be held with a Sikh boy only. The 38th order of the 10th master directs the Sikhs & states as follows:-
38)- Do not give a daughter's hand to a clean shaven. Give her hand in a house where God's Sikhi exists,

The Sikh code of conduct, abides the parents of Sikh girls as follows:-

(2)- The marriage of the daughter is to be held with a Sikh boy only. (Page.41, no.02)
It further states;

10)- Those who do not follow Sikh religion, their marriage is not allowed by Anand kaaraj ritual. (Page 41, no.11).

It also abides Sikhs the marriage of Sikhs are to be held through the religious ritual-ANAND Kaaraj only and its mandatory for all Sikhs.

The Sikh marriage completes by taking four circles of the Guru Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji and this is restricted for non Sikhs with reciting Gurbani from Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji.

(9)- At the time of wedding the Granthi Singh or who shall recite the Gurabani from Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji for their wedding may start the ceremony with the consent of congregation and request the parents or guardian to stand up to perform the Ardas (Sikh prayer) before four laawan (4 circles around SGGS) takes place.

This is called the Anand kaaraj, as per Sikh code of conduct.

Contents from The definition of Sikh by Punjab & Hariyana High Courts judgement

K. Constitution of India, Articles 25 to 30 - Meaning of word religion - Whether of not, a Court can decide what aspects of a particular religion, of constitute essentials of that religion, and what do not - Whether it is open to a Court to enter into the arena of "religion" and to decipher the essentials of that religion, constitute essentials thereof - Held

(1) The word 'religion' has not been defined in the Constitution and indeed it is a term which is hardly susceptible of any rigid definition.

(2) Religion must be perceived as it is, and not as another would like it to be - It is this spirit of religious consciousness that is sought to be protected by various provisions of the Constitution of India.

[Paras 18, 19 and 21]

By displaying the promotions and this serial, Zee TV violates the Sikh code of conduct deliberately and challenges the 52 Orders of the 10th master of the religion Guru Gobind Singh ji which are not acceptable to we Sikhs and we hereby request you to stop further projection & promotion on TV and elsewhere through videos. If allowed, it may send a wrong message to the Sikh youths and it will become more difficult for a minority to keep its survival already being challenged on various fronts by western culture.

In 1984, an attempt was similarly made to eliminate Sikhs by Amitabh bacchan, appearing LIVE on Doordarsahn TV by inciting Hindus to kill Sikhs. He demanded blood. Now after 26 years ZEE TV has again made an attempt to abolish Sikh culture.

If all this goes on like this and allowed, it will be difficult for we Sikhs in minority to survive in India and save our tradition, our culture, our customs and our religion.

This serial must be removed from telescreen before Sikhs are compelled to take any action at their own.

It is a direct attack on our Sikh culture too.

Therefore Jathdar Akal Takhat is requested to take a suo-motto action on this issue and help to save our Sikh religion and culture. I could write to DSGMC also but I do not have any hope on them. Your intervention is sought to stop this malpractice

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