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A growing federal and state trend in the United States since the 1980s has been a huge flood of laws aimed at restricting the property rights & privileges of American citizens, specifically in terms of cars. This has been observed in places like California, to be done either to get funding, and/or in the name of aiding the environment through emission law.

However it has become immediately apparent that such legislation can (and often does) get out of control. In extreme cases like in California, you cannot use a part in your restoration or modification project unless it is approved by the state (CA's C.A.R.B. system). Often this has almost nothing to do with environmental effects of parts, and everything to do with raising money. Since a company must pay to prove to the state that their product is safe for the environment, it becomes cost prohibitive for some products & companies, and only serves to further harm America's already failing economy.

It is equally shameful that the C.A.R.B. system often regulates parts that have absolutely nothing to do with engine emissions. Mufflers, for instance, only affect the sound of cars (tone & volume), and yet even these trim parts, are subject able to CA's over regulation of cars.

The C.A.R.B. system has also proven to be bad for the environment. This is proven such threw fuel-injected cars that are not allowed to use larger cone-style air filters. These air filters increase horsepower, improve gas mileage and do not effect engine emissions.

Emission laws are additionally often illogical in terms of what engines you can install inside your car. It should not be illegal to put an engine smaller OR larger in your car, if the law is aimed at aiding the environment, the law must only care about the emissions which the engine puts out, not rather or not that engine was used OEM on the model & year in question. Does it really matter if I use a 1995 Ford 5.0 engine or a 1972 Chrysler 440 in my 1930 Model A? Not one bit, but if one of the two in question needs a rebuild and is burning more oil than gasoline, certainly that should be the key issue. Everything else is moot.

And yet emission laws far too often translate into "if it was not done on your car OEM, then you can not use it on your car." What if I wanted to use an engine that would give me better gas mileage? Or an engine that pollutes less?

The added problem of such laws are the lack of a system from which one can appeal the state's decision in an attempt to show how their specific case will not harm the environment. Yet any & all such methods currently in existence are outside the realm of what the typical working American can economically afford. Justice should be as blind to one's income.

Car regulation laws additionally give the police force an almost unlimited amount of power to oppress, harass or otherwise step on the rights of the American driver. We see this for laws such as those regulating exhaust noise, while not giving any scientific measurement of which is to be considered the boarder between legal & illegal. If a cop stops you and tells you your exhaust is too loud, you should, by your rights as an American, a tax payer, a consumer, and a driver, be able to tell by how many dB its illegal so that it can be properly fixed.

It is fundamentally wrong and unjust for cops to be able to cite someone for a violation without using any scientific measurements to describe how the situation in question is illegal. This should extend beyond exhaust volume.

If a window is tinted too dark, just what is too dark?
What is the legal standard for measuring darkness of window glass?
What is the legal limit for window glass tinting?

If I am accelerating to fast, how many MPH/per-hour am I going?
What equipment is used to determine my mph/per-hour?
What is the mph/per-hour limit for the street I am on?

If these questions can not be asked, how can I, nor the traffic court judge, truly know what the situation involved? For all the judge knows, a ticket for window tint could mean anything up to blocking 100\% of light from passing threw the glass. I am pretty sure the driver did not use black spry paint to darken their windows. Why must the traffic court system operate under an assumed-guilt procedure?

If the window is too dark, the state shall pay for determining both what is legally too dark, and what amount of darkness my windows are currently tinted as. Why must the American citizen be forced to pay someone to accurately determine such things for them?

Thus shall it be known, by signing this petition, that you do not approve of such legal movements to extend into your state where they do not currently exist, and such laws already in your state must be removed or revised to ensure that all American citizens have their respective rights, and the power of the state does no grow any more oppressive than it need be.

Let this petition also know that by signing, you shall not vote nor support (with rare exception) any politician in your local and/or state government and/or federal government who endorses this kind of legislation.

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